• Network: FX
  • Series Premiere Date: Jun 29, 2010
  • Season #: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4
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Universal acclaim- based on 210 Ratings

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  1. Negative: 12 out of 210

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  1. Jun 25, 2011
    You find yourself wetting your eyes either from the honestly bitter truth-full moments or from the hilarious funny situations and lines. Louie is smart intelligent and so sincere- I agree with those critics who say it's the best thing on TV these days, It's a perfect 10 with me. Whether you are in Manhatten or in Tel Aviv- the show succeeds to touch
  2. Jul 5, 2011
    The dark humor in Louie is pure and uncompromising. Nothing is sacred for the self-deprecating comedian as he attacks everything from the habits of people around him to those of his own family.
    Some of the plots seem a bit stretched to meet the punchline but overall Louie brings a refreshing change to comedy TV shows.
  3. Oct 19, 2011
    Real humor, Real life sketches, done by a REAL ass comic! Louie CK your the man!!!! Seriously funny sh*t! Out of all the crap you have to choose from on TV. Give this show one watch and you will be addicted.
  4. Sep 2, 2011
    This year is even better than the first and Louie C.K. is exploring new boundaries in dream scene comedy and visceral life experiences. I can't praise this show enough for anyone who has a love of sophisticated or gutter humor. Funny is funny and this man can bring it in many levels.
  5. Oct 27, 2011
    Great to see this amazing comic getting his due. The series is hilarious, and feels real. It encapsulates many parts of Louis C.K. 's (yes, that's the correct spelling of his first name) themes throughout his years of standup. It totally makes up for Life with Louis, which was generally a **** show hoping to find a vehicle for him years ago. Honestly, the best show on FX at the moment, which is saying a lot at this point. A must-watch for anybody with a proper sense of humor! Expand
  6. Oct 21, 2011
    This show is filled with lowbrow humor which manages not to speak down to us. Paradoxically, it is sublimely moving and thought-provoking. Whether or not Louie's world resembles your world, it resembles our unpredictable, imperfect world. As Louie says in a seminal episode: "Life isn't something you possess, it's something you take part in."
  7. Oct 3, 2011
    Instead of it being uneven, like its preceding season, it balances itself out just so admirably well. With a surrounding world of unfunny deadbeats, Louie manages to play its cards right.
  8. Jul 19, 2011
    Louie is incredibly well put together. Obviously one of the funniest guys on the planet is able to introduce a new type of "depressing" comedy that a lot of people can relate to. He is able to find humor in tough times which are depicted in the show. Very Funny and not "dumbed-down" for their audience!
  9. Oct 12, 2011
    This show is ridiculously funny, very rarely does a show come along that fits my odd sense of humour and enjoyment of inappropriate fowl language. I didn't know Louis CK until this show, rushed out and got his stand up shows, which are even funnier. A comic genius!
  10. Jul 4, 2011
    Louie is nuts but everything he does is entertaining. Comedy is hard and we can all see that it's usually just copy this copy that, not Louie. Great job.
  11. Oct 20, 2011
    This show is just great. Its hilarious, yet incredibly awkward at the same time, and i love it. Louie is flat-out hilarious. I love this show, can't wait for season 3
  12. Jul 14, 2011
    Louie is like no other show on television. Even though it may sound simular to seinfield, it couldnt be more different. Theres tons of hilarious scenarios and characters to keep you entertained for ever
  13. Jun 30, 2011
    Louie is a dementedly hilarious show and there's nothing quite like it. Not everyone will love it like I do but if you give into the hype you--most likely--won't be disappointed.
  14. Jul 2, 2011
    Louie is amazingly dark, witty, uncomfortable and hilarious this season! There is absolutely nothing like it anywhere on TV right now, its a MUST see!
  15. Sep 1, 2011
    This show is told through non-linear sketches revolving around a sad, divorced man. The honest skits are based off of the life of Louis C.K. Between scenes, the show is puntuated by hilarious stand up.
  16. Aug 16, 2011
    Yeah, well ... fantastic show. Been a fan of Louis C.K. for a few years and his humor is spot-on. Not over-the -top or contrived, but seemingly real. He makes normal, every day situations and events really funny and his TV series does the same. O.K. ... SOME episodes may go a bit over-the-top, but most are frank and just. And the joke about how good the soup is? Man! Tickets. Too much good stuff to mention. Great series and very well put together. Kudos to Louie C.K. and his crew. Can't wait for the next episodes. Expand
  17. Sep 11, 2011
    Just brilliant. In it's simplest terms; he says what you thought for a millisecond in your quietest moments and expands upon it until you realise quite how ridiculous you are.
  18. Aug 25, 2011
    Season Two is even better than Season One. I love the reoccurring characters, mainly Pamela, as her relationship with Louie has so much tension, it adds to the hilariousness. I also like how Louis C.K. isn't the only funny guy on the show, he hangs out with a bunch of his comedian friends and they also get to shine on Louie
  19. Sep 19, 2011
    I've been singing Louis CK's praises for some time now. I think he's the funnest guy on the freakin' planet and - as evidenced by his latest show - he's become a pretty good actor as well. Louie is so good at times that I find myself laughing out loud while walking down the street when I remember something that happened on the show (the look on Chris Rock's face while his off-screen wife is **** him out because Louie just called late at night asking Chris to pick him up after being marooned somewhere in suburban New Jersey by a creepy swinger couple - priceless).

    Gotta hand it to FX for having the stones to put something this racy on the air but, hey, isn't that what cable is (was) supposed to be for?
  20. Oct 11, 2011
    Louie with all its dark and sometime grotesque humor still manages to make me laugh. The sad thing is most of the situations in the show can come pretty close to real life experiences. Keep it up C.K. 10/10
  21. Dec 1, 2011
    Funniest show on TV. It actually has some odd wisdom about it in terms of parenting and relationships. Standup segments are always hilarious and push boundaries in a refreshing and intelligent way.
  22. Feb 14, 2014
    I was not anywhere near a fan of season 1, but in season 2, Louie has come into its own. It is comedic without a doubt, but even more than that, it covers many, many human issues and is really about life in general, rather than providing laughs. Louie is a triumph of television.
  23. Aug 5, 2013
    The second season of Louie is even better than the first and builds on the original with great form. It really hits its stride as a comedy-drama and Louie's character is better defined here. I also love the editing.
  24. Jan 28, 2013
    Every aspect of this show is just hilarious. The fact that he recasts some members with different roles, introduces new family members, and bits of his stand up are just a few examples. Louis C.K. takes complete advantage of his artistic freedom and delivers every episode.
  25. May 2, 2014
    This is hands down, the best comedy on television. Surpasses the heights of the first season. "Country Drive", "Come on, God" and "Duckling" are three of the best episodes of televison I have ever seen

Universal acclaim - based on 7 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 7
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 7
  3. Negative: 0 out of 7
  1. Reviewed by: Tom Gliatto
    Jul 7, 2011
    The show is a trampoline that sags clear down to the ground, the better to catapult you off into the air. [18 Jul 2011, p.35]
  2. Reviewed by: Rob Owen
    Jun 23, 2011
    Clearly this show is not for the easily offended. Not everyone will appreciate this kind of humor, but anyone who values smart, provocative comedy that's about truth telling will be intrigued.
  3. Reviewed by: Hank Stuever
    Jun 23, 2011
    what else can I do but yap excitedly and try to get you to watch one of the best shows on TV right now? The first four episodes of the new season will not disappoint fans.