• Network: FOX
  • Series Premiere Date: Mar 22, 2006
  • Season #: 1

Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 11 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 11
  2. Negative: 7 out of 11
  1. 88
    Huge fun and - if at all possible - almost as nerve-wracking as "Idol."
  2. 50
    There is one fantastic thing about this show. It's only a half-hour.
  3. 50
    It's an intriguing idea for a reality show, and it more or less survives Fox's cheesy presentation.
  4. Reviewed by: Phil Gallo
    It's tough to get an audience to care for any of the players in a show that's just 30 minutes long.
  5. 25
    The show makes Survivor look like a utopia. [17 Apr 2006, p.43]
  6. 10
    Unan1mous, the worst new series this season, accomplishes the unthinkable: It makes Big Brother look respectable.
  7. I'll give "Unan1mous" this: At least it's more efficient than some reality shows, wasting only a half-hour of a viewer's time. But that's still 30 minutes you don't have to spend wallowing in this muck.
  8. 0
    Makes a solid bid to win the Most Unpleasant Reality Show of All Time award.
  9. Reviewed by: John Maynard
    Do not be suckered into watching Fox's torturous new game show "Unan1mous," which in a half-hour crams in several of the worst reality show gimmicks and crosses the border of tastelessness... all while remaining flat-out dull.
  10. 0
    It's the new bottom of the barrel.
  11. It feels far closer to genre self-parody than it does the genuine article: wildly overproduced and characteristically overbearing, with a concept that plays as utterly insipid.

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