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  1. Ramsay naturally creates drama wherever he goes, and despite a few forced scenarios, the fly-on-the-wall editing smoothly and engagingly creates narratives amid the chaos.
  2. All series need time to discover their strengths and weaknesses, and this is no exception. However, this show starts with a foundation of solid character comedy, which bodes well for the future.
  3. The first few episodes don't always click (strangely, the Tami story line doesn't feel real), but even when the storytelling hits a rough patch, there's enough raw emotion and drama--on and off the field--that hits the right note, saving the hour.
  4. If you’re up for something completely different that may end up imploding just as easily as it could be riveting, then make the commitment. Wayward Pines is filled with enough guest stars and gear shifts to never stay in the same place and thus remain interesting, though not always logical or satisfying.
  5. Preacher comes on aggressively, but the third and fourth episodes give Catlin and the writers the chance to explore some of bigger picture theological issues and hint at growing maturity, even if that maturity still comes with gruesome jokes and pop culture references galore. Even in its unsteadiest early moments, Preacher parlays its messiness into an anarchy that's thematically on-point.
  6. Shakespeare might be turning in his grave, but he's probably got a smile on his face while doing it.
  7. It’s hard to determine how much of the series is lightly scripted.... It almost doesn’t matter, since Job or No Job offers compelling, believable drama as McBay searches for and awaits job offers and provides those just getting out of school and beyond with some great counsel on looking for a job.
  8. The thematic through-line is there, but could have benefited from more focused exploration. Still, there's something to be said for letting the photographers tell their own unvarnished stories, which makes this intermittently powerful series a valuable addition to studies of war journalism.
  9. The high exertion of getting mirth and metaphor from the morbid often leaves Fresco's cleverer dialogue buried and forces the stars to play the same strained beats over and over. But like zombies themselves, the show is relentless, and by the end of 10 episodes, there was progress towards a happy creative marriage.
  10. There’s plenty of testosterone running through The Last Kingdom’s veins, though there is a potentially strong female perspective courtesy of the character of Brida (Emily Cox).... The duo’s rapport nicely offsets the macho bluster that usually defines combat-infatuated shows of this sort.
    • 69 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    If creator/writer Dan Harmon earns only a "C" for the framework of his show, he gets higher grades for its brisk pace and clever writing. And some extra credit is in order for casting, as well.
  11. There’s a lot of material to mine here and Goyer, Starz and Da Vinci’s Demons are off to an entertaining start.
  12. Although it will be hard to match "The O.C.'s" ratings, particularly against the blockbuster competition of the time period ("The Apprentice" and "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation"), the "Reunion" pilot offers a more intriguing and creative form of entertainment.
  13. For people looking for the next Housewives, GCB could be the perfect replacement.
  14. This collaborative atmosphere and casual framework may keep Wizard Wars from being the battle royal of Adventure Time's Wizard Battle, but it's still fun, as its performers manage to mutate the mundane into magic.
  15. Sound more than a little like FX's "Rescue Me"? Absolutely.
  16. It plays a little bit, in spirit, like the HBO series How to Make It In America. It is in that way that it feels both fresh and familiar--the scene is new, but the story is old. There's drama, but not as much trash.
  17. The Face borrows plenty of concepts from other modeling and competition shows, but it manages to throw enough fashion and dramatic interest at viewers to be engaging.
  18. With its superb cast, impeccable direction and mostly sharp writing, "Out of Practice" demonstrates simultaneously how polished and professional a sitcom can be and why TV comedy, with a few notable exceptions, is in such a funk.
    • The Hollywood Reporter
  19. There is a dynamic of affection and caring that makes the series more than just a collection of witty lines effectively delivered.
  20. With a strong cast (Lewis and Phillippe in particular), the buy-in here is easy. Whether it can reach the creative heights of, say, Broadchurch, which has a similar story, remains to be seen.
  21. Room 104 doesn't feel like a Duplass brothers film. The six episodes sent to critics, celebrating a diverse assortment of either lesser-known or lesser-known-to-TV directors, aren't bound by genre or form, and they're mostly pretty good.
  22. I do know that I like this opportunity for List as a TV star and tthe opening time-travel convolutions are treated to accentuate emotion and character relationships in a solid way. It has room to grow and room for improvement.
  23. It will certainly fill viewers minds with misshapen mythology, but does so in a fairly charming, family-friendly way.
  24. Mostly though, Extreme Guide to Parenting is not interested in challenging the parenting choices of the families it features. This is pure exhibition, and there's no denying that its appeal is just as strong as that of any other series detailing the strangeness of nontraditional lifestyles.
  25. There's a good cast here, a template that has worked elsewhere and abundant promise. But No Tomorrow will need more tomorrows--multiple episodes--o find its groove and earn its spot alongside its stellar CW companions. Here's hoping that happens.
  26. That's a lot of potential gothic soap, but fortunately Gates presents a surprisingly well-written, intriguing scenario with a head-swimmingly large ensemble cast.
  27. Approach Timeless as throwback, somewhat in the vein of a less nuanced Quantum Leap, and it can be enjoyed. But be prepared to turn your brain on and off at random intervals and don't yank too hard at any of the plausibility strings, or I fear Timeless will unravel entirely.
  28. With its seaside setting and lighthearted fun, Clear History is a kind of pleasant, late-summer gazpacho, enjoyed to the sounds of Chicago and debates about whether there is a racial preference between black and white dwarves.
  29. My Own Worst Enemy holds our interest despite its utter preposterousness because if there is anything Slater knows how to do, it's present a believable head case.

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