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7090 movie reviews
  1. The film doesn't even cut it as cheap escapism.
  2. The suspense is laughably absent.
  3. The script boasts more writers than the computerized menagerie's got megabytes, but they haven't come up with much variety or humor in what is essentially a string of catastrophes.
  4. Smith and Jones seem like superannuated company men: They're going through the motions, but the zip is gone.
  5. Regardless of the cute little hats and clam-diggers she wears, it's impossible to believe Kidman as a breathless ingenue; that relentless drive and steely Kidmanesque determination keep jutting through the cotton in flinty, sharp-edged shards.
  6. That mind-bending, mystical business was better handled in such films as 1990's "Jacob's Ladder."
  7. The movie is so disturbing that it seems nearly blasphemous. I wouldn't wish it on an anthrax spore. After all, anthrax has feelings, too.
  8. You can't make an epic about a mouse.
  9. Where is the suspense part? There is no suspense part. Suspense demands clarity of motive and action, and this screenplay never provides it.
  10. the movie comes on as a novelty item, meaning it's so full of disparate parts and so unable to approach coherence, it just sits there and burns out.
  11. xXx
    Essentially a dumb guy's day in Heaven. The movie's retrofitted with stunts, fights, explosions, drugs, babes and cars -- not necessarily in that order.
  12. At best, the movie is a problematic chamber piece; at worst, a misdirected, slightly misanthropic pretension.
  13. The film's maudlin focus on the young woman's infirmity and her naive dreams play like the worst kind of Hollywood heart-string plucking.
  14. A fascinating premise. And yet, the movie, directed by Bruce Beresford, never quite blooms.
  15. In reality, Eros is a letdown, a collection of bagatelles that, with one exception, fails to live up to its promise.
  16. It's too bloody to be funny and too silly to be dramatic and too self-indulgent to be anything other than what it is, one more bad movie.
    • 41 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    The Secret Agent, with its hemmed-in shots, feels like a TV production; what is said takes precedence over what is done. Even in the writing department, Hampton founders. [06 Dec 1996]
    • Washington Post
  17. The movie, as its title suggests, means to be one of those Tarantino-esque in-your-face jobs, amusing on the audacity of its outrageousness. Here's how "outrageous" it is: Zzzzzz-zzzz.
  18. It's part travelogue in Hell, part ineffectual weepie.
  19. While the younger Van Peebles certainly looks the part, Baadasssss! never feels like anything more than kids playing dress-up.
  20. There's a sense of mystery in this purply palette and one of majesty in the landscapes, but the drama of the drawings is never really echoed by the skimpy and predictable story.
  21. The new Dutch film Black Book manages to turn World War II into a large piece of cheese. A lurid, pulpy, slightly perverse potboiler, the movie suffers mainly from its utter lack of seriousness.
  22. May be ambitious in its genre-defying abandon, sideswiping science fiction, satire, film noir and melodrama along the way, but it's also exasperatingly convoluted, self-amused and politically sophomoric.
  23. An inert, sloppily written melodrama as grim and featureless as its frozen Midwestern setting.
    • 36 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    Once again, John Rambo guns amok in the name of American democracy, but he packs less dramatic firepower than last time. Rambo III, a poorly paced, much less involving show of guns and machismo, makes you miss "Rambo II" (okay, "Rambo: First Blood Part II").
  24. What's troubling about "My Mother" is not the way the sisters respond to the news, but the way that Paris and Fejerman have opted to make lighthearted comic fodder out of the daughters' responses.
  25. Hardly out of the driveway before director Penny Marshall loses control.
  26. About as persuasively ethnic as an episode of "Friends."
  27. These dramatic shortfalls make us merely worried that two human beings are in danger, but not two compelling souls. There's your missing ingredient, the human X-factor.
  28. There were moments when I thought Gone in 60 Seconds might be a passably entertaining movie. I figure those moments, strung end-to-end, would total 30 or 40 seconds.

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