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  1. First impression is that Halt is fresh and fraught with calculated promise, but whether that's enough to catch fire remains to be seen.
  2. A perverse parable of envy and misfortune that loses some steam as it turns into a wacky but predictable revenge caper that you know can't end well.
  3. As it wrestles with Big Moral Questions, Rubicon is unquestionably smart but undeniably sluggish.
  4. Some of the stylistic touches are amusing, including a bombastic theme song belted by Steve Lawrence, but the strain shows as Babylon's sketchy premise is elongated to miniseries length.
  5. Mark Valley, droll and dashing, is long overdue a hit series, and I’d like to think this fast-paced piece of popcorn fluff could be the ticket. I’d watch Human Target for the retro-cool opening credits alone.
  6. Kaling makes for an unconventional sitcom heroine, to put it mildly.
  7. This nearly six-hour adaptation is an over-indulgently languid showcase for Winslet to shine as the iconic and ultimate Mother Martyr.
  8. I hung on and laughed at nearly every word.
  9. Earnest but rarely saccharine.
  10. Whitechapel is like a British Criminal Minds, albeit with a much more appealing sense of macabre wit in its appreciation for the history of Grand Guignol.
  11. The Riches is hard to believe and not much easier to embrace.
  12. Even when Freak Show collapses under its undiluted excess, it does remember at least one essential truth of terror: Nothing's scarier than a mean, ugly clown.
  13. There’s plenty of life in this deluxe entertainment, with each episode expanding the world of friends and family who have a stake in Lux’s future. So far, I find myself rooting for just about everyone in this feel-good show that’s refreshingly unafraid to wear its feelings openly.
  14. Some of the randy dialogue strains a bit too hard to be provocative ("My vagina is not dead, it was just in a coma"), but what's truly shocking is how harsh and unforgiving the domestic blow-ups can be, as Abby and Jake survey the wreckage of their life together. The best parts of Divorce are those that remind us how messy and panicky such a dissolution can be for all involved.
  15. The pilot is neither thrilling nor funny enough to earn notice.
  16. What Creature Shop may lack in originality it makes up for in creative energy, with the contestants further challenged in mentoring sessions by being made to focus on having the full-body costumes be fully functional for the skilled Henson puppeteers within.
  17. Sarah isn't easy to warm up to, and neither is The Killing, though I respect its moody insistence at depicting even the most sympathetic figures in the worst possible light.
  18. It's all very entertaining, and extremely well acted, but feels overly hectic. Not until next Sunday's episode, when Bill and Barbara's daughter Sarah makes a move toward determining her own future, does Big Love approach the kind of emotional, transcendent high that made so much of last season so memorable.
  19. Well-made, but heavy-handed and hardly inviting.
  20. The channel may have hit pay dirt with a gritty project that feels like the real McCoy.
  21. I find I’m even more enthralled by Showtime’s costume melodrama The Tudors than I was a year ago.
  22. When everything and every moment is studiously and heavy-handedly unpleasant, and each humorless, colorless detail seems designed to impress us with its “edge,” the overall effect ironically becomes somewhat monotonous.
  23. While not quite as inspired as last year's breakthrough comedy Awkward, MTV's Pants appears to have legs.
  24. The heightened tone, pungent dialogue, extreme characters, twisty plotting and dizzying pace reflect the Shonda philosophy of entertain-at-all-costs, providing a sizzling showcase for Viola Davis as Annalise Keating
  25. Bent is the sort of funky offbeat comedy that grows on you, so watching more than one episode at a sitting turns out to be a good thing.
  26. Alpha House is satire at its most blistering and biting, delivered by a master of the trade: Doonesbury's Garry Trudeau, whose contempt for political cynicism, venality and hypocrisy doesn't keep the jaded protagonists of this bawdy, brazen comedy from being great company.
  27. If 24 is a roller coaster, The State Within is more of a cerebral maze of treachery. One's more fun, though the other has its dark pleasures.
  28. It's like Deadwood in togas, a violent and bawdy tapestry of a vanished civilization.
  29. Watching Pan Am is like getting a free upgrade to escapist class.
  30. While Wednesday's pilot episode of Extant (all that was available for review) lacks the sort of unforgettable "wow" moment provided by the severed cow in Dome's opener, the new series also seems less likely to lapse irrevocably into silly hysteria.

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