Match Game 73 : Season 2

  • Network: CBS
  • Series Premiere Date: Jun 25, 1973
Season #: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
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Summary: This is the classic version of the ultimate classic game show that most people came to know and love. Originally intended to be simply an expanded CBS-TV remake of the popular 1962-1969 NBC-TV game show called The Star-Studded Big Money Match Game 73 (and it's annual updates) soon grew into a bonafide, no-holds-barred comedy fest, full of innuendos, double-entendres, pouting celebrities and much more debuts including one as the show's return on June 25-29, 1973 on CBS-TV. Host Gene Rayburn played straight man to the antics of the 6-star panel but frequently aided the fun. The game itself was straightforward. 2 contestants that's including a returning champion are competed. The challenger chose 1 of the questions (marked "A" & "B") in 2 rounds (marked "1" & "2") for which Rayburn read the question. While the questions were rather pedestrian early in the run (e.g., "Name a foreign car"), the questions quickly grew wild and wacky. Frequently, the questions involved a recurring list of characters such as Dumb Donald, Weird Willie and Old Man Periwinkle (the latter brilliantly portrayed by Rayburn); celebrities, politicians and news events of the time were also the butt of many of the questions. For example: "Wendy the waitress really likes it if you give her good tips. Give her a $10 bill, she'll put a sliced cherry in your drink. Don't tip her and she'll put in a _____." It was that blank that the six(6) celebrities separately wrote in on index cards. The contestant then was asked for his/her answer. One by one, Rayburn – who frequently critiqued the contestant's answer (he or she might say "cherry bomb" or "cyanide," which would be the definitive answer, while "dirt" would be a rotten answer) – then the audience critized each celebrity for his or her answer. The player scored 1 point for every match. Two rounds were player with the challenger going 1st in the second round of questions (or the champion if the challenger matched all 6 stars); celebrities who matched a player in the first round didn't participate in the second-round question for that contestant. The player in the lead after two rounds wins the game and $100 and played the Big Money Super Match. A tie-breaker round was played if necessary with gameplay like as before. If the tie wasn't broken after two(2) tie-breaker rounds, then a sudden-death fill-in-the-blank tiebreaker was played. A fill-in-the-blank phrase (e.g., _____ Bunny) was shown; each player wrote their response and...


Network: CBS
Genre(s): Comedy, Game Show
Seasons: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Cast Credit
Richard Paul Semi-Regular (1978-1981)
Marcia Wallace Semi-Regular Panelist
Bill Daily Semi-Regular Panelist
Dick Martin Frequent Panelist
Gary Burghoff Frequent Panelist
McLean Stevenson Regular (1981-1982)
Betty White Semi-Regular Panelist
Mary Wickes Semi-Regular
Joyce Bulifant Semi-Regular Panelist
Debralee Scott Semi-Regular
Patty Duke Semi-Regular
Gene Rayburn Host
Bern Bennett Sub-Announcer (1975)
Richard Dawson Regular Panelist (1973-78)
Fannie Flagg Semi-Regular Panelist
Charles Nelson Reilly Regular Panelist
Bert Convy Panelist
Brett Somers Regular Panelist
Johnny Olson Announcer (1973-1982) (As Johnny Olsen)
Elaine Joyce Frequent Panelist
Dolly Martin Semi-Regular
Patti Deutsch Frequent Panelist
Skip Stevenson Guest Star