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6,806 movie reviews
  1. Shot through with cheeky wit and hilarious musical numbers by the aforementioned slugs, Flushed Away features an eye-popping boat chase through London's watery nether regions, as well as the winning vocal talent of Kate Winslet, Bill Nighy and Ian McKellen, doing his best Sydney Greenstreet. Well done!
  2. To see seemingly reg'lar guys utterly stripped of dignity and defense is cruel enough, but crueler still is the laughter that you cannot seem to stop from rupturing your lungs and aorta.
  3. Filmmaking at its purest and most visceral – a tale full of sound and visual fury, signifying, if not exactly nothing, then something not so readily articulated in words.
  4. Profound, powerful Czech import takes a tragicomic approach to the Holocaust, though unlike Benigni's film, the movie does not sentimentalize those caught up in the Nazi dragnet.
  5. In this good-natured film, even the smallest efforts at kindness yield positive results.
  6. For students of cool ... Le Cercle Rouge is required viewing.
  7. As with his other works, [Mann] binds sound, music and pictures into one hypnotic triaxial cable and plugs it right into your brain. He makes this almost-three-hour experience practically glide by.
  8. The brothers, who have always seemed fond of their characters, have never taken quite so overt a stand for life's simple joys.
  9. The movie's pace is unhurried by Hollywood standards, but it's all the richer in character detail.
  10. A smart, restrained entertainment, it doesn't splash around in blood and hysteria. It doesn't have to.
  11. Exciting, smart and enormously enjoyable.
  12. A gripping, deeply moving film
  13. Will keep you awake, jittery and perched on the edge of your seat for pretty much the entire flight.
  14. The Blue Angel it's clear to Von Sternberg, and to us, that he's connected with some pure being of cinema, whose power to ignite an audience was unstoppable. She became a great star.
  15. A dead-on sense of how rich kids live and talk today, a sense of the melancholy of a dysfunctional family, and some great dark laughs.
  16. The movie becomes something quite rare and magical: a text about a text that is also full of life. In other words, it's a true first: It's both postmodern and fun!
  17. A hilarious new addition to the wonderfully warped Generation X-Files.
  18. When Gray brings things to a narrative conclusion, the movie feels perfectly structured. If it were any longer, it would tip the overindulgence scale, and lose its effectiveness. But at 80 minutes, the film feels compact and pithily observed. And you're quite prepared to meet Gray on his next flight of self-absorbed fancy. [30 May 1997, p.N41]
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  19. The movie may take five extra minutes to end and could do with one less sunset but . . . other than that it's damned near perfect.
  20. Zhang Yimou's Curse of the Golden Flower is a kind of feast, an over-the-top, all-stops-pulled-out lollapalooza that means to play kitschy and grand at once.
  21. Truly a movie for world audiences with a message that's devastatingly subtle.
  22. It's a magnificent comic experience.
  23. An extraordinary film in many ways, the least of which is its unorthodox casting.
  24. About as good a picture of a writer's real life as we are likely to get. It is wide-ranging, it is fair, it is thorough, and although it admires, it is also tough enough to condemn.
  25. Holofcener is honest enough to present human foibles, not just as weaknesses but as unexpected sources of humor and strength.
  26. I don't think "Queimada" is as great a movie as "Battle of Algiers," but it retains its vitality, its outrage, its savagery and its spirit.
  27. By land or by sea, there aren't many movies that can move you like that.
  28. His (Tarkovsky's) pictures, and his sounds -- such as the symphonic drip of raindrops in a wooded pond -- tell more than just the immediate story; they rejuvenate the mind.
  29. Bewitching.
  30. I'm talking cheap visual gags, painfully embarrassing moments and other sophomoric humor guaranteed to get you and your friends almost vomiting with laughter.

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