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5,475 movie reviews
  1. For a comedy, it's not really funny.
  2. Perhaps a greater passage of time was needed to provide a more effective historical perspective, but "Tiger" has a bigger problem with a dramatic structure that sags conspicuously in the middle, never to completely correct itself.
  3. This implausible plot full of holes does pave the way for a series of Cedric the Entertainer skits and physical gags. None of these is very funny. A few are painfully unfunny. In either case, the movie comes to a standstill. It's a pity no one thought to screen old Bob Hope movies to see how to integrate comedy into genre filmmaking.
  4. The lead performers certainly are highly attractive, making this one of the more sensual werewolf pictures in quite a while -- and to their credit, they do manage to keep a straight face throughout. But ultimately, the anemic Blood and Chocolate could have benefited from a little less chocolate and a lot more blood.
  5. Part war drama, part political thriller, part romance -- and wholly uninvolving.
  6. Heavy-handedness prevails, with the schmaltzy original score as unconvincing as the script. An over-reliance on song, from pop to Puccini to Ellington to hip-hop, doesn't compensate for what's lacking in the storytelling.
  7. Filmmakers have long recognized that high school makes a terrific arena for social satire and comedy in films ranging from "Heathers" to "Mean Girls" and "Election." There is a glimmer of such a comedy in Full of It, but this is quickly swamped in overextended gags and broad caricatures.
  8. The blues music in "Moan" is superfine, but my oh my, what to make of the ripe Southern cliches and this absurd story. The film is so jaw-dropping awful that it just might become a boxoffice hit.
  9. In I Think I Love My Wife, Chris Rock does something entirely unexpected. He isn't funny.
  10. The usually likable Bullock, obstructed by glaring continuity problems and often baffling character motivation, comes across as unsympathetically dazed and confused here, giving the viewer little reason to care about this desperate housewife's puzzling predicament.
  11. The Hills Have Eyes 2 proves that even grisly, gory violence can be awfully boring.
  12. Redline is the cinematic equivalent of a sports car ad in Maxim magazine.
  13. Poker has proven itself a popular spectator sport on television -- at least in the short run -- but as scripted drama, where you can pretty much guess the winner of a given hand, it's dull, dull, dull.
  14. The sort of cheesy thriller that would prove mildly diverting on late-night cable, Slow Burn at least features a terrific cast to enliven its familiar elements.
  15. The drama never comes together in a smart, meaningful way; indeed, most revelations border on the banal.
  16. Despite an outlandish premise, Next suffers from being too conventional.
  17. Lacks any of the socio-economic or political concerns of "The Big Chill." Indeed its shallowness is reflected in one character's abiding concern with his receding hairline.
  18. While the three actresses have an appealing grittiness, they aren't always up to the demands of the roles.
  19. A cut below its predecessors.
  20. The film feels sleazy and nasty --- but without the pulp kick of filmmakers who know how to do sleazy and nasty.
  21. The latest example of J-horror to reach our shores, Takeshi Furusawa's Ghost Train demonstrates that the increasingly tired genre may be in need of a serious overhaul.
  22. Lights will put in more appearances at festivals before achieving a brief theatrical window for Kaurismaki devotees to gaze through. Most will do so with discouragement.
  23. More dumb than funny.
  24. Unfortunately, the gags start to wear thin shortly around the 15-minute mark, not to mention the fact that they pale in comparison to the real-life indignities endured by the members of the "Jackass" crew.
  25. War
    Lacking even the galvanizing action sequences that would have compensated for suffering through its formulaic plot, this is a thoroughly forgettable exploitationer that will not enhance its stars' resumes.
  26. Lackluster and decidedly old-fashioned (in the worst way).
  27. An obvious "Ocean's Eleven" knockoff, minus any of that franchise's hip sensibility.
  28. While the CGI effects are undeniably impressive, the laughable story line, risible dialogue and cheap humor (most of it involving a hapless zoo security guard) seriously detract from the fun.
  29. The script by Josh Stolberg has no fizz. It's possible to sit for half an hour without cracking a smile. Part of the problem is sheer repetitiveness; another problem is that Stu's leering remarks are repulsive rather than endearing.
  30. O Jerusalem has the virtue of energy, but it suffers from superficiality, particularly with regard to the characterizations.

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