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  1. The flat-out dullness of Arthur is the point of Dante Ariola's debut feature, but it's also its undoing.
  2. This movie is a case in point. It's a film which is so demeaningly bad, so utterly without merit, that there is a kind of purity in its awfulness. There is a Zen mastery in producing a film which nullifies the concept of pleasure.
  3. Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party is the cinematic equivalent of a drunk man at a sports bar sucking back whole jalapeño peppers hoping for applause without ever being dared. The amusement in watching doesn’t compensate for the pity one feels for someone so desperate for attention.
  4. This tardy rehash of fairytale tropes finds sometime genre innovator M Night Shyamalan clinging in abject desperation to the found-footage movement’s careworn coattails.
  5. The two adjectives in the title should be replaced with "annoying" and "unendurably tiresome".
  6. It’s soon clear that OOTS follows the model of Bay’s Transformers sequels. Longer, louder and boasting even more hardware, it does everything to generate the illusion of bleeding-edge bang-per-buck, while cribbing shamelessly from 1991’s Secret of the Ooze.
  7. It’s a crunching disappointment: a dull, crass, formulaic and frankly misjudged chiller.
  8. A real Christmas miracle would cause every copy of this film to spontaneously burst into flames.
  9. This could be one of those rare and terrifying serial killer cases where the psychotic culprit apparently intends to bore and embarrass everyone to death with bad acting.
  10. Dejah, with her seen-it-all-before smirk, is not a very sympathetic heroine, and Kitsch is stolid and dull. And as for the red planet, the answer to David Bowie's famous question is no. What a sadd'ning bore it is.
  11. Here is a scary movie that is so hammy and so clunkingly written it will reduce your brain to the consistency of muesli mixed with diesel.
  12. Robert De Niro does further damage to a reputation much battered by "The Big Wedding."
  13. Abhorrent politics aside, it’s also a terrible movie. The dialogue is atrocious, the performances rote. One could make the case that its incoherence is a grand meta-narrative statement about the fluidity of combat, but I don’t think that’s the case.
  14. There is a creeping and depressing awfulness to this sentimental silver-years comedy.
  15. A deafening, boring action pile-up that is more Call of Duty than Robocop.
    • 24 Metascore
    • 20 Critic Score
    Levasseur understands the claustrophobia of being locked inside a stuffy pyramid with collapsing floors and sand traps. Unfortunately for him, Indiana Jones turns out to be incompatible with Alien, and the bad acting and atrocious script don’t help.
  16. A strained jeu d'ésprit which is smug, precious, carelessly constructed, emotionally negligible, and above all fantastically annoying. It's a terrible waste of real acting talent.
  17. Scenes have a habit of stopping at any second, with or without whopping soundtrack.
  18. One can always keep praying that the next of these films will be a little better.
  19. One innovation: the application of thrash metal to fight scenes, which at least hushes the shriller voice artists.
  20. Pesce asks viewers to go along with the absurdity while offering nothing to justify any of it. It’s a murder ballad gone out of tune.
  21. All the material about social media looks forced and behind the curve, and nothing about the movie is really convincing or entertaining on any level, making it valueless as drama or satire.
  22. It’s lazy on every level.
  23. A film that should feel urgent and of its time, but instead is rendered cliched and dull by Sollet’s amateurish handling of the material.
  24. Now I understand why Jesus’s childhood remains such a mystery: the story is unbelievably boring.
  25. He's done it again. M Night Shyamalan has done it again. Again. Done it. Again. He has given us another film for which the only appropriate expression is stammering, gibbering wonder that anyone can keep making such uncompromisingly terrible movies with such stamina and dedication.
  26. Director Prabhudheva’s idea of comedy is broad and very much soundtrack-led.
  27. Nothing about the film comes close to authenticity and it’s largely down to Penn’s remarkably amateurish direction.
  28. It really is a nuclear war of dullness.
  29. Masterminds is a bit of an interesting case study, as it is basically a Coen brothers film but put through a mechanism that removes all the wit, visual style or excitement. In its place are tortuously dull set-pieces, rambling dialogue and banal stagings.

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