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  • Starring: Jack Riley, Nancy Cartwright, Tress MacNeille
  • Summary: At Rugrats' peak it was one of the, if not the most popular show on Nickelodeon. This, according to Nick producers, is the show that put them on top in the 90's. Now let's see how it all started...

    In 1989, two parents named Gsapo Csupo and Arlene Klasky made the pilot for the show. Their
    baby son, Brendon, was their inspiration to create the Rugrats. After showing it to Nickelodeon they automatically liked it and turned it into a series. In 3 years Rugrats had aired more than 50 episodes. With a total of 65 episodes they stopped making new episodes and Rugrats was shown in primetime in 1994. After that the popularity of the show increased. Nickelodeon realized what good ratings they had and they decided to air brand new episodes of Rugrats in 1997. It was so popular that it had its first movie to be shown in theaters the following year featuring a new Rugrat named Dil. After the movie, they aired even more new episodes, including Dil with them on the show. In 2000, Nickelodeon made a second movie for the Rugrats, giving Chuckie a stepmom and featuring another new Rugrat named Kimi. More new episodes aired after that with Kimi, and in the year 2001 Nick had big plans for the show. Rugrats was in their 10th year, so Arlene Klasky and Nickelodeon decided to make the Rugrats 10 years older in the 10 year anniversary special called "All Growed Up". This episode was the most viewed Rugrats-related episode. A third movie in summer 2003, was a crossover with another Nicktoon: "The Wild Thornberrys".

    Originally, there were only four young rugrats who would sit in their playpen watching the world go by. The fearless leader of the group was Tommy Pickles, a resourceful baby who hides a plastic screwdriver in his diaper so that they can leave the pen. His best friend was Chuckie, a fearful, red-haired toddler who reluctantly agreed to venture out into the open, unsafe areas of the house. There were also the twins Phil and Lil who were always ready for any new challenge. Leaving the safety of their own playpen, the children would explore their surroundings and try to make sense out of what the adults are doing. Some of the most interesting characters were the parents and Tommy and Angelica's grandfather who would always fall asleep when taking care of the children. The parents' comments are so genuine that they bring a sense of reality to the show. Even the parents had different lives, with Chuckie's widowed father, and Angelica's loving father and busy mother.

    Episodes: 172

    Production: Nickelodeon. Animation

    1. A diaper is suspended in mid-air. 2. It lands on Tommy.
    3. Tommy walks, then falls. 4. He squirts a robot cat.
    5. The other rugrats do certain things. 6. Didi & Stu come in the house 7. Didi picks up Tommy. 8. Tommy squirts his bottle, revealing the Rugrats logo.

    1. Diapers are suspended in mid-air. 2. They land on Tommy & Dil. 3. Spike runs & balls go around. 4. As soon as it comes in the bathroom, Chuckie slips on one and his shoe falls off. 5. A plane with Cynthia in it comes past a couple of toys. 6. Susie jumps rope. 7. Phil & Lil are searching for a ladybug. 8. Kimi appears from under a pail. 9. Didi places cookies on the ground. 10. The rugrats are circling the cookies, except Angelica. 11. Angelica comes by the cookies. 12. Spike sudentley controls the airplane, hitting Angelica and she fell into the cookies, revealing the Rugrats logo.

    All Grown Up
    Preschool Daze

    Rugrats Movies:
    The Rugrats Movie
    Rugrats in Paris: The Movie
    Rugrats Go Wild
    Rugrats: Tales From The Crib: Snow White Rugrats: Tales From The Crib: Three Jacks And A Beanstalk
  • Genre(s): Comedy, Animation, Kids
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