Coupling (US) : Season 1

  • Network: NBC
  • Series Premiere Date: Sep 25, 2003
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Summary: Welcome to the Coupling (U.S.) guide."You won't admit you love me, and so How am I ever to know? You always tell me, 'Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps' A million times I've asked you, and then I ask you over again You only answer, 'Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps'""If you can't make your mind up We'll never get started And I don't want to wind up Being parted, brokenhearted So if you really love me, say, 'Yes' And please don't tell me, 'Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps'""This provocative new "Must See TV" comedy romp, based on the British hit of the same name, is a hip and frisky look at the ever-evolving relationships between six singles who are either involved, formerly involved -- or looking to become intimately involved with each other. Coupling gives us insight on modern romance and its often humorous consequences. "When a couple gets together, it's never just the two of them - they also bring baggage - and Susan (Emmy winner Rena Sofer, General Hospital, NBC's Just Shoot Me, Ed) and Steve (Jay Harrington, The Division) are no exception. Their baggage is a crowd of best friends and exes who talk about all aspects of sex and relationships on their never-ending quest to find true love. "Susan is a beautiful go-getter with an uninhibited attitude who used to date Patrick (Colin Ferguson, The Opposite of Sex), the sextet's charismatic, cocky player, Chicago's king of conquests - a guy who's just too cool to worry about being smart. Attractive Sally (Sonya Walger, The Mind of the Married Man) is a beauty therapist who is Susan's unashamedly vain best friend, who aggressively battles aging with heavy doses of moisturizer and men - including Patrick. "Meanwhile, Steve, while getting together with Susan, can't seem to shake loose from his vivacious and slightly vacuous ex-girlfriend Jane (Lindsay Price, Beverly Hills, 90210), a woman supremely confident in her ability to seduce anyone of either sex, and who refuses to be dumped unless she's the one doing the dumping. Jeff (Christopher Moynihan, The Fighting Fitzgeralds) is Steve's "porn buddy" who is, in equal parts, obsessed and bewildered by actual sex; charming in his way, but with an uncanny ability to say the wrong thing at the worst possible time. He works in the same office as Susan, with whom he had a disastrous and unsuccessful one-night fling." (NBC press release) Ten Things Jeff Zucker Had to Say About the American Coupling10. "We didn't develop the characters well enough."9. "The audience doesn't know...


Network: NBC
Genre(s): Comedy
Seasons: 1
Cast Credit
Rena Sofer Susan Freeman
Lindsay Price Jane Honda
Christopher Moynihan Jeff Clancy
Jay Harrington Steve Taylor
Sonya Walger Sally Harper
Colin Ferguson Patrick Maitland