Baccano! : Season 1

  • Network: WOWOW
  • Series Premiere Date: Jul 26, 2007
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Summary: Baccano! - Shounen, Supernatural, Action, Adventure, Comedy (May contain bloody violence, bad language & mild nudity) ... Many search for the secret to eternal life, but in 1711 a group of alchemists find that much sought after prize. The group of alchemists had to summon a demon to find the secret to obtaining eternal life, which the demon gave them. What the demon did not tell them was the threat that being close by one another posed. Slowly, the alchemists had to flee from each other and scatter across the world to keep alive... Set in the 1930s, each of the stories in the series involves several unrelated plots intersecting and crossing each other as events spiral farther and farther out of control. Immortal alchemists, mafia operated speakeasies, and many other elements of pulp fiction mashed together for a world straight out of the movies. ________________________ Opening Theme: "Gun's & Roses" by Paradise Lunch Ending Theme: "Calling" by Kaori Oda


Network: WOWOW
Genre(s): Animation, Action & Adventure
Seasons: 1
Cast Credit
Masaya Onosaka Isaac Dian
Sayaka Aoki Miria Harvent