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  1. Some of the episode is forced--Sarah's babbling job tryout with Hank, for instance--but in those universal moments of family togetherness and transition, as these grown-ups who sometimes still feel like kids marvel at the mystery of parenthood, Parenthood is worth its weight in sentimental angst.
  2. Sons may be as busy as it is brutal, but at least its heartlessness is in the right place.
  3. Glee is off to a good start. Please let it last.
  4. It's a solid premise executed with the usual CBS professionalism.
  5. Familiarity points deducted, Arrow is still a very slick piece of work.
  6. The twists are solid, if never as electrifying as on Showtime's Homeland, while George clearly learned her lessons well at the feet of Sydney Bristow.
  7. At just 90 minutes, The Girl can feel rushed and only occasionally convinces us that an actual movie is being made--this is so focused on Hitch-and-Tippi you'd think The Birds was a one-woman show.
  8. This agreeable, though hardly groundbreaking, hour-long buddy comedy-with-music is almost as catchy as the cover tunes these wedding (and occasional Bar Mitzvah) singer/musicians specialize in.
  9. Cougar Town is as unrepentantly shallow and silly as ever.
  10. It's a step above the typical CW soap, and worth penciling in an appointment in your own TV diary.
  11. Their [Jim and Billy's] relationship deepens as the series continues, and while I'm not sure there's an actual series in this set-up, for now Legit achieves a legitimately engaging balance between the shockingly grotesque and the genuinely heartfelt.
  12. Once again the veterans wipe the floor with the young whippersnappers.
  13. The cast is solid and admirably diverse.... While never as engaging as Grey's Anatomy nor clever enough to make us forget the void left by House's departure, Mornings at least does no harm.
  14. Smash introduces its winsome ingénue Karen (Katharine McPhee) to a headstrong young songwriter with hip Rent ambitions (rising star Jeremy Jordan, who headlined two real Broadway musicals last year). This subplot, like much of Smash, is cheesy and corny, but works when the impassioned singing starts. Which, for a musical drama about musicals, is what matters most.
  15. Curiously compelling.
  16. His easy camaraderie with these women [in prison] forms the core of the film, HBO's eighth collaboration with filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi, and their mutual affection and hope for a better future is genuinely inspiring.
  17. Recovery won't be easy, but so far it's an enjoyably bumpy ride.
  18. Much of the casting is disappointingly flat, and the character development as shallow as in any video game.... Still, ambition counts for a lot in this expansive genre, and Defiance gets better with each episode.
  19. The intriguing three-part The Bletchley Circle, which admirably avoids preciousness as it depicts the teamwork of four women who during WWII worked secretly for the government as code breakers (Bletchley Park was their HQ).
  20. The sardonically squirm-inducing Maron alternates between slice-of-rant sitcom and self-obsessed podcast from the comedian's garage.
  21. Like many HBO half-hours, this is a slow, slow burn to get to a payoff. The smiles here are of recognition that even the most ordinary families can have wonderfully strange roots.
  22. It's too early yet to know if the writing can avoid the pitfalls of the "Who Killed Rosie Larsen?" story, but this is off to a promising start.
  23. Earnest but rarely saccharine.
  24. The not-half-bad British Sinbad is good family fun, a visually appealing romp filmed in Malta.
  25. Dexter's scenes with Vogel and Deb are so electrifying and morbidly juicy that the subplots involving Dexter's co-workers in Miami Metro Homicide seem more than ever like dreary padding.
  26. Adapted from three overlapping page-turners by the prolific Philippa Gregory, this enjoyably propulsive high melodrama replays the classic Wars of the Roses family feud (York vs. Lancaster) from the perspective of the women who are both pawns and players in a violent, turbulent game of claiming and keeping the English throne.
  27. Three seasons in, Cinemax's Strike Back is the ultimate shoot-first think-later exercise in outrageous mayhem and explosively over-the-top buddy heroics.
  28. If the S.H.I.E.L.D. pilot is a bit of a slow-burner, not so much a "wow" as a "hmmmm" as it assembles its team of head-turning secret agents--they're the heroes behind the superheroes, operating in the shadows as the more famous good guys reap the headlines--the potential is sky's-the-limit huge for this clever action romp.
  29. The pilot is enjoyable, but it's hard to know where it's heading.
  30. While this Little League comedy doesn't quite measure up to the big leagues, we shouldn't be surprised if family audiences rally around the team, turning a solid base hit into something potentially worthy of extra innings.