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  1. A big, sonorous dungeons-and-dragons affair that seems at every moment to call attention to its epicness, Tin Man would have benefited above all from more minimizing.
  2. Reign looks good (the pilot was shot in Ireland), moves smoothly and features CW’s characteristic bland but competent performances.
  3. CBS, which had promoted the show as almost exactly that ["Lord of the Flies" for voyeurs], backed down, explaining that Kid Nation was really more of a 40-day character-building exercise, like Outward Bound, but with camera crews and off-camera supervisors. And of course, it turned out to be a little of both, but mostly neither.
    • 53 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    The two episodes of 8 Simple Rules that were available for review contained tantalizing hints of a better show that might have been (or might yet be).
  4. Secret Diary has amusing touches, but not enough to sustain an entire series.
  5. Issues of bias and prejudice are moved to center stage, rather heavyhandedly. There are references, direct and veiled, to blacks and civil-rights struggles, the Holocaust, and AIDS hysteria. But Gary Graham and Eric Pierpoint are effective as, respectively, a younger, hipper Matthew and a mellower George. For television, Fox's Alien Nation is different, adventurous and very much worth monitoring.
  6. Haven not only resembles its Syfy stablemates, but it's also just about as good, which means that if you like a cozy, lived-in mystery with some quirky characters in a pleasant setting--and you don't mind spotty writing and perfunctory camerawork--you may enjoy it.
  7. The first episode of “Traveler” is well made and quite gripping.
  8. These interactions have none of the dark drama found on "Teen Mom" or "16 and Pregnant"--at least not yet.
  9. Mr. Ritter sells the character pretty well.... The other McCarthys are also all familiar archetypes, which makes this show another in what seems to be a trend of comfort-food comedies: witty without being ambitious; safe rather than scalding.
  10. The real pleasure lies in the adjustment problems of a seemingly normal suburban family leading a terrifying secret life.
  11. The new show is a perfectly adequate, even above-average example of the genre, but at this late date, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd.
  12. Mr. Urich is the perfect television-series star, appealing without being overwhelming or threatening.
  13. The entire season will be available on Friday morning, and, in one sitting, you can cruise through the so-so story and find out before lunch what the future holds for Linden and Holder.
  14. It's a sleek, glossy, musically enhanced soap opera centered on wealthy, gorgeous high school students who connive and cavort to the sound of Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Peter Bjorn and John, Angels & Airwaves, and Timbaland.
  15. "Family Guy" stands to become the best satire of all-American dysfunction next to "The Simpsons." [29 Jan 1999]
    • The New York Times
  16. Tonight's two-hour season opener is tedious. The interiors -- an Antarctica set and the Atlantis set -- are heavy on Art Deco game-show décor, and the shadowless tableaus make even the live-action sequences look computer-generated.
  17. Pleasant to watch.
  18. Ms. Walker is an appealing actress with a strong presence, but in the pilot, at least, her character isn't as well formed or well written as other tough-talking television dames.
  19. Monster In-Laws seems unlikely to offer any real solutions to people with nightmarish in-laws. Its highest function might be simply to enable them to say, "Well, I'm glad it's not just me."
  20. It sedates, and its fabricated sentimentality does not save it.
  21. The Taste takes the "Voice" format--blind auditions producing "teams" of contestants chosen by four judges who double as mentors--and turns it into something better than the original, if your definition of a better reality contest includes more rational and less insulting to the intelligence.
  22. The Equalizer...recites the Vigilante Creed with effective fervor. And Mr. Woodward, the always accomplished actor whose more recent credits include "A Christmas Carol" on television and the title role in the Australian film "Breaker Morant," is so good that he makes the entire questionable enterprise seem almost reasonable.
  23. It wasn’t a singalong or a sacrilege or a slavish, shameless remake. It was a live performance of a legendary musical that felt muted and a little sad.
  24. Erratic but promising ... So far the series lacks the sharp writing to match its actors' unflappable delivery and deft physical comedy. [9 Jan 1996]
    • The New York Times
  25. If your taste runs to old formulas slickly employed, Deception will hold your interest. If you prefer innovation, it probably won't.
  26. It’s an action drama about a cop leading a double life and is itself torn in two directions: aspiring to the latitude and sophistication of cable, but still hamstrung by conventional notions of character development, exposition and taste.
  27. Throughout, Fall to Grace feels disappointingly safe and formulaic.
  28. There are so many vampires and undeads and such on television these days that this crew is going to have a hard time getting attention, especially if the show continues to be as much of a grab bag as the pilot episode is. Some serious focusing--on specific story lines, specific characters--should be the first order of business.
  29. If "Laguna Beach" looked perpetually like late afternoon -- the mellow light of cocktail hour, the promise of a party -- "The Hills" looks like a workday.

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