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7090 movie reviews
  1. A slight, disingenuous script that robs the characters of their histories.
  2. Illustrates the law of returning diminishments.
  3. The 20th-anniversary sequel to the groundbreaking horror film-and the sixth in an increasingly awful series about the bulletproof murderer Michael Myers-is a styleless and predictable affair.
  4. There's something secondhand about everything here. Hoge (this is his debut) seems to be mimicking the tone and fabric of other, better indie movies.
  5. Unfortunately, MacLachlan's strong jaw line and his valiant attempt to act so very Cary aren't enough to save this film from stumbling over the many cliches in its part-screwball, part-melodrama plotline.
  6. Has its moments. In fact, it has too many of them. At 2 hours and 20 minutes and with enough characters to take up a few floors at a big hotel, it feels about an act too long.
  7. In a summer of surprisingly self-serious comic book movies" Lara Croft "stands out as being particularly humorless.
  8. A soundtrack buried inside a sitcom.
  9. Traffics in nearly every trite cliche of the "colorful" South one can think of, from its pseudo-Gothic aesthetic to its overripe dialogue.
  10. As if aware that Congo is the least interesting adventure ever filmed, screenwriter John Patrick Shanley (who once wrote a funny movie called "Moonstruck") tries to inoculate the activities with humor.
  11. It's difficult to concentrate on the story. Not that there's much to concentrate on anyway.
  12. It's too manufactured and deliberate to be persuasive.
  13. A not-quite-funny comedy that devolves into a tedious discussion of miracles and redemption.
    • 57 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    The script is much like a nine-inning sitcom that uses an obvious formula to tell a familiar story while garnering cheap laughs.
  14. Newman's cuteness aside, this movie feels long-winded.
  15. It's hard to imagine an audience that won't break up in laughter at this bewildering mixed message: Enjoy this movie, but you really shouldn't be watching it.
  16. Much of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is simply despicable.
  17. So taken with its own love of cinema, it forgets to lead you down the necessary dramaturgical path to make you fall in love, too.
  18. Too long winded and dull.
  19. Tailored for the readership of Teen People magazine and about as thought-provoking as the average 500-word celebrity profile.
  20. Theroux and company could be said to be "Garden State"-ing, or trying to. Instead of that film's sheen of the touchingly weird, Dedication finds a whole lot of the coldly dumb.
  21. My Blue Heaven puts you in a stupor comparable to the one that comes on after Thanksgiving turkey. Written by Nora Ephron, it makes you long for the awful "Heartburn."
  22. It orders you to love it. It demands love, which is the best way not to get it.
  23. It starts with a bang and ends with a whimper.
  24. Head-scratchingly ordinary, given Schwarzenegger's need to prove he's still a virile (i.e., non-aging) action hero.
  25. A leviathan bore, big, clunky and ponderously overplotted.
  26. The movie, directed (and written) by Zach Helm in grotesquely bright colors, means to approach the creepy wonder of Roald Dahl but gets only the creepy part right.
  27. The mawkishness is ultimately too formidable.
  28. Uninspired baseball romance.
  29. The comedy is strained to the point of lameness, most of it exaggerated clumsiness, stupidity or inappropriateness.

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