• Network: NBC
  • Series Premiere Date: Sep 11, 1974
Season #: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
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Summary: This award-winning family drama was based upon Laura Ingalls Wilder's 9-part series of autobiographical books. Television producer and NBC executive Ed Friendly became aware of this enduring story in the early 1970s. He asked Michael Landon to direct the pilot movie, who agreed on the condition that he could also play Charles Ingalls. TIME: beginning in the 1870s. PLACE: the American frontier - more specifically, Walnut Grove in the state of Minnesota. THE CHARACTERS: Charles/Pa Ingalls: a homesteader farmer/woodworker; compassionate and loving, yet quick-tempered and ready to throw a defensive punch whenever necessary Caroline/Ma Ingalls: Patient and understanding wife and mother; the ideal prairie woman Laura Ingalls Wilder: The winsome, tomboyish second daughter of Charles and Caroline, who serves as the voice of the entire series, and eventually married Almanzo Wilder Mary Ingalls Kendall: Charles and Caroline's pretty and ultra-responsible oldest daughter, who longs to be a teacher and goes completely blind at the age of 15. She later marries Adam Kendall, although this is a fictional piece created just for the TV series Carrie Ingalls: The cute third daughter of Charles and Caroline, who didn't have a large role but was always portrayed as a very sweet little girl Grace Ingalls: Charles and Caroline's fifth and final child, who was only about 4 when her role in the series ended Jack: the loyal, lovable family dog, who was replaced by Bandit when he died in Season 4. Albert Quinn Ingalls: The fictional adopted son of Charles and Caroline--an orphaned runaway whom the Ingalls meet while living temporarily in Winoka James Cooper Ingalls: The fictional adopted son of Charles and Caroline, who comes to live with them after the death of his parents Cassandra Cooper Ingalls: The fictional adopted daughter of Charles and Caroline, and the younger sister of James Supporting characters include: Miss Eva Beadle: The first teacher of Walnut Grove, who taught Laura to read and helped Mary realize her dream to teach Dr. Hiram Baker: the loyal town physician Reverend Robert Alden: The town's devout and hugely caring Church minister Mr. Isaiah Edwards: The mountain-man/drifter-turned-farmer who settled in Walnut Grove, who had a drinking problem and, despite his happy-go-lucky exterior, had a lot of emotional turmoil in his life Grace Snider: A widow and town postmistress who marries Isaiah and adopts three orphaned...

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Network: NBC
Genre(s): Drama
Seasons: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Cast Credit
Ketty Lester Hester-Sue Terhune (1982-1983) (Co-Star 1978 - 1981)
Pamela Roylance Sarah Carter (1982 - 1983)
Stan Ivar John Carter (1982 - 1983)
Linwood Boomer Adam Kendall (1978 - 1981)
Bonnie Bartlett Grace Snider/Edwards (1974 - 1977)
Michael Landon Charles Ingalls (1974 - 1982)
Dabbs Greer Reverend Alden
Patrick Labyorteaux Andrew 'Andy' Garvey (1977 - 1981) (As Patrick Laborteaux)
Charlotte Stewart Eva Beadle Simms (1974-1978)
Jason Bateman James Cooper/Ingalls (1981 - 1982)
Kevin Hagen Dr. Hiram Baker
Lucy Lee Flippin Eliza Jane Wilder (1979 -1980)
Karen Grassle Caroline Quiner Holbrook Ingalls (1974 - 1982)
Richard Bull Nels Oleson
Wendi Turnbaugh Baby Grace Ingalls (Shared) (1978-82)
Katherine MacGregor Harriet Oleson
Jonathan Gilbert Willie Oleson
Brenda Turnbaugh Baby Grace Ingalls (Shared) (1978-82)
Matthew Laborteaux Albert Quinn Ingalls (1978 -1982)
Melissa Gilbert Laura Elizabeth Ingalls/Wilder
Dean Butler Almanzo James Wilder (Co-Star Prior To Season 7)
Alison Arngrim Nellie Oleson Dalton (1974-1981)
Merlin Olsen Jonathan Garvey (1977 - 1981)
Hersha Parady Alice Garvey (1977 - 1980)
Karl Swenson Mr. Lars Hanson (1974 - 1978)
Sidney Greenbush Carrie Ingalls (1974 - 1982)
Lindsay Greenbush Carrie Ingalls (1974 - 1982)
Melissa Sue Anderson Mary Amelia Ingalls/Kendall (1974 - 1981)
Lindsay Kennedy Jeb Carter (1982-1983)
David Friedman Jason Carter (1982 - 1983)
Missy Francis Cassandra Cooper/Ingalls (1981 - 1982)
Jennifer Steffin Baby Rose Wilder (Shared) (1982-84) (Uncredited)
Michelle Steffin Baby Rose Wilder (Shared) (1982-84) (Uncredited)