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367 tv reviews
  1. Trust Me shares another characteristic of those series("Nip/Tuck" and "Mad Men": dumb, numbing soullessness. It has the emotional intricacy of a Ritz cracker.
  2. Smart, sassy and delightful.
  3. True Blood isn't meant to be an exercise in good taste. Just a romp and a wallow--and a bloody good one.
  4. It is stylish, hammy, sexy, dirty, devilish, laughably bad TV, the guiltiest pleasure since the network unveiled "Revenge."
  5. Its rhythms are off, from the hyperactive handheld camera to the hyper dialogue. The actors come across as Shakespearean thespians pontificating on life in Da Hood.
  6. It's a fine line with Coco. For every funny line he squeezed from his anger Monday night, he missed the point of pathos.
  7. Do we ever feel as if we're really there, in Henry's court, half a millennium ago? Perhaps not, but a splendid cast and sumptuous production details make "The Tudors" a rollicking and resplendent show, if never a deeply affecting one.
  8. Every detail has been attended to, every format and traditional segue honored; there is absolutely nothing to quibble over with the show's tone and pace. Which is, itself, a quibble.
  9. Covert Affairs (could there be any title that sounds more like being stuck at the airport with nothing to read?) at least does us the favor of introducing storylines that transcend the usual case files.
  10. This new drama has bad dialogue to spare, too, which mars an otherwise distinctive, better-than-average police show.
  11. This is, without a doubt, a show for and about teens.
    • 63 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    The show is enlightening, but dull.
  12. In trying to be about over-the-top characters, it forgets to be about people.
  13. Throughout the pilot, you’ll wonder why this couldn’t all be handled in a mediocre two-hour action movie.
  14. "The Drew Carey Show" bucks all the prevailing sitcom trends and does it endearingly. [17 Sep 1995]
  15. A refreshingly taut and well-executed futuristic sci-fi series about a group of 100 jailed juvenile delinquents who are banished from an orbiting space-station colony and sent to live on Earth--97 years after a nuclear apocalypse.
  16. The L Word may in its way do some sort of good, in addition to being wickedly provocative drama and undeniably seductive TV.
  17. Trophy Wife is the only new sitcom [this fall] that clears the double hurdles of cast chemistry and story pacing in the pilot episode.
  18. The TV version is as cute as a game of peekaboo but not as funny. Indeed it could be argued there's not a single laugh in the pilot, except perhaps when J.C. accidentally kisses her Teutonic nanny goodbye when aiming for the toddler. The Teutonic nanny makes an arguably amusing face.
  19. It's easy to root for the very watchable Greer, both as the underdog and as a charming actress who deserves a better script.
  20. In some parts, Touch is pleasantly moving and even tightly woven, until it becomes too blunt in its purposeful yanking of heartstrings.
  21. McKellen and Jacobi seem to have a fun time slinging the insults, but before long, the show starts repeating itself, almost as if it’s going senile right before our eyes.
  22. The result was assured, quick-paced and enjoyably flavored with a few spicy dashes of Brian Williams's dry rub.
  23. You don’t have to take Crisis too seriously; it will happily do that for you, spreading its pompous misery evenly among a cast large enough to fill at least three or four mediocre TV shows, if you count all the teenagers.
  24. Whatever else it is, the show is supremely entertaining. Smartly edited and cleverly constructed--the George Washington Bridge serving as a visual transition--the series marks another auspicious entry to television's vast stockpile of Guilty Pleasures.
  25. Once assembled, Mob City has a slick sheen and a sure trigger finger that unleashes a stream of bullets. But the guns here are the kind that go “ho-hum” instead of “bang-bang.”
  26. Almost everything about Life's Too Short somehow echoes pieces of all of Gervais's previous TV work, which makes this show seem particularly limp.
  27. In the first two episodes, the show has enough momentum to offer some promise, even if Cherry’s vehicles tend to start strong and go off the rails quickly.
  28. Firefly does some pretty fancy flitting now and then, but for the most part it's a trip that's been taken too many times before.
    • 63 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    Undercovers is watchable only because of its stars, whose chemistry recalls the fonder days of "Hart to Hart"-style high jinks.

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