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5,522 movie reviews
  1. The film is a relentlessly loud and ultimately exhausting exercise only partially leavened by the usual heavy doses of wisecracking humor and visual gags.
  2. Finally, there is an answer to the old question, "What's more boring than watching golf on television?" As the new docu 95 Miles to Go reveals, watching Ray Romano watching golf on television is much more boring.
  3. Sets out to be a baby "Big Chill" but plays out like an unsold Fox pilot.
  4. RV
    The biggest disappointment is the rigorously rote nature of the characters and story line in Geoff Rodkey's script
  5. Da Vinci never rises to the level of a guilty pleasure. Too much guilt. Not enough pleasure.
  6. Its deadly serious take on the subject may inspire more titters than anything else.
  7. The film is filled with deeply unpleasant and stupid people whose vapid speech is largely incomprehensible due to thick regional accents.
  8. The release date is the most original thing about it.
  9. This less than subtly titled documentary by Mark Birnbaum and Jim Schermbeck will undoubtedly find few viewers.
  10. While a huge hit in its native country, is neither arty nor truly thrilling enough to greatly impress American audiences.
  11. This lifeless, talky, family-oriented feature never manages to rise to the occasion of its witty title.
  12. About as subtle as its all too obvious title would suggest.
  13. Audiences will have to seek out their own peculiar diversions in order to last the whole course of this demi-dud.
  14. In this lukewarm climate of pointless remakes and uninspired sequels there's always welcome room for a film that wants to push the envelope, Shadowboxer merely crams it with a lot of nonsense.
  15. Sour, joyless affair.
  16. Lame and unconvincing teen comedy.
  17. An essentially two-character drama that would have been far more effective onstage, Brett C. Leonard's Jailbait is ultimately as claustrophobic as its setting.
  18. Shock to the System demonstrates that merely subverting genre conventions doesn't quite make for compelling entertainment.
  19. A horror film dealing with the terrors lurking via our computers, cell phones and other electronic devices, Pulse isn't nearly as scary as watching your hard drive crash or having your BlackBerry conk out in the middle of a vital call.
  20. This ludicrously plotted drama of incestuous sexual abuse is only partially redeemed by its strong performances.
  21. It's the kind of sprawling ensemble piece that screams out for a Pedro Almodovar, but in the absence of an Almodovar it simply screams out -- in persistent, tedious intervals.
  22. Unlikely to inspire a passionate following similar to the original, the film, which opened Friday without being screened for the press, ultimately induces more titters than dread.
  23. Although Sutherland is an amiable and charismatic figure, his lack of emotional expressiveness doesn't help matters here. The film does, however, offer the spectacle of his getting a tattoo of the film's title (one of the band's songs) in Icelandic.
  24. A lame and disappointing affair.
  25. Fails to find the genuine drama in its story of love and intrigue.
  26. To borrow a cliche from another medium, Santa might have jumped the shark.
  27. You sense in every frame the strain to be lighthearted. Consequently, A Good Year is at times downright clumsy. You know what the filmmakers are trying to achieve and see the labor going into the attempt, but for them to fall so short is unsettling.
  28. While Adam Sussman's screenplay can be admired for its emphasis on subtle atmospherics rather than cheap scares, it is a gimmicky slog of an affair that lacks narrative coherence or strong focus.
  29. Jackman does everything required of him, and his range is quite admirable, while Weisz, who has nothing to prove, does looking gorgeous very nicely.
  30. It all begins to fall apart around the midway point, before completely unraveling into a confused, murky mess.

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