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  1. Never reaches much beyond the surface, and what lies there is all too predictable.
  2. You've never seen a movie like Sucker Punch. And depending on your entertainment preferences, you may not want to.
  3. All the obvious elements combine to manipulate the audience into a weepy time at the movies -- again.
  4. Dramatically, even a persuasive supporting cast gets Heaven only so far.
  5. A picture that isn't as terrible as its title suggests now as deep as its story aspires to be.
  6. Winnie Mandela is a simplistic look at a complex figure.
  7. Heckerling stoops to the obvious at times and there are two car chases too many. But Look Who's Talking never insults the intelligence of adults or babies, and that's quite a feat for any comedy. [13 Oct 1989, p.4D]
    • USA Today
  8. The best that can be said about the film is that its naturalistic look and dark hues are occasionally intriguing, and its twist is fairly unpredictable, if far-fetched.
  9. The film's only bright notes are Fred Gwynne's flavorful performance as a bucolic neighbor, his Herman Munster basso in full throttle, and the lovely Maine settings. If Pet Sematary could have boasted more authentic details in telling its devastating story, it might have been a classic instead of just another pet peeve. [25 Apr 1989, p.9D]
    • USA Today
  10. At least this movie seems more aware of its trashiness than "National Treasure" was. It's therefore freer to have some off-the-cuff fun the way Steven Seagal's more tolerable vehicles once did.
  11. The Break-Up is not comical or romantic, and it's certainly not a date movie. Sitting through it is almost as painful as going through the demise of a relationship.
  12. Geared for teens who perhaps found the Twilight series too profound, Warm Bodies is an unabashed homage to that wildly successful franchise. One of its stars, Teresa Palmer, is even done up to be a carbon copy of Kristen Stewart, the anchor of the vampire series.
  13. Sharp satire or feel-good foolishness? Silly sap won out.
  14. Though the film opens with an intriguing burnished look, it bogs down about halfway through with talkiness and uneven pacing.
  15. It bristles with exuberant numbers that strain beneath the weight of cliché.
  16. Amusingly macabre. [16 July 1999]
    • USA Today
  17. Martin, Keaton and cinematographer William A. Fraker put this retro fluff over better than expected early on, but hour 2 is only for those who don't want their equilibriums rattled by surprises. [8 Dec 1995, p.1D]
    • USA Today
  18. The raucous comedy fails to keep up with its charismatic star.
  19. Mostly, it wallows in partying with a capital P.
  20. Bale tends to be overwrought and self-conscious as he wrestles with his demons, here in both '60s flashbacks (the liveliest segment) and in the 1977 present, in which punk clubs and easy women represent temptation. [09 Apr 1999]
    • USA Today
  21. Truth is, Affleck and Paltrow flunk Chemistry 101. They aren't believable even as a fake couple.
  22. The story, though initially intriguing, is dicey. A seminal social satire has been spun off into a passionless romance and a wan comedy.
  23. And So It Goes plays a little like the graying lounge act it honors: It's impressive for its age, though not altogether impressive.
  24. A dreary poke-along adaptation of the Angela Sommer-Bodenburg children's stories.
  25. This junior chick flick merely reinforces superficial clichés one associates with female teens: petty fights, intense highs and lows, and self-absorption.
  26. Although it's reasonably well-acted and offers a few certifiable jolts, feels awfully familiar.
  27. Anyone who pays to see it will certainly feel as if he has been clipped.
  28. Violent thrills and massive blood spills are the essence of the absurdly over-the-top action flick that is Shoot 'Em Up.
  29. Step Up 2 is one long, clichéd exercise in predictability with a couple of vibrant dance sequences and some unintentionally hilarious bad acting.
  30. The rescue drama The Finest Hours rocks the boat in terms of blizzard-blitzed sea thrills but leaves you cold with its side love story.

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