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  1. Mar 26, 2017
    Mario Sports Superstars has some interesting games and works well when you play with friends or compete online, but unfortunately none of the five sports are enough deep to consider them as the best Mario sports games.
  2. Mar 8, 2017
    Fun and well done, Mario Sports Superstars is a cheerful and funny sports game, although weakened by an excessive copy & paste.
  3. NF Magazine
    Apr 24, 2017
    Mario Sports Superstars is not the ultimate collection of athletic adaptations some were hoping for. [Issue #27 – May/June 2017, p. 71]
  4. Mar 23, 2017
    None of the sport simulations are spectacular, but none of them are broken either. The fact that you get all five sports in one package and can play them all through online and local multiplayer is what makes Mario Sports Superstars worthwhile. Any one of these mini games in isolations would feel rather lacking for a full priced 3DS game—sure there are trophies and collectables to earn, but that’s not worth discussing beyond mentioning the option. Taken together in a very smoothly animated and pleasingly designed package that looks pretty in 3D, this makes for a perfectly amusing little mini-game compendium for Nintendo nuts. There’s plenty of content in Mario Sports Superstars, which all adds up to more than the sum of its mediocre parts. Should anyone rush out to buy this title? Not really, but in a slow release season this will scratch an itch for 3DS players desperate for new content.
  5. Mar 14, 2017
    The main concept of Mario Sports Superstars is not a bad one: five intriguing sports (some of them already played in their stand-alone versions), for a title specifically designed for multiplayer. Unfortunately, there's not too much content to go on, and the multiplayer itself could have been handled much, much better.
  6. Mar 13, 2017
    Mario Sports Superstars oozes quality when it comes to pure gameplay, but the same can't be said about singleplayer content, and not all the sports are polished at the same level. It's obviously a multiplayer game at heart, consider that if you decide to give it a try.
  7. Mar 9, 2017
    It's a quite basic sports game, but it's quite fun if we play with friends or online. Although it's nothing new, its formula still works.
  8. Mar 8, 2017
    Quotation forthcoming.
  9. Mar 14, 2017
    This is an appealing mix of various sports. It would be even better, if it would offer a real career mode instead of the demotivating card collection progress.
  10. Mar 8, 2017
    Mario Sports Superstars needs more variety. It becomes monotonous after a few hours of play.
  11. Mar 31, 2017
    Mario Sports Superstars delivers five fun, surface-level sports experiences in one package. Individually, these sports would be unable to stand on their own. However, as a compilation, the variety helps compensate for the lack of depth. Still, the more I played, the more this package felt like a collection of minigames than a value-packed compilation.
  12. Mar 9, 2017
    The concept behind Mario Sports Superstars seems solid, but none of the sports offers the depth we would expect from playing the bigger separate sports games. Mario Sports Superstars does many things, but does not really shine at anything.
  13. games(TM)
    Jun 14, 2017
    A nice collection, but nothing excels. [Issue#186, p.79]
  14. Apr 27, 2017
    Mario is back for some more sporting fun and if you can find him some pals the potential value and fun are endless. If not? Your mileage will be limited.
  15. Apr 21, 2017
    Mario Sports Superstars left me with a weird mess of feelings. Some aspects, such as the tennis, baseball, and some aspects of horseback riding and golf were genuinely enjoyable, if lacking in long-term replay value. Others, such as the golf course reskins, everything in soccer, the tedium of horse care, and the fact that the best versions of every character in every sports are locked behind paywalls left a sour taste in my mouth. Should you get this game? If you like Mario Sports in general, well, sure. But if you’re only looking at a single sport or just looking for more 3DS fun before you cave and purchase a Switch, Mario Sports Superstars is a title you can skip without regret.
  16. Apr 6, 2017
    Mario Sports Superstars does a good job of just being. It doesn't do anything remarkably good but it isn't a badly put together game either. The tournament modes will keep you entertained and the addition of both local multiplayer and online means you do have someone other than the AI to play with. Having to play through all the modes with all the characters is just ridiculous and feels like a cheap way to sell more amiibo cards as well. We're happy Nintendo is keeping the 3DS alive in 2017 but if we're just going to get a game that merely exists, then what is the point?
  17. Mar 31, 2017
    Mario Sports Superstars is a mediocre game by itself and even more in Nintendo’s standard. The real problem is not that the developers sacrificed depth in favor of greater variety, but that the execution lacked charisma in each and every sport. There’s no emotion nor intensity, only a very generic and technical experience. If Camelot and Nintendo would have chosen to leave behind the seriousness, to embrace the chaos and spontaneity that worked so well in the past, maybe then Mario Sports Superstars could had become a great sports game.
  18. Mar 27, 2017
    Mario Sports Superstars could appeal to multiple demographics, but might not hold the attention for any of them. Each sport is fun, but the lack of variety in games and their respective courses wears thin. The Mario sports games are rife with potential for players of all ages, sports fans or not, to gather their 3DS consoles and participate in wild tournaments. But with Mario Sports Superstars, I only want to go further inside my house to play different Nintendo games.
  19. Mar 27, 2017
    Those looking for definitive Mario sport experiences are best to stick to dedicated games.
  20. Mar 16, 2017
    Mario Sports Superstars should feel like a generous package, but each of the different sports feel lightweight or stripped back, and ultimately a touch forgettable, despite the inherent charm of Mario and his friends.
  21. Mar 8, 2017
    As a collection it’s hard to fault the amount of content you get in Mario Sports Superstars. However, all five sports are lacking in key areas. Accept these for what they are and you'll find it easy to pump numerous hours into this package, but go in with hopes of this 3DS title rekindling the glory days of Mario sports titles and, sadly, you’ll be disappointed.
  22. Mar 8, 2017
    Mario Sport Superstars is a low-ambition compilation, created with light versions of games already released (Mario Tennis Open, Mario Gold World Tour) and some new trials, from the very bad baseball to the refreshing horse races.
  23. Apr 28, 2017
    Superstars eschews a lot of the Mario-centric quirkiness of previous games, focusing more on the sports and less on the Mushroom Kingdom. Whether that matters or not will depend on the player, but I personally wished there was a little bit more fan service beyond the characters themselves. In short, Superstars is a solid game that perhaps bit off more than it could chew, and is tethered to a limiting Amiibo card system that holds players back needlessly. I do hope that Nintendo comes back to Superstars in some form on Switch, but for now this is a decent option for sports fans on the go.
  24. It would have been nice had the game connected all five of its activities in some broader way, perhaps a story or multidisciplinary tournament. Alas, the only thing tying them together is a card collection activity. You’ll earn coins in each event as you play, and those coins can be spent on blind card packs that gradually flesh out an album of cards sorted by rarity. Collectible cards have become trendy in games, and they can act as an enticing carrot – if they provide in-game advantages. But the cards here don’t seem to do much at all.
  25. 55
    Where Mario Sports Superstars ultimately falters is it simply didn’t do much to stand out. I’m sure that some will get enjoyment out of this game, but the lack of charm made me not motivated to play it.
  26. Mar 8, 2017
    Mario’s foray in to the sporting world has had its ups and down; soaring highs and disheartening lows. This? This is just middling, a mediocre package unlikely win the multifaceted Mario new fans.
  27. Mar 31, 2017
    Mario Sports Superstars is like a coworker everybody hates because they do just enough work to not get fired. It’s not a good game, not by a long shot, but it does just enough right that I can’t in good conscience call it outright bad. What I can call it is a lazy experience, one developed solely for the purpose of selling what are basically Mario-branded Topps cards. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to pour myself another drink.
  28. Mar 25, 2017
    If sports games bearing the Mario name are supposed to be enjoyable in a certain Nintendo fashion that Camelot has proved before can be done, Mario Sports Superstars is definitely the black sheep of this family. By including five sports that hardly ever get to be minimally fun at all, this is an effort that falls short of its goals, despite its rich visuals and good intentions.
  29. 50
    Mario and friends have tried out a number of different sports over the years and the latest struggles to live up to that long legacy. The core gameplay of each of the sports is solid, but it feels like the most basic form of each was plucked from a superior title.
  30. Mar 17, 2017
    It seems cramming five games into one has resulted in rather stripped back versions of each main sport when compared to Mario's previous standalone offerings. Most of the charm and range of options to extend the life outside of a few multiplayer sessions is absent, so Mario Sports Superstars ironically ends up as a pretty boring affair, despite the number of events to play. Fine for a few online bouts, especially if lamenting the lack of football or baseball main series games, but don't expect this to occupy the 3DS for long.
  31. Mar 14, 2017
    Mario Sport Superstars recycles a lot of things we have seen in other Mario-games and because of that it is not really a unique game. Most of the sports are okay, but it has all been done much better before.
  32. 50
    Only one game in five is any good in this five-games-in-one compilation, whose brazen recycling of old content is equal parts embarrassing and cynical.
  33. Mar 8, 2017
    By offering five games in one it fails to offer a definitive version of anything, and even a pretty decent take on horse racing isn't worth the price of admission unless you're planning on really diving into the other sports as well. As a multiplayer title it could be fun to climb the ranks online, but as a single player experience it's totally functional yet painfully lifeless. It's laid out the groundwork, but Sports Superstars just needs to take a few more risks.
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  1. Mar 8, 2017
    None of the five sports in Superstars is likely to keep you hooked for the long term—though, saying that, I got so obsessed with World Tour a couple of drizzly summer holidays ago that I was dreaming about teeing off with bob-ombs for golf balls—but, for your 20-minute time-killing needs, they're pretty perfect.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 36 Ratings

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  1. Mar 28, 2017
    Did the "professional" reviewers even care to review the multiplayer? I'm having a ton of fun playing this. Since it's realese I've alreadyDid the "professional" reviewers even care to review the multiplayer? I'm having a ton of fun playing this. Since it's realese I've already put close to 59 hours into the online alone. It had very "arcade like" gameplay which is convenient for picking up for a few games and then setting it down. Each game type is loads of fun in on its own right. I refuse to accept the poor scores because I am having way too much fun. Also: this just released in Japan so the competition is getting very high! Off to go play! Full Review »
  2. Mar 28, 2017
    I created an account just so I could review this game. I was so hyped for this and when I saw the early reviews, I was disheartened. I almostI created an account just so I could review this game. I was so hyped for this and when I saw the early reviews, I was disheartened. I almost cancelled my preorder. Thankfully, I didn't! This game is loaded with tons of fun with the core revolving around a terrific online multiplayer experience. I've sank probably 20-30 hours into baseball alone. People, no not let these reviewers who only reviewed the single player away you. Come have a blast with me on the online multiplayer. You have your choice between 5 great game types. None feel cheap, perhaps Arcady for some but perfect to pick up and play a few games and put away. See you on the field! Full Review »
  3. Mar 30, 2017
    I've never reviewed a game using Metacritic before, but after seeing the awful reviews from the 'critics,' I felt compelled to make an accountI've never reviewed a game using Metacritic before, but after seeing the awful reviews from the 'critics,' I felt compelled to make an account to give a more objective perspective. Sure, one can argue that the game is diluted, but the multiplayer is amazing and more than makes up for it. There is plenty of content to be had here: five sports games which have online capabilities, rating systems for almost every game, a surfeit amount of collectibles for gear, and more. IF you grew up as a die-hard Mario sports fan, then you'll love this game: guaranteed. If you're a causal gamer, but love competitive play, then you'll still have a fun time. I highly recommend playing it overall. Full Review »