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  1. The River is a terrifying heart-stopper, a cleverly cinematic supernatural adventure that takes us on a wild ride into an exotic heart of darkness.
  2. No matter the language, or the decade, AbFab lives up to its title, and its reputation.
  3. Boston Med reminds us that truth is often much more compelling and affecting than recycled fiction. Nothing is heightened or cheapened with newsmag-style manipulation on this series.
  4. Four seasons in, The Good Wife remains a marvel of clever plotting and tremendously witty ensemble acting.
  5. The only bleak aspect to this miniseries is that it doesn't last forever.
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  6. Even in a better season, ABC's provocative and very funny Black-ish would stand out for its broad and biting satire of an uneasily post racial society seen through a very modern-family prism.
  7. Alpha House is satire at its most blistering and biting, delivered by a master of the trade: Doonesbury's Garry Trudeau, whose contempt for political cynicism, venality and hypocrisy doesn't keep the jaded protagonists of this bawdy, brazen comedy from being great company.
  8. Vividly teeming with tragicomic life and reeking of desperation, danger and moral decay, the series takes a while to build an actual story--a common trait nowadays in high-minded long-form TV Narratives--but by the end of the first eight hours, an decriminalized porn becomes big business, you'll surely want to know what happens next. [18 Sep - 1 Oct 2017, p.27]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  9. This fall's best and most original drama taps a gusher of intrigue and twisty romance, with star-is-born James Wolk the most irresistible con man since Lost's Sawyer.
  10. Though the subject matter is wrenching, the tone here is more about emotional uplift, emphasizing the importance of bringing loved ones along for the fight.
  11. The show may be titled Hannibal, which for commercial branding purposes makes complete sense, but this is Will's story. And an absorbing, psychologically rich one it is, too--immeasurably smarter than The Following, more haunting than Bates Motel.
  12. It's a lot to digest but well worth the effort. [20 Apr - 3 May 2015, p.13]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  13. Tambor's revelatory, Emmy-winning performance as Maura has only deepened in its doleful and wry dignity, and if there's any complaint about the 10-episode sophomore season, it's that quite often there's just not enough Maura. [7-20 Dec 2015, p.16]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  14. Terrific and moving family comedy, which can make you laugh out loud then choke back tears with the manipulative panache of This Is Us. [7-20 Aug 2017, p.17]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  15. This Technicolored kaleidoscope fable of life, love and perpetual whimsy restores my faith in TV's ability to amuse, enchant and entertain with endless invention and eye-popping style.
  16. It raises its emotional game almost instantly, as Alicia (the enigmatic and compellingly subtle Julianna Margulies) makes a fateful choice between her disgraced husband Peter (Chris Noth) and amorous boss Will (Josh Charles), though the decision is clouded by another character's manipulative deceit.
  17. This is classic Law & Order through and through, where only the wigs worn in court and the accents are significantly different. The London environs evoke the urban New York feel, and the cast here is top-notch, refreshingly reintroducing us to the notion of a lead detective who's been around the block a few times.
  18. The Hour teems with flawed but driven professionals who, even at their worst, never come off as ridiculous as Newsroom's fools' gallery. The hours just fly by
  19. The Americans redefines domestic espionage with its multiple layers of emotionally charged suspense.
  20. The Knick teems with forbidden passions and lives of unquiet desperation. [26 Oct - 8 Nov 2015, p.14]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  21. The genius of BrainDead, an enjoyably offbeat sci-fi/political satire hybrid, is in reminding us that it's possible to have fun without leaving one's brain at the door. [20-26 Jun 2016, p.17]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  22. A smartly conceived and well executed legal drama with a strong star (Julianna Margulies) at its core and, even better, a terrifically timely hook.
  23. Count me in. Nix knows you can't play the old cliches straight, so each shootout and car chase--and there's plenty of mayhem in the fast-paced pilot--is infused with an "oh, c'mon" over-the-top goofiness.
  24. Director Kenneth Branagh's culture-clash gimmick doesn't get in the way of the play's many intoxicating pleasures. This isn't samurai Shakespeare.
  25. With warmth and gravity, [David Bradley's] the heart and soul of this grand Adventure.
  26. The comic relief we have come to rely on in the macho camaraderie has more of a tinge of gallows humor this season, which isn't to say that Rescue Me feels like a show on its last legs, more like it's nearing its natural (or, given the frequency of Tommy's post-traumatic hallucinations, unnatural) end.
  27. If what you're looking for is a good scare that's cunningly and ruthlessly executed, be forewarned. The Following is the real deal.
  28. Cosby is in fine form as he mugs with that expressive face and riffs in his distinctive voice on his favorite topics of love, marriage and family. His timing is masterful.
  29. Magic Johnson narrates much of this astonishing story in a trademark genial manner, giving a storybook quality to the early chapters of instant fame, glory and goodwill.
  30. Appropriate Adult is a psychologically harrowing character study of emotional manipulation against a backdrop of utter depravity.

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