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  1. Something between an indiscretion and an atrocity.
  2. After watching this movie, which stars Robert De Niro, Harvey Keitel, Kathy Bates and Gabriel Byrne, I was moved only to find my own bridge to leap from.
  3. In short, Carrey's got nothing to bounce all that energy off of, not even a solid story line.
  4. Crazy, ugly and scary. In fact, a sense of the grotesque runs thought the film; an extended joke about Sandler's black, dead foot (from frostbite as a kid) borders on something you find in John Waters.
  5. All in all, High Crimes isn't worth the crayons it took to write the script.
  6. The scenario (written by Carl Binder, Susannah Grant and Philip Lazebnik) is disappointingly wan and obsequious.
  7. To call Lawrence a poor man's Richard Pryor libels not just Pryor but also the 33 million Americans currently living under the poverty line.
  8. Irony is the movie's escape hatch. It allows the filmmakers to stage maudlin bits and, at the same time, signal the audience that they're too cool to actually believe in them. Their cool is all-purpose, and it carries with it a note of genuine nastiness. They manipulate us into a sentimental response, then kick us in the teeth for buying it.
  9. As dull as the decor in a Motel 6.
  10. Lacks that outrageous effrontery that might have socked it to its intended audience.
  11. Do not be concerned if laughter trickles out of the scary parts or boredom creeps into the funny parts; this is to be expected.
  12. Clumsily under-written and feverishly overacted, it's as embarrassing to watch as it is perplexing.
  13. In this case, the adage would go something like "material, material, material," also known as the Nicolas Cage Rule: Good acting can't overcome bad taste.
  14. The movie isn't only boring; it's troubling:
  15. Good ol' Fred loses any sense of playful shock he once possessed and turns into a generic figure meticulously manufactured to simultaneously gross and freak us out. It doesn't work.
  16. It's hard to know who exactly Parental Guidance was made for.
  17. In striving for a combination of grit and grandeur, Leterrier misses a chance to make the kind of camp classic that could have endured for generations. Instead, it's a muddled disappointment.
  18. There isn’t one joke, sight gag or piece of slapstick tomfoolery that lands with any success or originality in Hot Pursuit.
  19. I would call the movie a trainwreck, except it’s really four or five separate trainwrecks.
  20. Blackhat is also one of the most visually unattractive movies I’ve ever seen.
  21. A more accurate title would be “Inept, Inadequate and Insipid Comedy.”
  22. Hafstrom largely ignores the progress made by his demon-banishing predecessors and delivers a palatable PG-13 thriller that's safe, soft and sinfully cliched.
  23. Absent any self-awareness by its protagonists, the best thing about Sundown is that it’s too dumb to be offensive.
    • 33 Metascore
    • 12 Critic Score
    A retread of just about every rom-com cliche ever turned.
  24. Slack when it should be tight, dull when it needs to be sharp, The Bounty Hunter represents a failed attempt to make an Elmore Leonard movie without having to pay Elmore Leonard money.
  25. It’s hard to know which of the film’s many flaws to cite first, so here’s one thing it does fairly well: scare the bejesus out of you. That’s assuming you have read nothing about the subject of vaccines and autism, and are of a generally lax and incurious mind when it comes to the rigors of scientific inquiry.
  26. Unsullied is wholly underwhelming, with atrocious performances and plot twists so implausible that they would be funny in a film less tedious than this.
  27. The only thing epic about The Legend of Hercules is what a failure it is.
  28. Piven is so in the pocket as the smarmy, aggressive, inappropriate Ari that, when the movie he’s in does little more than double down on the bro-ing out, the whiffed opportunities become all the more obvious.
  29. London Has Fallen is remarkable only because of how much worse it is than its inane predecessor.

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