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Zhuo-Ning Su's Scores

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Average review score: 77
Highest review score: 100 The Assassin
Lowest review score: 42 Crosscurrent
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 18 out of 23
  2. Negative: 0 out of 23
23 movie reviews
    • 87 Metascore
    • 83 Zhuo-Ning Su
    Both Pellerin and Abita are tremendous, each fiercely charismatic in a way that doesn’t compromise the vulnerability of their characters.
    • 86 Metascore
    • 91 Zhuo-Ning Su
    Unmissable for anyone craving the gritty realism and independent spirit of pre-00’s Chinese cinema. Fair warning: this is decidedly not the feel-good movie of the year.
    • 73 Metascore
    • 83 Zhuo-Ning Su
    There’s no denying the level of craft and performance involved that probes human depravity so compellingly, you’re left with much more than just rattled nerves and a taste of bile.
    • 61 Metascore
    • 50 Zhuo-Ning Su
    Holland keeps things going at a reasonable pace but, caught by a TV-esque practical blandness, seldom achieves something distinctly cinematic in terms of scale or style.
    • 77 Metascore
    • 75 Zhuo-Ning Su
    On Body and Soul seduces, distracts, intrigues, but ultimately doesn’t pack the visceral, spiritual impact that one might expect.
    • 65 Metascore
    • 83 Zhuo-Ning Su
    An overlong mid-section stagnates after the novelty of the premise wears off, but a couple of plot twists late in the game raise the stakes again and Xiaogang Feng, with his signature dry humor and newfound creative juices, hits too many marks on this one for it to disappoint.
    • 49 Metascore
    • 42 Zhuo-Ning Su
    Crosscurrent represents quite a remarkable blunder considering how much effort and noble aspirations go to waste because its maker forgot to tell a good story first.
    • 73 Metascore
    • 67 Zhuo-Ning Su
    It’s a heady hall of mirrors that keeps revealing, or at least suggesting new depths and angles. But while this kind of intense creative exercise no doubt deserves respect, ultimately one has the uneasy sense that things don’t really add up.
    • 78 Metascore
    • 75 Zhuo-Ning Su
    How Kim and his formidable technical team compose, frame and edit what could have been the most ordinary of shootouts to instantly, violently communicate peril shows not just unmistakable filmmaking prowess but a delightful, connoisseuristic appreciation of the game.
    • 80 Metascore
    • 100 Zhuo-Ning Su
    Unhurried, mood-driven, pregnant with a transcendent reflection on life and death, The Assassin is a singular vision realized with absolute mastery of style and a lightness of touch that’s to die for.
    • 66 Metascore
    • 75 Zhuo-Ning Su
    Considering it tells such a singular and important story, one only wishes The Danish Girl could have been made with a lot more edge and not the usual Academy-friendly faux-progressiveness.
    • 74 Metascore
    • 83 Zhuo-Ning Su
    Realized with extraordinary craft and verve even if insufficiently contextualized, A Bigger Splash might not have achieved the desired impact, but the wicked spell it casts remains a bona-fide stunner.
    • 57 Metascore
    • 58 Zhuo-Ning Su
    Plotted with limited imagination and directed with atypical flatness, Mr. Six features a strong central performance and shares its humanistic concern with Hu Guan’s previous work but is nevertheless an artistic underachiever.
    • 80 Metascore
    • 75 Zhuo-Ning Su
    Cunningly ambivalent and stickily atmospheric, Neon Bull is an impressive exercise in style that further broadens the possibility of queer filmmaking. One only wishes it could have embedded such daring and verve in a more fully realized context.
    • 73 Metascore
    • 91 Zhuo-Ning Su
    Through it all, Vigas’ writing remains non-judgmental and keenly observant. He doesn’t attempt to explain everything with words, but the raw honesty of his voice compels every step along the way.
    • 81 Metascore
    • 83 Zhuo-Ning Su
    Designed and choreographed with stupendous pizzazz, it’s an explosion of colors, noises, and murderous zest that floods the senses, reminding you in a (skipped) heartbeat how frightfully entertaining these supposedly artless horror flicks can be.
    • 76 Metascore
    • 91 Zhuo-Ning Su
    Clear-eyed, tightly wound, and cinematically and psychologically immersive, it’s a furious ride of a movie that actually has something to say.
    • 58 Metascore
    • 58 Zhuo-Ning Su
    In the end, like a breath of stylized, impassioned hot air, L’attesa evokes feelings associated with bereavement effectively but has nothing substantial to add to the whole psychology of loss.
    • 70 Metascore
    • 83 Zhuo-Ning Su
    For Tsai’s numbered but avid fans everywhere, it offers a highly informative, almost voyeuristic peek behind the creation of such masterpieces of urban loneliness as Vive L’Amour or Stray Dogs.
    • 73 Metascore
    • 83 Zhuo-Ning Su
    It’s true that none of this is particularly groundbreaking and that, as hinted above, the limitations of a biographical film are still palpable towards the end, but the pure, visceral satisfaction of seeing an exciting story expertly told cannot be denied either.
    • 60 Metascore
    • 83 Zhuo-Ning Su
    A well-crafted mainstream effort with accessible emotions and that whiff of Kawase-que zen.
    • 89 Metascore
    • 58 Zhuo-Ning Su
    It’s tonally and thematically so fragmented, the context simply isn’t there.
    • 88 Metascore
    • 91 Zhuo-Ning Su
    The genius and creative dexterity of Maoz are on full display here.

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