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  1. The intriguing three-part The Bletchley Circle, which admirably avoids preciousness as it depicts the teamwork of four women who during WWII worked secretly for the government as code breakers (Bletchley Park was their HQ).
  2. Reminiscent of 24 but about a dozen times more realistic (though dramatically more uneven).
  3. Occupying familiar anti-hero territory with grim and often outrageous resolve, Ray Donovan is a sun-bleached noir and a character actor's paradise.
  4. Far a more escapist and pleasurable time, look to Starz, which travels the high (or Highlander) road of historical-romantic fantasy in the appealing and gorgeously filmed Outlander.
  5. As Shrek wishes "A smelly Christmas to all and to all a gross night," you may be appallingly charmed.
  6. The pilot episode involves an endless debate over a mysterious "fecal deposit" left on a chair. Let that be a metaphor.
  7. Primeval mixes elements of "Jurassic Park” and "Stargate," rarely taking itself seriously while also warning of the consequences of not confronting these threats to mankind.
  8. This fall's best and most original drama taps a gusher of intrigue and twisty romance, with star-is-born James Wolk the most irresistible con man since Lost's Sawyer.
  9. This is one fabulous ride.
  10. Collision is a terrific example of an unconventional and original story, weaving suspense, irony, mystery and emotional turmoil in the aftermath of a deadly multicar freeway pileup.
  11. Hit & Miss, the fun is just beginning, and I can't wait to see where this twisted but strangely affecting story goes next.
  12. Downton is on much firmer and more satisfying ground when charting the new romantic possibilities for Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) or spinning sentimental morality tales among the colorful servants below stairs.
  13. As leaps of faith go, yes. And faith--in visions both magical and musical--has everything to do with Eli Stone's divine appeal.
  14. Much more conventional than Girls in its savagely profane workplace humor, its bad behavior recalls Curb Your Enthusiasm while the setting is reminiscent of The Larry Sanders Show in its hysterical behind-the-curtain peek at dysfunction and incompetence in high places.
  15. Skepticism turns to pleasure as Greg reveals himself to be a wide-eyed charmer (think a less smarmy Greg Kinnear) and Sweden becomes an unexpectedly welcome and disarming diversion in a summer cluttered with noisy mediocrity.
  16. [A] tantalizing quasi-mock-documentary.
  17. By the time the sing-along version of High School Musical 2 airs Sunday (8/19, 8/7c), two nights after the first screening, many kids already will have memorized the lyrics--and probably many of the dance moves. It's going to be that addictive.
  18. Ripper Street is mighty fine bloodsport.
  19. A quietly absorbing elegy for old-school spooks, Page Eight bristles with jazzy intelligence.
  20. The action is fast-paced, the plotting dense, if often simplistic, and the tension generally sustained, as long as you don't overthink the improbabilities of the cover-up over who's responsible for the bomb attacks.
  21. Under the Dome is TV as page-turner.
  22. So generous in its jolts that you barely have time to dwell on the plot holes, The Strain may not be the most original thrill ride, but it's among the summer's most enjoyable, elevating its genre clichés with a pulp urgency that, like the monster's icky wormy offspring, gets under your skin and stays there.
  23. More of a curiosity than a necessity.
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  24. Animation has rarely felt so explosively, hilariously defiant.
    • TV Guide
  25. A grueling but intriguing new double-fisted drama set in the world of mixed martial arts.
  26. Even when the show gets a bit silly, there's a healthy sense of wonder at the origin of the artifacts our heroes regularly track down.
  27. Aidan Turner cuts a dashing figure as the reincarnation of Poldark, reviving an early Masterpiece breakthrough from the mid-70s with swarthy, romantic vigor. [8 Jun 2015, p.13]
    • TV Guide
  28. Sons may be as busy as it is brutal, but at least its heartlessness is in the right place.
  29. While there is much talent associated with this show, Parks still feels pretty much like the pits, an uneasy and uneven clone that has yet to achieve a comedic purpose of its own.
  30. Even critics and fans who are intrigued (as I am) by the often riveting pilot--which ends on a whopper of a cliffhanger twist--can’t help projecting a bit into our own future, one that’s informed by a past that’s littered with ambitious pilot episodes that ultimately didn’t measure up.

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