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  1. It could be that, like a lot of sitcom pilots, Broke Girls is trying too hard. But when the jokes work, they're funny, so there's hope.
  2. Judging from the first of six hours that will air, this might be the perfect series where you can plop on the couch, pop a beer and think, "This is all a little odd."
    • 54 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    Pains succeeds because of Lohan. As Thea, a publishing-house secretary living on the financial brink who rashly lies that she's pregnant just before her boss fires her, Lohan is a bright light in the center of an otherwise a fair-to-middling telefilm.
  3. Whenever Gibney does try to shake things up the results are embarrassing.... The facts of Sinatra’s life are still compelling enough that the movie is rarely dull.
  4. Despite the unfortunate monotone narration of Pulitzer Prize winner Mark Konkol, whose script is full of hard-boiled cliches ("must be something in the water," when speaking of Chicago's gangland past) and odd phrasing ("school closings and budget cuts: the ultimate buzzkill"), and time spent with Emanuel that is occasionally charming, but often feels like fodder for a campaign ad, Chicagoland has more pluses than minuses.
  5. There are intriguing elements amid the clutter: Policeman Frank Leo (Aaron Douglas) is a beefy, moral man of the people who in the process of rallying the troops becomes a target for the police brass.
  6. Mostly, it was a tasteful affair.
  7. It's a testament to Hirsch, who keeps Bonnie and Clyde grounded--plus a solid script, for the most part--that allows this movie to defy the odds. That doesn't make it great or even necessary, but wow, it could have been a lot worse.
  8. Looking long term, Resurrection may be one typical TV dark secret that takes a while to unravel, and maybe that's good enough for most. But it's cutting enough corners here in the beginning to be worrisome. And if you were lucky enough to see The Returned (or will be streaming it asap), then Resurrection won't be for you.
  9. It's a well-made show with a proven template, but others including "Ivana Young Man" and "Age of Love" have trod this road before.
  10. Mind Games is less complicated than Killen's other shows--which raises its chances until you factor in the dreadful time slot it will inhabit. Yet even though Zahn is a lot to take while having his bi-polar rants and motor-mouthed moments of anxiety, plus Slater's dubious end-of-the-pilot twist, there are elements in play with Mind Games that make it intriguing.
  11. There have been far nastier hidden-camera efforts than this. Better ones, too. Yet to be sure, in the opening hour, Howie Do It at least delivers laughs more often than it inspires groans.
  12. As a B-level entry it’s at least entertaining, and if some of the sillier aspects of the pilot can be improved on could be one of those mindless entertainment options we all need now and again.
  13. You find yourself wanting much more of the particulars of each woman's story and less of the overinflated pronouncements from these giants of the profession.
  14. The action often is energetic and intriguing but is sometimes brought down by Fimmel's uneven performance. The rest of the supporting cast acquits itself well, and Swayze manages to bring the words of scribes Vincent Angell and William L. Rotko to menacing life.
  15. Maybe the best thing about this miniseries is the weird assortment of characters.
  16. Murphy is adept at creating clever mind games between his characters, but moments of true suspense or fright are few and far between.
  17. Cleveland has a few delightfully outrageous moments, along with several that are gratuitously gross ("hot fur," anyone?), but its most disconcerting element is its significant resemblance to "Family Guy."
  18. Though Creature Shop's competition approach might be tiresomely formulaic (all stemming from the Project Runway idea tree), the bottom line is it's still a series that promotes creativity.
  19. We like noble efforts. But we tend to like them better on television when they're accompanied by a sense of pacing and entertainment value. (If things were otherwise, PBS would rule the universe.) In this case, a few more spoonfuls of sugar might have helped this medicine go down.
  20. There are so many twists and arbitrary rules to the competition that it can certainly be disconcerting for viewers.
  21. The pilot is strong and closes with a cliffhanger element that should bring back a sizeable chunk of the tune-in audience.... but having no other episodes to find out in what direction the series wants to go--not just with Barry/Bassam, but where the core of its stories will come from (family or politics), means it’s too early to give a definitive endorsement to Tyrant, despite its potential.
  22. Wilde is a fast-paced grab bag; it's hard not to like a character who dunderheadedly imports an Amazon tribe to a five-star hotel rather than tell his dad not to drill on their land, all to prove he's a decent guy. But for now, audiences will have to sort through the good stuff and toss aside the lumps of coal that keep "Wilde" from being a truly wild ride.
  23. The real surprise is that, for all the times King has taken us down this creepy path, he can still evoke chills and thrills over and over again.
  24. The talented cast isn't quite as successful in getting past the shortcomings of a teleplay (from Rhimes, naturally) that's typically light on believability and heavy on the outrageous.
  25. Ironically, the differences among the characters that make the show interesting and even, at times, compelling, also test its credibility.
  26. Body of Proof doesn't break any new ground as a procedural and has more than enough hokey moments to make you look elsewhere. But as a case study of how and why star vehicles get made, this is textbook.
  27. The new series boasts eye-catching animation and dollops of sex and violence but only enough humor to elicit occasional chuckles. If you eliminate the references to sexual perversions, even the smiles are few and far between.
  28. Simultaneously sexy and relatable, Elfman wins us over with a convincing performance that shows vulnerability just beneath a placid surface.
  29. A terrific boon to those who can't wait a week between "Friday Night SmackDown!"

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