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3,339 movie reviews
  1. Her (Garner) grace and mystical abilities make for a lonely burden, and we are supposed to feel her pain. Instead, we feel our own for having to sit through this silly movie.
  2. It's no "Taxi Driver" or even "Open Water," but Route has enough attractions to warrant the trip.
  3. The film never makes total sense, but at its best (the first half-hour), it comes closer to solidly junky titillation than the hapless Final Analysis. [20 Mar 1992, Life, p.1D]
    • USA Today
  4. The movie is raunchier than expected, and above all clich├ęd, formulaic and thoroughly sexist. Worst, it's just not very funny.
  5. The opening frame of Jonah Hex should say: "Caution: Made expressly for the male teen demographic. Not suitable for anyone of any age who prefers movies with coherence, an original plot or characters they give a hoot about."
  6. What we get is simply another opportunity for Schwarzenegger -- who seems to be in perpetual Terminator mode -- to flex his muscles.
  7. This road-trip piffle is basically a male version of a chick-bonding flick.
    • USA Today
  8. If only the story that surrounds this watchable heroine were as well-stacked.
  9. Actor John Corbett, so clean-cut in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" and "Raising Helen," goes surprisingly scruffy here as someone who apparently studied music under Grizzly Adams.
  10. The martial-arts sequences take this prosaic thriller to a higher level.
  11. The actors take a back seat to computer-generated demonic images and apocalyptic special effects.
    • USA Today
  12. Imagine a movie so broadly conceived that it was written, directed and all parts were played by Charo — billed in her '70s heyday of Love Boat gigs as the "Cuchi-Cuchi Girl." That's what you get here.
  13. The fantasy segments, played up in trailers, get bogged down amid the ho-hum tale of a loser making good.
  14. The movie tries to be both comical and touching, as befitting the coming-of-age genre. But it feels forced, derivative and sometimes sappily sentimental.
  15. David Mamet handled such small-town whimsy better in 2000's "State and Main." Hackman could play his role in his sleep, but Romano IS asleep. Result: Welcome to Mildport, and that's being kind.
  16. This is an amusing vehicle for Gibson. At least this time, the bird doesn't fall off the wire. [10 Aug 1990]
    • USA Today
  17. A substandard ebony-and-ivory buddy pic.
    • USA Today
  18. Yet another foray into unnecessary 3-D, is a rehashed mishmash of Jonathan Swift's 18th-century classic. Mostly, it's a vehicle for Jack Black's zany humor.
  19. You've never seen a movie like Sucker Punch. And depending on your entertainment preferences, you may not want to.
  20. Love Happens is an oddly upbeat title for a movie that is surprisingly sad.
  21. Kid's tone is off 100% of the time. The young actors are irredeemably bland, and two of the adults (Michael Des Barres' bank president, James LeGros' Storm Trooper-like security guard) are hammy enough to make James Brown seem controlled.
  22. Pytka may know how to push fizzy water, but he certainly can't make a punch line sparkle. [21 Aug 1989]
    • USA Today
  23. RV
    Unfunny, sappy and massively predictable.
  24. All the obvious elements combine to manipulate the audience into a weepy time at the movies -- again.
  25. In this Amityville, the performances are bad, the special effects ho-hum, and it's not even particularly scary.
  26. The only good thing about Impostor is the appropriateness of its title for a film posing as the first 2002 release.
  27. It's one bad apple.
  28. This is not only unsuitable for children, it's a colossal waste of time at any age.
  29. A contrived, unpleasant and very drawn-out affair.
  30. For added heehaws, the normally dependable Nick Swardson comes along to act the ass and delve into some of Sandler's more nuanced scatological humor.

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