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Summary: Welcome to the Blue's Clues guide at! "To empower, to challenge, and build the self-esteem of preschoolers...all while making them laugh!" --- show slogan Blue's Clues celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2006. Blue gained a new baby brother who was later added to the series Blue's Room. The fun of the anniversary has ended, but you can continue to enjoy Blue's Clues in repeats on Noggin. Blue's Clues is a colorful and learning series that is targeted at the younger crowd, but can be enjoyed by all. Seasons 1-4 - It's Me, Steve! Have You Seen Blue, My Puppy? In the first four seasons of the program, host Steve Burns invited viewers daily into the Blue's Clues house to help him out, learn and have fun. From doing things like imitating Elvis Presley, to picking up a guitar and singing, acting like animals and more, Steve was always ready to do something funny and surprising. The show, was, and still is, based around the host looking for three clues that Blue provides by labeling them with a pawprint to figure something out. In a segment called "Blue Skidoo," Blue takes us into someplace that could be anything from a storybook world to a gameboard. Finally, "Mailtime" explores the theme of the episode using real kids. The program underwent many changes throughout the first four seasons of the show, including the release of a direct-to-video movie, the introduction of new characters such as Periwinkle and Cinnamon and even visits from occasional special guests. The schedule is highly variable, so keep an eye on listings for both Nick Jr. and Noggin. Additionally, many episodes of all versions of the program are available on commercial video and DVD. Season 5 - Joe Moves In In Season 5, long-time host Steve Burns left the program. The real Steve Burns began actively pursuing a musical career, while on the program it was said that he went to college. In order to fill in the role of host, the program introduced his "brother" Joe (Donovan Patton) to watch over the characters and play Blue's Clues in Steve's absence. Joe brings his own unique style to the program, from the colored shirts he wears that change from day-to-day, to his own personal interests, such as ducks. Season 6 - The Legend of the Blue Puppy In an episode shown in primetime viewers learned that Blue was born with a key that unlocks a playroom she can visit. In this playroom, Blue is transformed into a puppet. As a puppet, she can talk and interact with many new...

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Network: Nickelodeon
Genre(s): Comedy, Animation, Kids
Seasons: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Cast Credit
Victoria Pontecorvo Puppet Blue (Season 6)
Spencer Kayden Mrs. Pepper
Cheryl Blaylock Frederica (Blue's Room)
Traci Paige Johnson Blue
Donovan Patton Joe Burns (Season 5+)
Jonathan Press Shovel (Seasons 4-5)
Marshall Claffy Pail (Seasons 1-3)
Aleisha Allen Side Table Drawer (Sometimes As Aleisha L. Allen, LaNaƩ Allen In Season 3+)
Nicole Gibson Pail (Season 6)
Seth O'Hickory Mailbox
Nick Balaban (I) Mr. Salt
Stephen Schmidt (III) Shovel (Seasons 1-3)
Cody Ross Pitts Slippery (Seasons 1-3)
Kathryn Avery Tickety Tock (Seasons 1-3)
Kelly Nigh Tickety Tock (Season 4+)
Patrick Van Wagenen Slippery (Seasons 4-5)
Julia Wetherell Pail (Seasons 4-5)
Sean Hanley (III) Slippery (Season 6)
Christiana Anbri Moona (Blue's Room)
Thomas Sharkey Shovel (Credited As Tom Sharkey, Season 6)