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  1. The struggle with Ash vs Evil Dead is reconciling the giddy, maniacal pleasure that Raimi brings to the pilot with the by-the-numbers disappointment that the second episode delivers and knowing that that is more likely to be the series going forward.
  2. Black, a thinking-man's blowhard, carries the concept off with shameless aplomb, while his debating helpers are equal parts witty and wise.
  3. If people stay with it, what they'll find are exceptional performances, some truly fine writing and a premise, by virtue of being complicated, that could unspool some really interesting plotlines.
  4. Even if Underground isn't fun, the Misha Green and Joe Pokaski-created series is both exhilarating and entertaining, taking a history lesson and making it something more contemporary, taking a painful chapter in American life and infusing it with populist genres.
  5. A quirky and hilarious gem.
  6. There isn't much that's not familiar. But Kelley usually targets his shows on characters and their character, which, as it turns out, enhances the emotional appeal in this new series of battles at the bar of justice. [4 Mar 1997]
    • The Hollywood Reporter
  7. Travel shows have been done and done again, and it's hard to find one that breaks new ground. The most important element is usually not the scenery but the host, and BBC America found a great one in the British actor Dominic Monaghan.
  8. Dern, Wilson, Ladd, White and Sharp are excellent in this strange little vehicle.
  9. Strahan's fine, but in this case the show is the star. ... Pyramid works, and as long as Strahan doesn't get in the way, it will continue to work.
  10. The series works. McIver is a great, unlikely heroine.... The show will have to make the weekly cases a bit more difficult to crack if they want to hold viewers' interest.
  11. The pilot is one of those good-not-great propositions that many pilots are, particularly those trying to establish a complex world.
  12. It’s certainly an intriguing pilot--you can’t take your eyes off of Spader and the writers have thrown in a couple of other interesting twists.
  13. For the current version of Homeland, action scenes rapidly intercut with political ruthlessness look to be exactly what the show needs to sustain its worthiness.
  14. Wain and Showalter mostly acquit themselves, and for every dud plotline (“Coop’s” romantic flailings are actually more of a drag this time out) there’s a correspondingly uproarious one.
  15. You find yourself wanting much more of the particulars of each woman's story and less of the overinflated pronouncements from these giants of the profession.
    • 74 Metascore
    • 90 Critic Score
    Although the subject matter is familiar, the stories from exec producer Ron Hutchinson are fresh and packed with excitement and stylistic turns. [26 Jan 2004]
    • The Hollywood Reporter
  16. There is a slightly claustrophobic feel to some of the pilot--reminiscent of the feeling the revamped Battlestar Galactica gave--but you can't help but feel that on a submarine. Despite that, Last Resort manages to move at a feverish pace, with pulse-pounding twists and turns.
  17. British reviewers pegged Hotel Babylon correctly when they called it flashy, trashy, cheeky, frothy and "like a perfectly executed souffle."
  18. Beers and his crew are old hands at this, and they wring the drama out of Coal very quickly and compellingly. They get beyond the danger into the emotional territory, and that's where the gold is.
  19. Whenever Gibney does try to shake things up the results are embarrassing.... The facts of Sinatra’s life are still compelling enough that the movie is rarely dull.
  20. The pilot is full of dark, dangerous and sexy moments.
  21. Over the course of six hours it delivers bold, cinematic on-location action, announces itself with sweeping, dramatic dialogue (admittedly, not for everyone) and scatters excellent acting across the small screen.
  22. Director David Nutter gets the series off to a rousing start, practically packing every frame with suspense, special effects and an urgency that drives this show like an incessant drumbeat.
  23. Even if it lacks depth, Block's big-screen banquet of matrimonial testimonials is still a highly engaging proposition.
  24. Episodes, which got uproarious laughter in cut-down form at the Television Critics Assn. press tour in July, does not disappoint an ounce as it rolls through a seven-episode season. It also signals a savvy return to television for LeBlanc, who manages to be the butt of the joke one moment then hilariously likable the next.
  25. Where Westworld is at its best is in the deeper issues that will unspool slowly, like a good mystery. Early episodes are adept at getting at the base attractions of the park and why people would come, but also in setting up a sense of confusion about motives. ... The series benefits from a number of standout performances.
  26. In Cinema Verite, 90 minutes might not do justice to the historical impact of An American Family. But it makes you wish there were 90 more minutes to the story, which is saying something.
  27. The film isn't trying to break ground with revelations, so what it comes down to is whether Game Change is a good movie, as opposed to a balanced documentary. For the most part, it is.
  28. Humans finds a way to bring intrigue to a very familiar conflict.
  29. Along the way, Elementary should prove rather conclusively that it's a solid cousin to Sherlock and will give fans of the character more chances to see him solve crimes.

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