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6,272 movie reviews
  1. The actors' raw honesty and the unvarnished authenticity of the Southeast Texas environment lend weight to this slow-burn drama about responsibility, even if its storytelling is unrelentingly downbeat and lacks muscularity.
  2. Lavishly staged and beautifully photographed, Northmen—A Viking Saga features enough energetic sword clanging to satisfy its target audience.
  3. Strong performances by Lily Rabe and LisaGay Hamilton aren’t quite enough to redeem Redemption Trail.
  4. McConaughey and Parker get stranded with thanklessly predictable scenes, while Zooey Deschanel, Kathy Bates and Terry Bradshaw garner the film's few laughs.
  5. The film never ventures, even once, into a situation that does not reek of comfy familiarity.
  6. Sifting the pieces of a broken lesbian relationship, the slender, seemingly autobiographical film has its share of neurotic charms and funny one-liners, but it’s too tentative about digging into its identity conflicts -- sexual or cultural.
  7. Staggeringly cornball and squeaky-clean even when flirting with such issues as interracial sexual rivalries.
  8. Although the movie was clearly made on the cheap, cinematography, sets and costumes belie the modest budget. No one will be thunderstruck by the insights buried in "Valentine's Day," but couples seeking romantic fluff probably will find just enough humor and heart to satisfy them.
  9. Beyond a few chuckle-worthy one-liners and some amusing visual comedy, there’s not much to engage adults, although the wee ones should be distracted enough.
    • 49 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Australia makes a modest contribution to the growing sub-genre of everyman superhero movies with Griff the Invisible, a sweet but scattershot debut from local TV actor Leon Ford.
  10. The cast's evident delight might be enough for some moviegoers, but with so much talent and so little modulation on offer, audiences subjected to the onslaught could reasonably expect a higher laughs-to-torture ratio.
  11. The film's failure to raise the temperature gradually leaves viewers less involved than we should be.
  12. Part concert film, part narrative, it isn't fully successful on either level, coming across more like an overlong DVD extra than a fully stand-alone work.
  13. Never achieves the propulsive traction and outrageous/endearing balance that made "The Hangover" such a smash this time last year.
  14. As convincing as the manipulated footage of the President's death in Chicago in October 2007 is, the movie itself cannot be more unconvincing in its approach.
  15. Glorious so-bad-it's-good entertainment.
  16. Very much a lesson, and a repetitive and uneven one at that, GhettoPhysics succeeds at least as a conversation starter.
  17. This seventh installment does at least provide a reasonably satisfying conclusion to the series in the unlikely event they choose to give it a rest.
    • 74 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    The film ends up relying on stating a basic situation over and over rather than developing any sort of dramatic story concerning recognizable human beings, at least until things get moving a little faster in its second hour.
    • 49 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    What captures the audience's attention is Ardent's mesmerizing performance.
  18. Beautiful to look at, this is nothing more than a Little Engine That Could story refitted to accommodate aerial action and therefore unlikely to engage the active interest of anyone above the age of about 8, or 10 at the most.
  19. What should have been a tautly paced B-movie thriller instead comes to feel like a mini-series, leaving the viewer too much time to ponder the silliness of its narrative contrivances.
  20. Diehard fashionistas will likely want to see it, but few others will take notice.
  21. While Downtown Express suffers from a derivative storyline, it offers enough musical authenticity to provide ample compensations.
  22. The film suffers from uneven acting, an over-reliance on production values and an uncertainty over how dangerous the children's adventures should be.
  23. Works better than you might imagine at times but stumbles awkwardly other times. The unevenness in the writing is matched by directorial overkill in certain comic sequences.
  24. Soulful performance by non-pro Pape Sidy Niang as the bicycle-riding police officer Z, gives the film a poetic tone, but cumulative impact is diffused rather than enhanced by the fractured form.
  25. Complexly plotted, elegantly shot and orchestrated, this is the kind of long-winded, intermittently involving festival package that will earn the director of Tokyo Sonata more critical appreciation but will struggle to find a theatrical audience. For a film that requires nearly five hours of viewing investment, it feels terribly stingy on the emotional payoff.
  26. More aggressively violent and thankfully less mythology driven than previous installments, Underworld: Awakening is strictly for the converted.
  27. Boasting uncommonly handsome production values and a stellar cast, the awkwardly titled The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box nonetheless feels like a stillborn attempt at a franchise starter.

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