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6,986 movie reviews
  1. The question is why the time, talent and treasure of such energetic and even gifted artists have been marshaled in such a disgusting and trivial genre exercise and what viewers are supposed to get out of it. Isn't life hard enough?
    • 47 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    The movie's heart is in the right place, but good intentions can't overcome dialogue that alternates between melodramatic and cliched.
  2. A Mexican movie in which the outcome is never in doubt, the scenes are endless -- sorry, we meant poetic-- and the false beard on the central character's face looks as though it could use a little extra gum.
  3. Bland, workmanlike and instantly forgettable.
  4. About as funny as malaria.
  5. It continually crashes and burns on its own banality.
  6. Let's wait for a movie where they do get it all right: story, acting and dancing. It'll happen, just not this time.
  7. Awash in hackneyed old-time secrets and hydrophobic metaphor, never consumes us as it should.
  8. Collapses under the weight of its own pretension, a victim of misogyny trying to pass itself off as female sexual empowerment.
  9. It's not really a movie. I suppose it's what could be called a recorded behavior.
  10. For anyone old enough to cross the street without holding hands ... the movie's a reconditioned lemon trying hard to hide its flaws.
  11. Between bad hair and tonal irregularity, the movie doesn't give you much to like.
  12. The fact that there's nothing wrong with it -- that there's nary a scenic detail or scrap of dialogue or performance that isn't utterly on the nose -- is precisely what's wrong with it.
    • 46 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    The stories are markedly different, but the acting seems remote and hollow, as if no one believes in what they're doing. [18 Oct 1996]
    • Washington Post
  13. It's all wildly implausible and occasionally fun, but it could be so much better if director Randall Miller (who co-wrote the screenplay) had thrown in a little more character development and excised a half-dozen crazy plot twists.
  14. A jarring amalgam of sitcom goofiness and uncomfortable ooginess.
  15. Unfortunately, the drama operates on a see-through, easily shatterable metaphor: the frigidity of the WASP soul. [17 October 1997, p.N32]
    • Washington Post
  16. To introduce an archetype like this to western audiences -- as the world weathers culturally and religiously demonizing times -- may have been worth this whole flawed movie. Too bad the story didn't just start with him.
  17. It's too bad the filmmakers didn't take a breath, look at the rushes and see what a comedic gem they had. With just a few tweaks, The Merry Gentleman could have made a wickedly funny parody of the over-earnest, lyrically hard-edged indie movie. But it's too late for do-overs.
  18. Equally earnest and unconvincing.
    • 37 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    This movie isn't a thriller, it's an insomnia killer.
  19. On the whole, it feels like a cross between a PBS special hosted by a series of low-rent Deepak Chopras and an infomercial for self-help audio tapes.
  20. The ultimate in deja viewing:an overfamiliar and exasperating game of cat-and-mousie.
  21. Pride and Glory would be risible if it weren't so reprehensible.
  22. It feels like a retread of several better movies, with a nastier, more bitter edge.
  23. The girls in 'Traveling Pants' are only mannequins wearing someone else's clothes. They don't get inside your head, let alone your heart.
  24. The overall sense, however, is of a movie coasting on an obvious and somewhat flimsy premise, to which no one thought to bring much else besides Nicholson and Freeman.
  25. Gets more operatically farcical (most of it unintentionally so) by the minute.
  26. There's a little too much over-the-top drama, as well as superfluous detail, in this Icelandic film.
  27. Fails because of its gratuitous rape and violence and also because of its pretentious and intellectually one-dimensional grounds, which make the violence at the end feel even worse.

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