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5,965 movie reviews
  1. Visual artist and filmmaker Matthew Barney's follow-up to his acclaimed "Cremaster" film series continues this provocateur's penchant for outrageous imagery and numbing non-narratives.
  2. With an "Animal House"-ish deportment, Art School likely will entertain a sophomoric audience and etch some winning college-kid figures, but art house audiences will be disappointed by its paint-by-numbers storytelling.
  3. While visually engaging, this production of Disneytoon Studios -- it was originally slated to go direct-to-DVD -- lacks the sort of character depth and dramatic scope normally associated with the Pixar brand.
  4. While director-screenwriter Preston A. Whitmore II's film is to be admired for its proponing the values of a higher education over the dream of a career in the NBA, its dialogue, characterizations and situations rarely transcend the level of cliche.
  5. Although more than a little familiar in its road movie-style romantic banter and bickering, the film is easy to take for a number of reasons, including the witty and frequently caustic dialogue. Modest in its aspirations, "Race You" succeeds by not trying to do too much.
  6. To his credit, director Asger Leth (Ghosts of Cite Soleil) gets right to the business at hand where the set-up is concerned, but it's in the execution that this would-be thriller falls flat.
    • 80 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Michelle Williams does her best but she cannot prevent Kelly Reichardt's Wendy and Lucy, a weak tale about being broke and on the road in rural America, from dwindling into boredom.
  7. Terse and understated, this is a spy vs. spy tale designed to minimize talk and maximize action, not at all a bad thing in movies but over-worked to near-exhaustion here.
  8. Unfortunately, the back story behind FireDancer is ultimately more interesting than the finished product, a thematically ambitious but rough-hewn combination of love story and examination of cultural dislocation.
  9. Has heart to spare, but little new to say.
  10. Ultimately has the air of a home movie project blown up to feature-length proportions.
  11. This "Living Dead" exercise delivers far less monstrosity and a great deal of pomposity, not to mention dull characters who aren't nearly as lively as those dead guys.
  12. The film brings a spectacular but little-known chapter of World War II to the big screen with meticulous attention to period detail -- and almost none to compelling narrative.
  13. Feels anonymously generic and charmlessly mechanical.
  14. Very much reminiscent of "Napoleon" in numerous ways only minus the wit, the film is made somewhat palatable by its inherent sweetness and its treatment of typical adolescent angst.
  15. Remains mostly fascinating even in an amateur storyteller's hands.
  16. The drama gets stuck in a dispiritingly dull rut and fails to build toward what is supposed to be a something of a crowd-rousing triumph over adversity.
  17. An unsuccessful attempt to get inside the head, under the skin or through the looking glass of Bush administration Secretary of Defense and Iraq War proponent Donald Rumsfeld.
  18. The writing in Brooklyn seems even more generic. An excessive use of voice-over narration is a sure sign of a failure of dramatization.
  19. Spectacular photography bolsters this shallow ski movie.
  20. Designed to capitalize on the title and premise of the original but offers little to those who fondly remember it.
  21. The film is both too short and too long at two hours-plus. Not enough time is spent with the teens and far too much with their teacher.
  22. Eddie Murphy's amusingly out of this world in this otherwise tired vehicle.
  23. In this well-intentioned celebration of nature and traditional ways of life, giant-screen images feel generic when they should inspire wonder.
  24. Whatever one's view of Christian evangelical beliefs, from strictly a horror-film standpoint the movie needs a better villain.
  25. A worthy title for cable nets scheduling hard-hitting documentary fare
    • 47 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Fortunately, Lisa Crafts' colorful animation intermittently brings welcome charm and life to this otherwise dreary tale.
  26. A love story that veers uneasily between mysticism and melodrama.
  27. In its third time out of the gate, Rush Hour 3, reuniting Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan, hits the ground stalling.
  28. It's almost laughably bland and watered-down in its desire to appeal to the widest possible audience. It won't succeed in that goal, but it has enough pizzazz to captivate undemanding tweeners.

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