What to Watch on Prime Video Right Now

Get a list of the best movies and TV shows recently added (and coming soon) to Amazon's Prime Video, updated frequently.
by Jason Dietz — 

New additions to Prime Video

The following recently added movies and TV shows received a Metascore of 61 or higher (or are titles of interest that do not have a Metascore). Mediocre and poorly reviewed releases are omitted; this is just the good stuff added within the past few months to Amazon's Prime Video.

Added September 22

tbd Cassandro AMAZON ORIGINAL Trailer
Drama, 2023
tbd Guy Ritchie's The Covenant
Action/Thriller, 2023

Added September 21

Amazon Music Live S2 AMAZON ORIGINAL

Added September 19

tbd A Thousand and One
Drama, 2023

Added September 15

tbd A Million Miles Away AMAZON ORIGINAL Trailer
Drama/Sci-fi, 2023
Written in the Stars S1 AMAZON ORIGINAL

Added September 14

Thursday Night Football S17 AMAZON ORIGINAL
TV/Sports/Live event

Added September 12

tbd Kelce AMAZON ORIGINAL Trailer
Documentary/Sports, 2023

Added September 8

All or Nothing: The National Team in Qatar MINISERIES AMAZON ORIGINAL Trailer
tbd How to Date Billy Walsh AMAZON ORIGINAL
Rom-com, 2023
tbd Sitting in Bars With Cake AMAZON ORIGINAL Trailer
Drama, 2023

Added September 6

FC Barcelona: A New Era Season 2 AMAZON ORIGINAL Trailer

Added September 5

One Shot: Overtime Elite MINISERIES AMAZON ORIGINAL Trailer

Added September 1

tbd 10 Things I Hate About You
Rom-com, 1999
tbd 21 Grams
Drama/Thriller, 2003
tbd 2001: A Space Odyssey
Sci-fi/Adventure, 1968
Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein
Comedy, 1948
tbd All About My Mother
Drama, 1999
tbd Back to School
Comedy, 1986
tbd Bad Education
Drama/Comedy, 2020
tbd The Bad News Bears
Comedy/Sports, 1976
tbd Bad News Bears
Comedy/Sports, 2005
tbd Batman
Thriller, 1989
tbd The Batman
Action/Drama, 2022
tbd Batman Returns
Action, 1992
The Belly of an Architect
Drama, 1987
tbd The Birdcage
Comedy, 1996
tbd The Bourne Identity
Action/Thriller, 2002
tbd The Bourne Legacy
Action/Thriller, 2012
tbd The Bourne Supremacy
Action/Thriller, 2004
tbd Bowling for Columbine
Documentary, 2002
tbd Breakdown
Thriller, 1997
Brides of Dracula
Horror, 1960
tbd Broken Embraces
Drama/Thriller, 2009
Carve Her Name With Pride
Drama, 1958
tbd Children of Men
Sci-fi/Drama/thriller, 2006
Courage Mountain
Family/Adventure, 1990
Detective School Dropouts
Comedy, 1986
tbd Dracula
Horror, 1931
tbd Drag Me to Hell
Horror/Thriller, 2009
tbd Driving Miss Daisy
Drama/Comedy, 1989
tbd Eight Men Out
Drama/Sports, 1988
Eight on the Lam
Comedy, 1967
Electra Glide In Blue
Action, 1973
tbd Elvis
Drama/Music, 2022
tbd Europa Report
Sci-fi/Horror/Thriller, 2013
tbd Face/Off
Action/Sci-fi/Thriller, 1997
tbd Finders Keepers
Documentary, 2015
tbd Four Weddings and a Funeral
Rom-com, 1994
The Frog Prince
Family/Musical, 1986
Drama/Thriller, 1966
tbd Hotel Rwanda
Drama, 2004
tbd Hugo
Drama/Family, 2011
tbd I Saw the Devil
Foreign/Drama/Horror/Thriller, 2011
tbd The Invisible Man
Sci-fi/Horror, 1933
tbd Judas and the Black Messiah
Drama, 2021
tbd King Richard
Drama/Sports, 2021
tbd La Bamba
Drama/Music, 1987
Ladybird, Ladybird
Drama, 1994
tbd The Machinist
Drama/Thriller, 2004
tbd The Manchurian Candidate
Drama, 1962
tbd The Mask of Zorro
Action-adventure, 1998
tbd The Mighty Quinn
Action/Drama/Thriller, 1989
tbd The Misfits
Drama, 1961
tbd The Motorcycle Diaries
Drama/Adventure, 2004
The Mouse on the Moon
Comedy, 1963
tbd Nicholas Nickleby
Drama, 2002
The Night They Raided Minsky's
Musical/Comedy, 1968
tbd No
Drama, 2013
tbd October Sky
Drama, 1999
tbd Of Mice and Men
Drama, 1992
One Summer Love [aka Dragonfly]
Drama, 1976
tbd Play Misty for Me
Drama/Thriller, 1971
tbd Red Eye
Thriller, 2005
tbd Red River
Western, 1948
tbd Rocky
Drama/Sports, 1976
tbd Rocky II
Drama/Sports, 1979
The Rose Garden
Drama, 1989
tbd Roxanne
Rom-com, 1987
tbd Rumble Fish
Drama, 1983
tbd Runaway Train
Action/Drama/Thriller, 1986
tbd The Secret in Their Eyes
Foreign/Drama/Thriller, 2010
tbd Sense and Sensibility
Drama, 1995
tbd Shazam!
Action-adventure/Sci-fi/Comedy, 2019
tbd Sin Nombre
Drama/Thriller, 2009
tbd The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
Adventure/Comedy, 2005
tbd The Spiderwick Chronicles
Family/Fantasy/Adventure, 2008
tbd Spin City S1-S6
tbd Stardust
Adventure/Fantasy, 2007
tbd Sugar
Drama/Sports, 2009
tbd Tangerine
Drama/Comedy, 2015
Time Limit
Drama, 1957
tbd To Catch a Thief
Thriller, 1955
tbd V for Vendetta
Action/Sci-fi/Thriller, 2006
tbd The Wheel of Time S2 AMAZON ORIGINAL
tbd The Wolf Man
Horror, 1941
tbd Wonder Woman
Action-adventure/Sci-fi/Fantasy, 2017

Added August 31

tbd Honor Society
Comedy, 2022

Added August 29

tbd Snowpiercer
Action/Sci-fi/Drama/Thriller, 2014
tbd Women Talking
Drama, 2022

Added August 25

tbd Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves
Action-adventure/Fantasy/Comedy, 2023
tbd Wayne Shorter: Zero Gravity AMAZON ORIGINAL
Documentary/Music, 2023

Added August 18

tbd Harlan Coben's Shelter S1 AMAZON ORIGINAL Trailer
New Bandits (Cangaço Novo) S1 AMAZON ORIGINAL

Added August 15

tbd Of an Age
Drama, 2023

Added August 8

tbd Bones and All
Drama, 2022
Destination NBA: A G League Odyssey Trailer
Documentary/Sports, 2023

Added August 4

tbd The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart MINISERIES AMAZON ORIGINAL Trailer

Added August 1

tbd Amadeus
Drama, 1984
tbd Behind the Sun
Drama, 2001
tbd The Black Stallion
Family/Drama/Adventure, 1979
tbd City of Men
Foreign/Drama, 2008
tbd City Slickers
Comedy, 1991
tbd The Day of the Jackal
Drama/Thriller, 1973
tbd Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid
Comedy, 1982
tbd Dirty Harry
Action/Thriller, 1971
tbd Frost/Nixon
Drama, 2008
tbd Galaxy Quest
Comedy/Sci-fi, 1999
tbd Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson
Documentary, 2008
tbd The Goonies
Adventure/Family/Comedy, 1985
tbd I Wish
Foreign/Drama, 2012
tbd L.A. Law S1-S8
tbd The Lincoln Lawyer
Drama, 2011
tbd Monster's Ball
Drama, 2001
tbd Rio
Animation/Family, 2011
tbd A Shot in the Dark
Comedy, 1964
tbd Steve Jobs: Man in the Machine
Documentary, 2015
tbd Traffic
Drama/Thriller, 2000
tbd When Harry Met Sally
Rom-com, 1989

Added July 31

tbd Dances With Wolves
Western, 1990

Added July 28

tbd Good Omens S2 AMAZON ORIGINAL Trailer

Added July 25

tbd Jim Gaffigan: Dark Pale AMAZON ORIGINAL Trailer
Comedy special, 2023
tbd Knock at the Cabin
Horror/Thriller, 2023

Upcoming releases on Prime Video

The following notable and/or well-reviewed movies and TV shows are scheduled to be added to Amazon's Prime Video within the coming weeks.

Coming September 26


Coming September 29

tbd Gen V S1 AMAZON ORIGINAL Trailer

Coming October 1

tbd The Apartment
Drama/Comedy, 1960
tbd Billions S5
tbd The Birdcage
Comedy, 1996
tbd Bowling for Columbine
Documentary, 2002
tbd Charlotte's Web
Family/Fantasy/Comedy, 2006
tbd The Defiant Ones
Drama, 1958
tbd Detroit
Drama/Thriller, 2017
tbd Dr. No
Action/Thriller, 1962
tbd Eight Men Out
Drama, 1988
tbd A Fish Called Wanda
Comedy, 1988
tbd Frasier S1-S11
tbd From Russia With Love
Action/Thriller, 1963
tbd Going My Way
Comedy/Drama, 1944
tbd GoldenEye
Action/Thriller, 1995
tbd Goldfinger
Action/Thriller, 1965
tbd High Rise
Drama, 2016
Holiday Inn
Musical, 1942
tbd Mean Creek
Drama, 2004
Moby Dick
Drama, 1956
tbd Moneyball
Drama/Sports, 2011
tbd Moonraker
Action/Thriller, 1979
tbd Much Ado About Nothing
Comedy/Drama, 1993
tbd Never Say Never Again
Action/Thriller, 1983
Nowitzki: The Perfect Shot
Documentary/Sports, 2015
tbd Octopussy
Action/Thriller, 1983
tbd On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Action/Thriller, 1969
The Party
Comedy, 1968
tbd Rain Man
Drama, 1988
tbd Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
Horror/Adventure, 2019
tbd The Shop Around the Corner
Drama/Rom-com, 1940
tbd Sicario
Drama/Thriller, 2015
tbd The Sugarland Express
Drama, 1974
tbd The Suicide Squad
Action/Comedy/Sci-fi, 2021
tbd That's Entertainment!
Musical/Anthology, 1974
tbd Thunderball
Action/Thriller, 1965
tbd The Untouchables
Drama/Thriller, 1987
tbd You Only Live Twice
Action/Thriller, 1967

Coming October 3

Make Me Scream AMAZON ORIGINAL Trailer
Reality special

Coming October 6

Desperately Seeking Soulmate: Escaping Twin Flames Universe MINISERIES AMAZON ORIGINAL
tbd Totally Killer AMAZON ORIGINAL Red-band trailer
Horror/Comedy, 2023

Coming October 9

tbd Missing Link
Animation/Family, 2019
tbd Teen Tians Go! To the Movies
Animation/Family, 2018

Coming October 10

tbd Copshop
Action/Thriller, 2021
Mr. Dressup: The Magic of Make-Believe AMAZON ORIGINAL Trailer
Documentary, 2023

Coming October 11

Awareness AMAZON ORIGINAL Trailer
Foreign/Sci-fi/Thriller, 2023

Coming October 12

Mud, Sweat and Tears: Premiership Rugby S1 AMAZON ORIGINAL Trailer

Coming October 13

tbd The Burial AMAZON ORIGINAL Trailer
Drama, 2023
Everybody Loves Diamonds S1 AMAZON ORIGINAL

Coming October 16

tbd Long Shot
Rom-com, 2019

Coming October 17

tbd Polite Society
Action/Comedy, 2023

Coming October 20

Foreign/Action, 2023
tbd Silver Dollar Road AMAZON ORIGINAL Trailer
Documentary, 2023
tbd Upload S3 AMAZON ORIGINAL Trailer

Coming October 24

Hot Potato: The Story of The Wiggles AMAZON ORIGINAL
Documentary special, 2023
Zainab Johnson: Hijabs Off AMAZON ORIGINAL
Comedy special, 2023

Coming October 26

Sebastian Fitzek's Therapy S1 AMAZON ORIGINAL

Coming October 27

The Girl Who Killed Her Parents - The Confession AMAZON ORIGINAL
Foreign/Drama/Thriller, 2023

Coming November 3

tbd Invincible S2A AMAZON ORIGINAL Trailer

Coming November 21

Bye Bye Barry AMAZON ORIGINAL Trailer
Documentary/Sports, 2023

Coming December 1

tbd Candy Cane Lane AMAZON ORIGINAL
Comedy, 2023

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