The Heights : Season 1

  • Network: FOX
  • Series Premiere Date: Aug 27, 1992
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Summary: The Heights was a rock and roll band made up of a group of ambitious, young, mostly blue-collar kids hoping to ride success out of their middle-class lives. The members of the group were Stan (guitar), who worked for his father, Mr. Mike, owner of the bar/pool hall where the group hung out; Dizzy (drums), a plumber's assistant; Rita (saxophone), a dispatcher for a beer distributor; Hope (guitar), whose wealthy family supported her while she played with the band; J.T. (guitar), the lead singer, an auto mechanic with a long-standing love/hate relationship with Hope; Lenny (keyboard), who worked at the Seven Seas restaurant; and Alex the newest member of the group, a sensitive poet/songwriter who worked in a grocery store. Alex, who was in love with Rita, also sang leads, and his presence caused friction with J.T., who didn't like anybody else singing lead. When Dizzy married his pregnant girlfriend, Jodi, a nurses' aide whose father was his boss, Lenny moved in with his former roommate, Stan. The series chronicled the ups and downs of the band members as well as their evolving relationships. At least one new song, filmed as a video montage, was performed each week. Ironically, the single version of the series theme, featuring Jamie Walters as lead singer, hit #1 on the Billboard charts in early November, one week before The Heights was canceled.


Network: FOX
Genre(s): Drama
Seasons: 1
Cast Credit
Tasia Valenza Jodie Abramowitz
Alex D├ęsert Stan Lee
Donnelly Rhodes Harry Abramowitz
Charlotte Ross Hope Linden
Camille Saviola Shelley Abramowitz
Jamie Walters Alex O'Brien
Zachary Throne Lenny Wieckowski
Cheryl Pollak Rita MacDougal
Ray Aranha Mr. Mike
Ken Garito Anthur "Dizzy" Mazelli
Jon Cuthbert Sean McDougall
Shawn David Thompson J.T. Banks