Top Chef Masters : Season 1

  • Network: Bravo
  • Series Premiere Date: Jun 10, 2009
Season #: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
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Summary: Season two has arrived, and not content to sit on their laurels, Magical Elves has cooked up new Challenges, Quickfires and intense pressures for the chefs, as well as allowed some familiar faces back into the kitchen. This time around there are only 22 chefs, and the heats will play out over four weeks, instead of six. The two chefs with the highest star scores from each heat will move to the six-week champions round from which the Top Chef Master will be named. Kelly Choi continues her duties as host. Gail Simmons joins the judges' panel full time; her skills burnishing an already stellar group comprising food critic Jay Rayner, culinary expert James Oseland and restaurant critic Gael Greene. Season One 24 master chefs at the pinnacle of their professions play for $100,000 awarded to the winner's favorite charity, and the title of Top Chef Master. Let the judges be judged. The first of Magical Elves' Top Chef franchise shows hits the airwaves this summer, and while it may seem very similar to the original, the differences will test these executive chefs in very different ways. During the first six weeks of competition, groups of four will vie in heats with the winner moving forward to the four week champions round. Each night has two parts, an amped twist on a previous Top Chef Quickfire challenge that measures basic skill sets, and then an elimination that tests ingenuity and creativity as the chefs attempt to please both the diners and judges in order to progress to the finals. Kelly Choi hosts this competition tailor-made for foodies with a panel of respected judges, and guest stars that range from the real thing to personalities from Bravo's other reality series including Top Chef judges and contestants.

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Network: Bravo
Genre(s): Reality, Game Show, Food & Cooking
Seasons: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Cast Credit
Curtis Stone Host [Seasons 3-]
Gail Simmons Quickfire Judge/Critic
Hubert Keller Chef
Bryan Voltaggio Chef - Season 5
Govind Armstrong Chef
Gael Greene Critic
David Burke Chef - Season 5
Michael Chiarello Chef
Traci Des Jardins Chef
Chris Cosentino Chef - Season 4
John Besh Chef
Lorena Garcia Chef - Season 4
Graham Elliot Bowles Chef
Ludo Lefebvre Guest Diner [Elimination]
Art Smith (II) Chef - Season 1 And 4
Tim Love Chef
Michael Schlow Chef
Christopher Lee (III) Guest Diner [Elimination]
Kelly Choi Host
Jay Rayner Critic
James Oseland Judge
Wylie Dufresne Chef
Suzanne Tracht Chef
Elizabeth Falkner Guest Diner [Elimination]
Rick Bayless Chef
Cindy Pawlcyn Chef
Wilo Benet Chef
Douglas Rodriguez Chef
Anita Lo Chef
Mark Peel Guest Diner [Elimination]
Rick Moonen Guest Diner [Elimination]
Nils Noren Chef
Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson Chef
Jonathan Waxman Chef
Roy Yamaguchi Chef
Michael Cimarusti Guest Diner [Elimination]
Ana Sortun Chef
Jerry Traunfeld Chef
Jimmy Bradley Chef
Susan Feniger Chef
Tony Mantuano Chef
Carmen Gonzalez Chef
Marcus Samuelsson Chef
Monica Pope Chef
Thierry Rautureau Chef - Seasons 2 And 4
Debbie Gold Chef - Seasons 2 And 4
Jody Adams Chef
Maria Hines Chef
Rick Tramonto Chef
Susur Lee Chef
Sue Zemanick Chef - Season 5
Celina Tio Chef
Alex Stratta Chef
John Rivera Sedlar Chef
Ruth Reichl Critic]
Suvir Saran Chef
Naomi Pomeroy Chef
Mary Sue Milliken Chef
George Mendes Chef
John Currence Chef
Floyd Cardoz Chef
Hugh Acheson Chef
Francis Lam Critic
Krista Simmons Critic [Season 4]
Clark Frasier Chef - Season 4
Kerry Heffernan Chef - Season 4
Mark Gaier Chef - Season 4
Missy Robbins Chef - Season 4
Patricia Yeo Chef - Season 4
Sue Torres Chef - Season 4
Takashi Yagihashi Chef - Season 4
Lesley Suter Critic
Douglas Keane Chef - Season 5
Franklin Becker Chef - Season 5
Herbert Wilson Chef - Season 5
Jenn Louis Chef - Season 5
Jennifer Jasinski Chef - Season 5
Lynn Crawford Chef - Season 5
Neal Fraser Chef - Season 5
Odette Fada Chef - Season 5
Richard Sandoval Chef - Season 5
Yoon Young Sang Chef - Season 5
Benedetto Bartolotta Sous Chef - Season 5
Bobby Silva (I) Sous Chef - Season 5
Chris Shea (I) Sous Chef - Season 5
Cory Chunn Sous Chef - Season 5
Drew Glassell Sous Chef - Season 5
Graeme Ritchie Sous Chef - Season 5
Jason Bowlin Sous Chef - Season 5
Jorel Pierce Sous Chef - Season 5
Lora Kirk Sous Chef - Season 5
Nick Lama Sous Chef - Season 5
Ted Hopson Sous Chef - Season 5
Vinson Petrillo Sous Chef - Season 5