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  • Starring: Rene Mujica, Charles Shaughnessy, Jessica D. Stone
  • Summary: Welcome to the guide for Playhouse Disney's Stanley at!5 4 3 2 1, into the book to have some fun with Stanley and all his friends! Stanley is an animated series that aired weekdays in the United States on Disney Channel's Playhouse Disney block. Though Stanley is no longer in production, it has an archive of 65 fun episodes, as well as two movies. Book and DVD releases are also now available. Stanley is not currently airing on Playhouse Disney in the United States. For those in other markets, check listings, as Stanley may very well be airing in your area.Stanley was made by Jumbo Pictures, now Cartoon Pizza, the studio behind such hit series as JoJo's Circus, Pinky Dinky Doo and PB&J Otter. It premiered in 2003 and has been on and off Playhouse Disney's lineup since that time.In each episode of the show, Stanley and his friends learn about animals, as well as how to solve problems of every day life. Stanley knows he's a lucky kid because he has The Great Big Book of Everything, a very special book with, well, everything. Stanley and his friends, though, mainly use the book to look up animals, as Stanley is a major animal-lover, a trait he's helped to nurture in his friends and family. Sometimes, Stanley and his friends simply look up information in the book, but oftentimes they'll dive into the book to find out more, often happily shouting, "5 4 3 2 1, into the book to have some fun!" The appearance of The Great Big Book is generally the cue for Stanley's pet cat and dog, Harry and Elsie, to begin singing "The Great Big Book Song," much to the consternation of Stanley's straight-arrow goldfish Dennis. Stanley has a wonderful tool called a "staniscope" (sometimes spelled "stan-o-scope," "stanescope" or "stanascope" on captioning.) This tool allows him to examine animals and other things up close.Viewers are encouraged to join in the fun, learning about animals and figuring out how to solve problems. In each episode, Dennis presents viewers with choices, and asks them to pick up which one is best.Stanley, full-name Stanley Griff, lives with his mother and father, as well as an older brother, Lionel. His father is a work-at-home cartoon artist, while his mother is dentist. As for Lionel, while the brothers often argue, they learn ways to get along throughout the series and grow closer together. Stanley also has a core group of friends that include Lester Goldberg (whose family is Jewish) and the twins Mimi and Marcy. Though the twins look pretty much exactly alike, you can tell them apart by their voices, and by the shirts they were. Mimi is generally always seen wearing one with a flower, whereas Marcy has one with a baseball. These help to also identify the twins' divergent interests. Stanley also lives with all his pets. His dog and cat, Harry and Elsie, have been described by some as "the next Rita and Runt." Harry is a bit of a doof and likes to call everyone "dude." He enjoys eating and sleeping the most and speaks in a slightly goofy voice. Elsie is prim, proper, but nevertheless generally gets along with Harry. Perhaps most importantly, Dennis is Harry's goldfish and best friend. He got him at the pet store and the two have been inseparable ever since. Dennis is even more proper than Elsie, knows many important facts, and often tries to give Stanley advice, though Stanley doesn't always listen.Stanley is voiced by Jessica D. Stone, a female voice actress whose work also includes Hannah Montana, 7th Heaven, and Chicago Hope. The series has also featured some major guest voices, including Nicole Sullivan (formerly of FOX's Mad TV) and the late John Ritter (Clifford the Big Red Dog, Three's Company, 8 Simple Rules (For Dating My Teenage Daughter).) The program's theme song is performed by the Baha Men, the popular group behind such songs as the hit "Who Let the Dogs Out?" and "Best Years of Our Lives" as heard in the smash-hit Dreamworks film Shrek.A number of Stanley books are now available, including In a While, Crocodile and Daddy Lion, all based on stories from the television series. You can also now find two DVDs featuring episodes of the show, as well as DVDs of Stanley's Great Big Book Adventure and Stanley's Dinosaur Roundup. Expand
  • Genre(s): Animation
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