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  1. Madam Secretary is not perfect, but it could be. There are seeds of something excellent in this pilot, one that’s able to tell a character-driven story in a world that’s constantly changing.
  2. Ultimately it’s that frisson of complication that makes Manhattan worth watching--the performances are good, the writing is good, and the premise is good, but the complication of our own history is involving and fantastic.
  3. There are portions of the 10-episode first season that are darker than any other American broadcast-network comedy, but not shying away from the inherent gravity of Bruce and Emma’s situation provides a rich shading to the stranger-in-a-strange-land laughs.
  4. After briefly getting lost in its complicated web of storytelling, the show slows down and puts it focus back on its characters. And though they might repeat themselves, Orphan Black feels as fres
  5. There’s enough depth and complication in the performances alone to buoy the six-episode run, and given the intensity of the criminal specifics, the slow burn feels more like a feature than a bug.
  6. A well-acted romp that carries just enough weight to justify tuning in, The Musketeers is a campy delight; no one ever hands over a blade when tossing one with a flourish will do, and this time, that’s just as it should be.
    • tbd Metascore
    • 83 Critic Score
    There’s still a little roughness around the edges of the series.... Nevertheless, Maron operates on its own frequency and works within its own rhythms.
  7. There’s something lighthearted about the proceedings, murder and mayhem aside, because the show is more interested in the character drama than the procedure. Taxi Brooklyn embraces the New York-ness of both its main characters, and that bodes well for its future--and provides something fascinating to watch through the summer, in the meantime.
  8. It seems like they’re trying to build a little universe of their own, on the shoulders of the most notable sketch shows of the past. It’s a show worthy of attention for that reason alone, and doubly so because it’s often funny as hell.
  9. Fresh Off The Boat may not be the take-no-prisoners depiction of Asian-American life that Huang originally envisioned, but it still provides a perspective long overdue on television in a way that’s at once smart, sweet, and funny--a far cry from “Panda Express.”
  10. The many tones should produce whiplash, but the series works because it’s always able to go back to its central idea of a lower-level government employee living in a sleepy small town and getting wrapped up in something bigger than he would ever have anticipated.
    • 58 Metascore
    • 83 Critic Score
    Beyond its thin premise, Weird Loners fares best when it digs deeper, having Stosh help Caryn out with an older relative, or exploring the childhood history between Stosh and Eric.
  11. It’s too soon to say Atlantis has a great destiny, but the signs are promising.
  12. If Last Week Tonight With John Oliver can keep shedding humorous light on international affairs and other stories that fall through the cable-news cracks, this show might make it to eight weeks and beyond.
  13. It’s not perfect, but it’s never boring.
    • 60 Metascore
    • 83 Critic Score
    There’s a considerable amount of restraint in the story’s telling.... Precisely because of its unflinching grimness, One Child is one of the most successful critiques of a broken system.
  14. Thanks to the six-hour order, there’s no shortage of subplots for the many returning faces, all of which still smartly stay close to the community hearth.
  15. The Address ultimately can’t nail its ending.... ut so much of The Address accomplishes what it sets out to do and is so different from Burns’ typical work that it becomes a fascinating sidebar in his filmography.
  16. Getting On captures the drudgery of work and life in this ward, but it also catches glimpses of the beauty, and it’s in those moments that it feels like a series that deserves better than it’s going to get.
    • 62 Metascore
    • 83 Critic Score
    As it stands now, The Slap may be one of the few American adaptations of a foreign program that actually works on the same levels as the original.
  17. Crime works best as an allegory when the racial anxiety casts a pall over the characters rather than actively driving their conversations.
  18. [The premiere] rarely takes the expected route, a heartening sight from a show entering its syndication years.
  19. Featuring a strong cast, a unique setting, and an alternately energetic and reflective tone, the series has a lot going for it and could easily grow into a surprise hit for DirecTV.
  20. Despite what feels like risky storytelling, Homeland is staying true to its characters, following through on its fireworks to examine the ashes as well. It’s hard to tell which way it’s going to go, but for its performances and sheer courage, it’s worth watching.
  21. The season risks feeling like an epilogue to season two and a prologue to season four, but as both a sequel and a prequel Sherlock’s third season ultimately makes the series’ world richer, and a stronger foundation for more stories to come.
  22. The show doesn’t crank out gags at the same overwhelming frequency as 30 Rock, but from its earliest moments, Kimmy Schmidt brims with a comic sensibility recognizable as Fey’s.
  23. Though it has a ways to go before reaching the upper echelon of its subgenre, The Comedians’ likable cast compensates for its familiar premise.
  24. Getting On comes back in a mode so low-key that the show feels inconsequential, setting up a season of diminishing returns. But by the third episode, things really start to click again.
  25. It’s not exactly groundbreaking, but it’s fun to watch and slightly addictive.
    • 81 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    No one can backpedal his way into a ditch quite like Gervais.

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