X-Men: Evolution : Season 4

Season #: 1, 2, 3, 4
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Summary: X-Men: Evolution brought the fan favorite comic book title onto the TV screen. The series loosely follows the main stories of the original comic. The main cast has been turned into kids (with the exception of Wolverine, Prof. X, and a few select others). Most of the fan favorites are accounted for, including Wolverine, Cyclops, and Storm. X-Men: Evolution follows the lives of six mutants (Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, ShadowCat, Rouge, and a new original named Spyke) who attend Xavier's Institute for the Gifted. There they learn how to control their powers and use it for good. Episodes: 52 Color Episodes (52 half-hour episodes, 4 two-part episodes) Production: Marvel Enterprises Distributors: Kids' WB

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Network: WB , The WB
Genre(s): Animation, Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Kids
Seasons: 1, 2, 3, 4
Cast Credit
Campbell Lane Mastermind
Trevor Devall John Allerdyce Aka Pyro
Alessandro Juliani Gambit
Christopher Judge Eric "Magneto" Magnus Lehnsherr
Neil Denis Evan "Spyke" Daniels
Michael Adamthwaite Colossus
Venus Terzo Jean Grey
Kirby Morrow Scott "Cyclops" Summers
Brad Swaile Kurt "Nightcrawler" Wagner
Maggie Blue O'Hara Kitty "Shadowcat" Pryde
Scott McNeil Wolverine
David Kaye Professor Charles F. Xavier/Professor X
Kirsten Williamson Ororo "Storm" Munroe
Noel Fisher Todd Tolensky/ Toad
Colleen Wheeler Mystique
Megan Leitch Tabitha "Boom-Boom"
Andrew Francis Bobby "Iceman" Drake
Paul Dobson Juggernaut
Vincent Gale Duncan
Meghan Black Rogue
Christopher Gray Lance "Avalanche" Alvers
Mark Hildreth Angel/Archangel
Chiara Zanni Jubilee
Dale Wilson Principal Edward Kelly
Michael Kopsa Hank McCoy/Beast
Kelly Sheridan Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff(Season 2+)
Richard Ian Cox Pietro "Quicksilver" Maximoff (Voice)
Michael Robert Coleman Roberto De Costa / Sunspot
Alexandra Carter Allison/Amara "Magma" Aquilla
Moneca Stori Amanda Sefton
David A. Kaye Jamie "Multiple" Madrox
Michael Donovan Victor Creed/Sabertooth