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  1. Cleveland has a few delightfully outrageous moments, along with several that are gratuitously gross ("hot fur," anyone?), but its most disconcerting element is its significant resemblance to "Family Guy."
  2. Maybe there’s an audience for this kind of thing--even though that audience would be better served watching Almost Human on Fox.
  3. A nice combination of brains and belly laughs and a solid addition to the CBS comedy block on Monday nights.
  4. There's a lot of genre-bending in this one but some real entertainment value, dramatic potential and, hell, if it can be half of what Battlestar Galactica was, that's a winning combination.
    • 57 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    Thanks to its camera-ready cast of extraordinarily real women, Mob Wives' version is no less affecting. As for those other real housewives franchises, their endless squabbles and social climbing antics are rendered rather trivial after you watch the first five minutes of Mob Wives. The real action, it turns out, is on Staten Island.
  5. Working together, Goldblum and Craven create some of the most honest scenes in the genre.
  6. A canny revamp, well-lit and visually eye-popping in a shadowy-neon way that hints at the old with several familiar faces while showcasing newcomers including redheaded Ashlee Simpson-Wentz.
  7. If you're not put off by some of those Sorkin traits--and honestly, they are ever-present--then The Newsroom might be a drama that hooks you with what it's ultimately trying to say about some complicated issues.
  8. Under Michael Dinner's steady directorial hand, it's dark, tense and conspiratorial, a far cry from the camp sci-fi tricks of its predecessor.
  9. But even as the cop genre seems beyond saturation, along comes TNT's Memphis Beat, a series with a fresh character in a fresh environment with a fresh look and sound that proves, against all odds, that good actors and agile execution trump format every time.
  10. It's quip-heavy, doesn't complicate things with too much plot, keeps the pacing brisk and litters the TV screen with beautiful people.
  11. Apart from its New Mexico setting and its witness protection angle, little stands out here. Stories are less than suspenseful and characters are mainly two-dimensional.
  12. Body of Proof doesn't break any new ground as a procedural and has more than enough hokey moments to make you look elsewhere. But as a case study of how and why star vehicles get made, this is textbook.
  13. Rather than a self-portrait, this is a scrupulously processed diptych.
  14. There's nothing really wrong with Scoundrels, but it's just hard to see what's special about it, either.
  15. For a moment, it feels like a big screen action flick. Then the plot unfolds and it’s back to Familiarville.
  16. It takes on an early thrilling ride, only to inexplicably start coasting when we need it to shift to the next gear.
  17. Early on, there's enough intrigue and style in Magic City to keep the viewer wanting more, but it's not as fully realized from the get-go as shows like Mad Men, Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad.
  18. It does not--repeat, not--take a con to catch a con. That is by now a very tired television cliche and one that's embraced by Kings. But the series overcomes this crutch to become a mostly interesting diversion from going to work five days a week.
  19. Although it would be extraordinary for any series to match the level of political complexity and realism of "The West Wing," this one barely tries.
  20. Your eyes are in for a treat, and Judd grows on you.
  21. The sameness of the format detracted from the excitement inherent in any awards broadcast.
  22. That Conley is a 300-plus-pound guy comfortable in his own skin helps, as does his genuine affection for the larger ladies. And all of that makes this otherwise-routine Fleiss confection a notch or two more interesting.
  23. For people looking for the next Housewives, GCB could be the perfect replacement.
  24. Brooding, seductive and smart.
    • 55 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    Brisk, sharp and surprisingly emotional for what essentially is a series of venture-capital-investment interviews, the show--based on the Japanese format "Dragons' Den"--balances the human element of its wish-fulfilling conceit with at least the illusion of the business legitimacy that made Burnett's "The Apprentice" such campy fun.
  25. While "Bones" has too much "X-Files" and "CSI" going in the pilot to feel completely original, it's nonetheless a taut, well-constructed, character-rich procedural with genuine potential.
  26. By the second episode, 1600 Penn neatly has found its compass on how to be a show about the first family and how to define the ensemble.
  27. [Fashion Star falls] in to the same X Factor trap by amping up a tried-and-true format at every conceivable turn until the final product has all the subtlety of a Victoria's Secret runway show.
  28. A brave and breezy (though slightly uneven) series that is well-cast but not always well-plotted.