• Network: FOX
  • Series Premiere Date: Aug 23, 2003
Season #: 1, 2, 3
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Summary: Sonic and Dr. Eggman are fighting outside his base once more. However, they are overcome by a massive explosion of Chaos Control that sends Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream and Cheese, Big, and Eggman to another planet inhabited by humans. After landing in his pool, Sonic befriends a young boy named Christopher. Together, they meet up with Sonic's old pals and try to stop Dr. Eggman from taking the seven Chaos Emeralds as well as taking over this new planet!SAGAS1. The New World Saga (Episodes 1-13) 2. The Chaos Emerald Saga (Episodes 14-26) 3. Chaos Saga (Episodes 27-32) 4. Shadow Saga (Episodes 33-38) 5. Eggmoon Saga (Episodes 39-41) 6. Emerl Saga (Episodes 42-46) 7. Homebound Saga (Episodes 47-52) 8. Metarex Saga (Episodes 53-78) (Unaired in Japan)Confermed by TMS and 4Kids, the show has officially ended. However some fans of Sonic X are refusing to believe it, even though TMS and 4Kids admitted it.

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Network: FOX
Genre(s): Animation, Action & Adventure, Kids
Seasons: 1, 2, 3
Cast Credit
Andrew Rannells Stuart/Decoe/Bokkun
Frank Frankson Sam Speed
Karen Neil Helen/Additional Voices
Ted Lewis (II) Nelson Thorndyke
Maddie Blaustein Additional Voices
Rachael Lillis Francine/Danny
Jimmy Zoppi Additional Voices
Mike Pollock Dr. Eggman, Ella
Amy Birnbaum Additonal Characters
Kayzie Rogers Topaz/Additional Voices
Darren Dunstan Mr. Tanaka/Bocoe
Dan Green Knuckles The Echinda
Lisa Ortiz Amy Rose
Megan Hollingshead Scarlet Garcia
Kerry Williams Francis
Jason Griffith Sonic The Hedgehog, Shadow The Hedgehog
Ken Yamaguchi Decoe (JAPANESE VOICE)
Chikao Ohtsuka Dr. Eggman (JAPANESE VOICE)
Noriko Hidaka Helen (JAPANESE VOICE)
Jerry Lobozzo Chuck Thorndyke
Nobutoshi Canna Knuckles (JAPANESE VOICE)
Eddie Paulson The President Of The United States, Additional Voices
Amy Palant Miles "Tails" Prower
Nappy Additional Voices
Suzanne Goldish Christopher "Chris" Thorndyke
Rebecca Handler Cream The Rabbit
Jack Quevas Cheese The Chao(???)
Yumiko Kobayashi Bokkun (JAPANESE VOICE)
Taeko Kawata Amy (JAPANESE VOICE)
Sayaka Aoki Cream, Vanilla (JAPANESE VOICE)
Sanae Kobayashi Chris (JAPANESE VOICE)
Rumi Ochiai Rouge (JAPANESE VOICE)
Naomi Shindoh Danny, Lindsay (JAPANESE VOICE)
Kouji Yusa Shadow (JAPANESE VOICE)
Bin Shimada Bocoe, Chuck (JAPANESE VOICE)
Junichi Kanemaru Sonic (JAPANESE VOICE)
Tanaka Souichirou Sam Speed (JAPANESE VOICE)
Ryou Hirohashi Tails (JAPANESE VOICE)
Kathleen Delaney Rouge The Bat