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  1. Apr 26, 2011
    Absolutely an incredible season starting with the classic Doctor character Matt Smith has created and taking a very dark and sinister turn very quickly. This is an amazing start to the season and I have a feeling it's going to be a long summer waiting for more Doctor Who.
  2. Apr 24, 2011
    Doctor Who begins series six with a thrilling episode taking place in the US. Taking place in 1960's America, Nixon is President and the space program is in its prime. This episode brings back friends old and new to deal with one of the greatest dilemmas Doctor Who faces yet. Looking forward to part II of the season premiere. Don't want to give up too much of the plot but worth the watch. As Dr. River Song would say "Spoilers, my dear". Expand
  3. May 29, 2011
    Steven Moffat's storylines are for the most part ridiculous and full of plot holes. Matt Smith is but a shadow of Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant - good enough for the Doctor's nephew, but not the Doctor himself. Amy Pond is an uninteresting girl with no life, obsessed with the Doctor and Rory is just as pathetic. The music theme has changed for the worse and I even hate the new sonic screwdriver! Russell T. Davies, David Tennant, Billie Piper, Catherine Tate, you are terribly missed... Expand
  4. Dec 20, 2011
    A hit-and-miss season. After the pure concentrated awesomeness that was season 5, I had high expectations for the next season, and while Doctor Who will never suck, this was a disappointing season. The season had a rough start and a rough finish. The story arc felt disjointed with the whole of the season only coming in in uneven intervals in the beginning, middle and end of the season (it was like Steven Moffat wasn't communicating with the rest of the writers). Ironically the best episodes this season were the ones that had absolutely nothing to do with the mediocre part of a story arc which continued on from the previous season and STILL hasn't been resolved. Ultimately this season has its great episodes, good episodes, average episodes and bad episodes. Not as good a season 5 but still worthwhile. Expand
  5. Sep 10, 2012
    This is about the worst Sci Fi I've seen since Voyager and the show seems to hate character development, the doctor is a superstar so its just a self suck fest when he is around, Amy Pond is terrible and being a **** seems to count as a character and her husband is a giant wuss that just watches his **** of a wife love another man every episode. What happened to this show?
  6. Nov 18, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. the season is a continuation of the trends in the first season with Matt Smith as the doctor, with writing that is vastly inferior to every previous doctor. the writers don't know what the doctor would do in most situations and are ignoring the personal growth of the doctor over the years. the writers should not have let any of the daleks survive if they were not going to use them. the only appearance of a dalek in this season was for 1.5 minutes at the last episode. in the previous season he said that he was going to hunt down the daleks, but he found them and did nothing about that huge problem. Expand
  7. Jun 13, 2011
    A fantastic new series, with Matt Smith being better than ever, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill being exceptional as always, and Alex Kingston fantastic as River Song. Brilliant new episodes, brilliant arc - just plain awesome, really.
  8. Jan 12, 2012
    Doctor Who is simply ................... perfection.
  9. Feb 18, 2014
    Steven Moffat seems to have gone mad with this series now. Season 6 makes this very clear. Steven Moffat focused so hard on jokes, and sexuality that it seems he forgot he was writing a Doctor Who season, and not softcore porn.
  10. tce
    Jun 28, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Doctor Who is hitting new heights of quality and intelligence. A compelling narrative, run through with twists and turns, is propelling one of the most enigmatic Doctors and one of his most troubled entourages towards a seemingly inescapable tragedy - at the start of the first episode. Steven Moffat knows how to make you pay attention, that much is certain! Answers to the mystery of season 5 still lie tantalisingly out of reach, but the emergence of the ugly (and ever so dapper) manipulators, the Silence, assures that we'll know everything very soon. Matt Smith relaxes superbly into the role of the Doctor, taking a more composed and less scatterbrained approach than his debut in season 5, but Amy's "burden" seems to be sidelining her into plot device territory while the lovable Rory becomes (or at least pretends to be) more macho. River Song's story arc is at last hitting its nitty-gritty and we're about to learn just what her deal is, why she's incarcerated, and where her attachment to the Doctor originates. That's a fascinating plotline, even if it seems to be heading in dubious directions ("my love"?) and Alex Kingston has a sort of classic charm that eases the wait for River to finally reveal some depth. At the heart of it all, though, is the Doctor, and I'm already reserving the tissues for when he ultimately has to confront the tragedy surrounding Miss (or Mrs...?) Song's timey-wimey relationship with him. Keep it up, Team Moffat! Your dazzling ambition for Who is working wonders, even if there is still the odd naff script worming its way in from time to time. Expand
  11. Jun 19, 2011
    I'm a long time Doctor who fan so I'm not being swayed by any opinions this is just how I feel and I would never want to ruin the name of my favourite programme but with this series I must admit I'm disappointed.
    we start in 1960's America with Richard Nixon as the president and we get an odd shock twist which I'm not going to spoil.
    THE STORY : the story in my opinion is very weak, once
    again we revolve around making theories in our heads about River Song and we have some boring villains .
    THE WRITING: the writing isn't very good in my opinion I honestly think that Steven Moffat needs to give it up, his first season was interesting but now he's trying to get to complex which in many ways isn't very good.
    THE DOCTOR: The Doctor is Matt Smith and if we categorise the doctors we could simply say he's for the kids while David Tennant was supposed to be a good looking gentleman for the women and Christopher Eccleston was a darker Doctor who revived the programme.
    overall i think steven moffat needs to go so we can get good enemies, good stories which aren't to complex since we know that the target audience is children. 6/10 where is Tom Baker when you need him
  12. Jun 18, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Simply a case of bad to worse. Why people continue to buy into Moffat's shambles is beyond me. What is generally promised to be another one of his 'shocking twists' (the identity of the astronaut, how the Doctor survives the killing blow) is quickly shown to be a tediously obvious anti-climax. Another one of Moffat's one-trick dogs is revealed in the form of the 'dreaded' Silence, who... make people forget. Not exactly the greatest threat that reality has ever faced, the Silence only work as a fitting analogy for the current version of the show itself - at first appearances, impressive and arrogant, but ultimately does nothing, goes nowhere and is instantly forgettable. Other flaws in this series include a lazy 'theme' episode that cashes in on the latest Pirates of the Caribbean film, the reduction of the TARDIS to a shallow and hurredly written comedy eccentric, and Amy and Rory's disturbing and nonsensical lack of concern after their baby is revealed to be a Flesh clone and melts. Expand
  13. Jul 10, 2012
    Even without the appearance of the Dalek's in this series its still one of the best out there. The Silence were pretty creepy but not the Doctor's greatest enemies by far. The Cybermen and Dalke's beat the Silence by alot.
  14. Dec 28, 2012
    Basically a continuation of Season 5. If you liked Season 5 you will like this season, if you did not like season 5 you will not like Season 6. I personally enjoyed Season 5 and Season 6. I didn't really care for the change in format to the opening credits for the first time (that I am aware of) since the first Doctor Who episode ever in 1963, it was alright once for the opening to Season 6 to refresh your memory of what is going on, but hey! I watch the show, I know what is going on, you don't have to tell me at the start of every Season 6 episode lol. But other than that I enjoyed this season. Expand
  15. Nov 5, 2013
    Easily one of the better seasons of the show. Matt Smith and his companions as always are great. The story lines are at an all time high and each episode is just very satisfying to watch. Can't help but love this season.
  16. Jul 29, 2013
    My favorite series of Doctor Who by far. Amy, Rory, River, and the Doctor take a wild tun out of reality where time happens all at once. Plus a fitting end of a story arc.
  17. Apr 25, 2014
    It isn't as good as the previous series but with better visual effects and consistent great performances by all actors & actresses & aliens involved. The huge character arcs are twisty and provide a backbone to the series but overarches for too long. Otherwise, this series is more complex and dark than the previous ones.
  18. Dec 26, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I love Doctor Who and everything about it. However, since the show introduced the River Song character I feel like throwing a shoe at the television whenever she appears. A woman who looks like a 50 year old grandma constantly throwing herself at a man who looks 25. I've never in my life seen a more unlikeable character. All the moments that could've been spent with the Doctor and his companions, or some aliens, or anything else, was wasted on that horrible, horrible, obnoxious, nauseating female. Ridiculous. Thanks Moffat. Expand
  19. Sep 29, 2014
    The first half of this season was pretty swell, the impossible astronaut, day of the moon, the doctors wife (nearly as good as midnight and the empty child/doctor dances) and a good man goes to war were brilliant, however the second half of the season.. utter trainwreck.. worst finale to date, worst season opener(mid season) although the worst episode was the curse of the black spot, it wasnt as bad as season 2, but still pretty poor quality.. I liked it.. but on par with season 4, also, I'm seeing a bit of a pattern, every odd season is good... every even is pretty poor or not as good. Expand
  20. Mar 31, 2014
    After seeing Series 5 I was raging for more and I got what I wanted with a more darker theme which I personally liked seeing. I even think that splitting Series 6 into two parts made it even more interesting to see with the half amazing half confusing cliff hanger.
    A must see if you had enjoyed Series 5.
  21. Apr 19, 2014
    Definitely my least favorite season. I didn't like the plot of the season compared to the other ones. While the acting was great and the individual episodes were entertaining, some of the episodes trailed away from the main story and seemed pointless. Despite all of this, Season 6 is still pretty good and definitely worth watching. There's plenty of action and drama. Not my personal favorite, but still a good season. Expand
  22. Oct 19, 2014
    An absolutely stunning season. Nearly every episode was good, the acting is great, and the death of the doctor hooks you in from the very start! I love River Song, and I'm glad the show's so grown up. One tiny criticism is how the doctor survived, which seemed a tiny bit underwhelming. I suppose though, it would've been quite difficult to come up with an epic survival for the Doctor, without ripping a hole in space and time, or something like that. We can check this season off the list, as good. By the way, I originally wrote this review on June 1st, 2014, but I noticed an error, and I'm just correcting it. Expand
  23. Jul 23, 2014
    Oh dear...
    Well my disappointment continues and this time it plummets to near rock bottom. The whole show is now unnecessary Americanised, the main story is stupidly complicated and is concluded very poorly, I don't mind it when the show changes but when it doesn't work it feels like putting two repelling magnets together, however there are a few good stories here that do need to be
    praised, and the directing, acting is as good as was before, in fact most of the positives culminate around those areas. This series is way more missable than the previous one and I recommend that you don't watch this series if you do, watch the ones that aren't connected to anything. with that said lets get this over and done with.
    A Christmas Carol:
    A parody on the Charles Dickens novel, entertaining for only the Christmas spirit apart from that a causal watch, Michael Gambon is as great as always though.
    6.01: The Impossible Astronaut / 6.02: Day of the Moon
    This two parter starts of interesting, before it gets too gun hoe and well "American" and you don't even need to think about it, however some really good imagination as this series starts of promising, I did like this two parter. 3rd out of 11 stories
    6.03: The Curse of the Black Spot
    A seemingly interesting story, with a good amount of pace that keeps you from getting bored, this is before it gets silly, which makes this story just another causal watch. 5th out of 11 stories
    6.04: The Doctor's Wife
    probably the best episode of the series, great plot, really good cinematography work and overall good acting which keeps the episode flowing as is unveils it interesting mystery's 1st out of 11 stories
    6.05: The Rebel Flesh / 6.06: The Almost People
    This two parter is a dull as it is boring...oh wait same thing. The whole story could be wrapped up in a single episode, I found it hard to care about this one. 8th out of 11 stories
    6.07: A Good Man Goes to War
    This episode takes a different turn, a rather different type of story than normal which surprisingly works, but yet again this gun hoe style return and feels like and advert to america, never the less I liked this episode and it reveals some well kept secrets. 4th out of 11 stories
    6.08: Let's Kill Hitler
  24. Nov 10, 2014
    It isn't as good as the previous series but with better visual effects and consistent great performances by all actors & actresses & aliens involved. The huge character arcs are twisty and provide a backbone to the series but overarches for too long. Otherwise, this series is more complex and dark than the previous ones.

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  1. Reviewed by: Robert Lloyd
    Apr 25, 2011
    [An] immediately exciting new season.
  2. Reviewed by: Clark Collis
    Apr 15, 2011
    A terrific two-parter that features aliens, Richard Nixon, and crackling dialogue. [22/29 Apr 2011, p.92]