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  1. Sep 7, 2010
    When I first saw this show, I thought I was watching a rerun of "Xena: the warrior princess". To my surprise, it was a show I had never seen before. I soon discovered this show was like a smorgasbord of different scifi/fantasy shows all mixed together with a LOTR backdrop.

    What's with the "Sisters of the Dark"? They're supposed to be these formidable sorceresses with greatly increased
    powers. However, in the show, they're little more than cannon fodder. Very reminiscent of stormtroopers from the SW universe.

    I would not waste your time with this show or the book.
  2. Aug 22, 2010
    The actors did a great job of acting out a modified version of Wizard's First Rule. For example, Craig Horner (Richard Cypher) couldn't have been more humble or witty than he was the book. Bruce Spence (Zed) also didn't disappoint. He was able to maintain a level of humor and mystery that made his role as Wizard indispensable to the plot. Still, the series would have been meaningless without the stellar performances of Bridget Regan (Kahlan) and Tabrett Bethell (Cara). To be honest, I thought Tabrett was a much better actor. I always thought her reactions and emotions were much more convincing than Bridget's. In sum, it was an excellent series replete with suspense, great fantasy action, and memorable moments. Remember, don't judge it for not following the book to the t. Enjoy it while considering they had to modify the storyline to accommodate a tight budget and younger audiences. Expand
  3. Dec 11, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Much to my pain, I have watched the entire of the first season of this show. Having read all the books and adoring the beautiful story inside, I was hugely disappointed at the amount of 'made up' parts. I found that just in the first few episodes that they had completely made up the story, it seemed the only correct things were the names of the characters. I mean nothing against the actors in this show, they in fact did a reasonable job, despite the failure in the story. I am just going to share a few of the things that ticked me off about this show: First off, Denna the Mord-Sith wasn't killed that way, she was killed by Richard, out of love, and she stayed dead. All of the Confessors that are in the show should already be dead. One episode revolved around a kid who could read minds, that never happened! Jensen Rahl only comes into the story in the eighth book, not the first, plus she is older than about twelve. The ageil, the weapon a Mord-Sith uses is supposed to be able to fit inside your ear, and it doesn't make you travel back in time. The whole part where Kahlan has Darken Rahl's child is utter **** the ending of the story does not go like that at all. What actually happens is much more fitting and actually enhances the story tenfold. Faith of the Fallen is my favorite book, and I sincerely hope that they haven't/don't make the movie ruin that book too. If anyone is reading this and thinking that I am just rambling on an complaining too much, then you may be right. But I beg anyone who is reading this to go and read the books, they are so much better than the movies. In the books you are told of dragons that play a pivotal part in the story, when they aren't even put into the movie. The books deal with romance on a whole new level compared to the movies. If you read this and think I'm rambling, go read the books. If you've read the books and still think I'm rambling, then you haven't paid attention of understood the full complexity of the story. Expand
  4. Sep 10, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I loved this show even though I ended up watching after it was done! The characters, the actors, and the plot totally took me in. The adventures in the show are surprising and not all fluff. The relationship between Kahlan and Ricard is heart breaking, enticing and romantic. The different plot twists and turns keep you at the edge of your seat the whole time. Any scifi or fantasy fan should give the show a try! Try out this show and don't let it die out! If you become a fan help in the fight for season 3! Expand
  5. Oct 4, 2011
    Slow start and the acting in the first season is sub par but the second season is where LotS really starts to take off. Plot is more intense, acting greatly improves, and the introduction of Tabrett Bethell (Cara) bring this show to a whole new level. Tabrett Bethell (Cara) quickly became my favorite character and really filled the missing piece for me that made this show as enjoyable as it was. It is really a shame that most of the critic reviews are based on the first few episodes of the show instead of watching it through. 54 is not a fair score for this wonderful and entertaining show. Just push past the first season and get ready to enjoy the second as it is far and above better than the first.

    Be sure to try and watch the show on a big screen with surround sound. This show has some great elements from other iconic movies and shows (The Matrix, 300, etc) and a nice entertainment center really helps make this show shine.

    Hope you enjoy the show as much as I did. Here's to hoping the 3rd season magically will happen!
  6. Aug 21, 2010
    One of the best fantasy series I've seen so far. It even influenced me to read the "Sword of Truth" series of books by Terry Goodkind from which the series is based! The storyline makes up for any shortcomings in the production values (props, cast, special effects, etc). This series should be given another season.
  7. Nov 20, 2011
    A series with the quality and style of Xena and Hercules today seems outdated and for that alone it gets an 8! Especially after watching series such as the game of thrones, mad men, walking dead, dexter, breaking bad etc. If i were a very strict critic, i would have given it even less for that , BUT i enjoyed the story. However the series manages to deliver! Especially the second season does great job! The story is great and although av oiding romanve and "virginity" theme gets annoying at parts, overall the series manages to immerse you in this fantasy world. For sure it made me want to read the books! Expand
  8. Nov 21, 2011
    READ THE BOOKS BEFORE YOU WATCH THIS OR YOU WILL THINK ITS A COPY OF DIFFERENT THINGS. Truthfully I read half of the book series before I watched this. Some of it does not happen in the book and that is totally understandable. But if you read the books everything would become more clear and all of it is Terry Goodkind's original work, not a copy of Lord of the Rings or Xena. I still like the books more but the TV show is very pleasing as well. The characters do a great job of acting out their parts and the plot follows the book which I like. Honestly they could of done a better job at explaining the plot and what was going on but if you read the series first everything is crystal clear, well of course some things are changed but most are the same. Expand
  9. Jan 15, 2012
    I love this show! If you are into great story line and magic and sword and shield style entertainment, this show is for you. If you are into special affects and high budget films, perhaps not. In my opinion it is very entertaining and I have to keep watching
  10. Jan 31, 2012
    Possibly the most fun series I have ever watched, something for the whole family and everyone can enjoy it.
    It may seem a bit cheese to some at first, but it really grows on you especially when you get to know all of the characters
  11. May 9, 2012
    How long are we going to be burdened with critics that only care for mainstream material devoid of imagination! This is an absolute outrage! Because of them good shows that so so many people love get cancelled! We allow them to stuff us very neatly into little mainstream boxes! Enough of this!
    Legend of the Seeker was a great adventurous romp through the gorgeous countryside of New
    Zealand. It had EVERY aspect which should have led it to great success, a quest, an adventure, a forbidden romance, a common man turned unlikely hero, and oh my gosh good strong morals and a system of honor ( remember those?). There were several things that ultimately led to the show's cancellation. The Syfy channel (shame on you Syfy!!!) aired it in the U.S. at a very late time that made it difficult for the average working person to watch. Critics who gave CSI and Desperate Housewives glowing reviews also reviewed LotS. Clearly the Science fiction/ fantasy genre was not their thing and they were more suited to assessing mainstream material, which is still either cops and robbers or insipid comedy (though Desperate housewives and Weeds were a little more intellectually stimulating than the common slap stick garbage that we usually have to deal with) Problem is though is that there really is room for it all, there really is room enough to make everyone happy and if you like Family Guy and American Dad and Futurama then you should get to enjoy that too. BUT the people who like fantasy and Sci fi should also be able to enjoy their shows. Time and again this is not the case and we find that scifi/fantasy is shipped for yet another cops and robbers. It's been done people! We have more than enough crime dramas! It is time for a different system! Critics who like specific genres should comment on their own and shows shouldn't be pulled from scifi-ers!
    Honestly the acting was good. I think about how many Star Trek series I have watched and how the first few episodes the acting was actually weak and it took a while for the actors to get into their roles. Really you only see that during the first episode of LotS. The scenery is amazing! This series if given another chance by a responsible carrier instead of Syfy, in this world today where we all certainly feel the need for a hero would likely be a brilliant success. It should also be noted that part of the failure involved, was actually because of the stalwart fans of Terry Goodkind's series, The Sword of Truth. Fans of the series were disappointed that the tv series was not an exact replica of the novels, and apparently didn't read the fine print that said "BASED ON" Terry Goodkind's The Sword of Truth series. It is sad that this series was cancelled and there are still millions of hardcore fans that would like it to come back!
  12. Feb 16, 2013
    honestly i have always watch tv series and when i watched this i completely fell in love with it. i just heard about this show 4 months ago so that shows how poorly advertized it was and when i found out it was canceled, i could not believe it. i was devastated. i still watch it everyday praying they will make new seasons. this show is amaaing. if you watch atleast the first 5 episodes you'll see for yourself. they did so good improving the effects and making the show great in every way. i really hope people take my advice and watch it for awhile. i can garented you will love it and please give this inspiring show the rating it deserves!!!!! Expand

Mixed or average reviews - based on 7 Critics

Critic score distribution:
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  1. Big on style but more challenged in terms of substance, Seeker demonstrates much production savvy but at the same time too little provocative/evocative interaction aside from the ultra-violent kind.
  2. 50
    A new syndicated series that is like the illegitimate love child of "Lord of the Rings" and a weekend role player.
  3. The premise is pretty standard Joseph Campbell, journey of the hero stuff, but the execution is poor.