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Highest review score: 100 Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Lowest review score: 0 8MM
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6,513 movie reviews
  1. The dialogue is fast but bad, the acting is loud but awful and the morality is chaste but unromantic. As for the food, it looks vulgar.
  2. 8MM
    It's sickeningly violent!
  3. A classic like this deserves to be unearthed! After all, this picture is likely to command a pedestal of its own at the local video store. Just check for shelves marked either "Sharon Stone" or "Staff's Worst Picks of 1999."
  4. For da love of God, spare me.
    • 18 Metascore
    • 10 Critic Score
    There's precious little to listen to, laugh at or ogle in The Wash, a sudsy slog that gets sidetracked by, of all things, a plot.
  5. It's depressing enough to sit through an unfunny comedy, but it's worse to watch Falk, Penn and Berg having to earn a living like this.
  6. The film turns out to have nothing going for it at all, except a small charge for soul-deep Madonna haters.
  7. So dull and awful, you actually wonder if this is some kind of Andy Kaufmanesque in-joke, a deliberate attempt to douse the spark that made the original film so enjoyable.
  8. A million monkeys with a million crayons would be hard-pressed in a million years to create anything as cretinous as Battlefield Earth.
  9. A blundering cringefest, thanks to unintentionally laughable dialogue, hackneyed writing and uninspired direction.
  10. A depraved, incoherent, instantly disposable piece of hackery.
  11. This movie pulls out so many bad-action-movie cliches, you wonder if this is a how-not-to primer.
  12. Tries desperately to lower the bar for scatological gags, rank sexual humor and cheap physical shots.
  13. The Godfather Part III isn't just a disappointment, it's a failure of heartbreaking proportions... It makes you wish it had never been made.
  14. The movie is really just an elaborate excuse to show repeated close-ups of an elephantine dog scrotum.
  15. A numbingly unfunny romantic comedy. I hated every minute of it
  16. An abominable, abdominal comedy. Aside from its tastelessness and dawdling pace, the movie’s chief problem is the lackluster chemistry between leading lummoxes Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels.
  17. There are two distinctive features to the movie: the mind-numbingly banal plot as one chases another who chases another, and all the offensive material.
  18. In the end, I'm wondering what's so special about a film that has but one guilty pleasure and that's Ben Kingsley spraying saliva-lubricated variants of the F-word into the atmosphere like anti-aircraft fire for 10 solid minutes.
  19. Isn't juvenile, it isn't even infantile. It's prenatal!
  20. I wouldn't want you to consider even renting this thing. It would only encourage another prequel, this time featuring two dumb toddlers who keep walking into doors and become great pals. Call it "Duh and Duh."
  21. Insufferably cloying experience.
  22. The result isn't merely ludicrous, it's something far worse. It's drab. It's uninteresting. It squanders Chan's uniqueness; it could even be said to squander Jennifer Love Hewitt!
  23. Stinketh like the breath of a dyspeptic dragon.
  24. Redundant, humorless and overlong screenplay.
  25. It's too bad we don't have red, glowing DELETE buttons next to those soda cup holders. I could have done the world a favor.
  26. Hopeless rip-off of Hitchcock's "The Birds."
  27. Definitely stuck in the fourth grade.
  28. Neither character seems especially insightful, and their intense focus on the self and the terrific delicacy of their feelings comes to feel narcissistic and annoying.
  29. This one's a turkey as big as the Eiffel Tower but it's bad in a particularly American way: It's wildly overdone, it throws in everything in an attempt to appeal to everyone, it's gargantuan and anti-logical, pointlessly ornate and pointlessly violent.

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