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5141 movie reviews
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    The monster isn't very interesting (or scary) to look at: he's just an oily, overgrown gremlin.
  1. The film's best players can all be found in the supporting cast.
  2. Even the visions of attractive half-dressed bodies lolling about in various Madrid bedrooms or leaping into spontaneous music videos don't prove compelling for long.
  3. By the end of the Stoked, the viewer is left with a lot of trivia about the history of skateboarding, and scant insight.
  4. As for the old and graceful Jackie, he's completely missing in action, his supple talents sacrificed on the high altar of movie technology -- that frenetic place where superheroes are a colossal bore and real ones are sadly impotent.
  5. A movie that is often as awkward and as filled with mixed impulses as the age it documents.
  6. Too much chatting, not enough chills.
    • 33 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    When Uptown Girls isn't trying to play up its wacky high jinks -- and those tend to be so weak they can't possibly float the film -- it stoops to the kind of psychological character development films this shallow should really avoid like the plague.
  7. The best American movie so far this year.
  8. A better, and more relevant movie, might have left us at the point of troubled introspection, but Costner is compulsive about tying up loose ends and upbeat messages. If the climax of Open Range is disappointing, the ending is almost intolerable.
  9. I think the guy who exited the advance screening after less than 15 minutes said it best. "This movie's garbage," he hollered, as the audience members tittered and shuffled their feet, which they continued to do throughout this humourless, hackneyed yawnfest.
  10. One of Stephen Chow's extravagant and very funny martial-arts spoof movies.
  11. If the cinematography lacks the up-close-and-personal drama of "Blue Crush," it's still adequate to the occasion -- after all, like any star worth her salt, the ocean has yet to meet a camera she doesn't like.
  12. Feels like a period film in clumsy modern-day dressup.
  13. Lots of buildings and cars explode, but there isn't a spark between any of the characters.
  14. The movie is directed by Mark Waters (responsible for the indie black comedy, "The House of Yes") and mostly, he's workmanlike, but smart enough to get out of the way of the nicely balanced two lead performances.
  15. The film is an attack on religious hypocrisy, mixing melodrama and black humour in a volatile blend.
  16. For those who don't know his (Lelouch's) work, And Now Ladies and Gentlemen will be fun because his style is unique and unpredictable. But for those who have known him in better form, this one is not a must-see.
  17. The climax, however, is far superior here, open-ended and ambiguous and neatly linked to this film's recurring metaphor: Teeth, of course, which "outlast everything," which survive the death of the body just as marriage can survive the demise of love. They both endure, yellowed and rootless.
  18. Speaking personally, I wouldn't voluntarily go to this flick. But for those with a greater gross-out threshold, it's a better film than anyone should normally expect in this genre.
  19. A hypnotic, black hole of a movie that sucks reputations, careers and goodwill down its vortex. Rarely has a movie that doesn't star Madonna achieved such a skin-crawling mixture of deluded preening and bungled humour.
  20. Imperfect, but certainly provocative.
  21. Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over, is still offbeat, but more in the sense of unco-ordinated than syncopated.
  22. Isn't nearly as much fun as the original. For one thing, Lara having a boyfriend wrecks everything.
  23. Seabiscuit is a good enough movie, in the sense that it's a well-crafted assemblage of pathos and rousing moments, solidly acted and handsomely shot -- but it's far from champion material.
    • 51 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Even though the presence of such political and social nuances is largely inconceivable in an American romantic comedy, they only make this busy, blustery film seem more muddled.
  24. There's no doubt the cast is driven and talented; some day, it might be interesting to watch a film about what such kids are really like.
  25. There are people who find treasures in celebrities' garbage cans so it's a reasonable gamble they might want to buy tickets to watch their throwaway home-movie projects as well.
  26. By its third act, Okwe has found his solution and Dirty Pretty Things comes across as both clever but a little pat, another British drama about the misfits who pool their resources to defy the oppressive system, though it does not precisely leave a warm glow.
  27. It's scary how unfunny this flick is.

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