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  1. Positive: 15 out of 56
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  1. Game World Navigator Magazine
    Oct 21, 2016
    Mission objectives are rarely limited to simple elimination of opposition: from the very beginning game presents tasks like luring animals into cages or infiltrating enemy base. Not to mention that there are tons of levers or buttons to be pushed and secret passages to be found, which brings back fond memories of FPS from the 90-s, as well as classic Metroid games. [Issue#213, p.56]
  2. Games Master UK
    Nov 9, 2016
    No classic, but no mess either. [Nov 2016, p.76]
  3. Sep 6, 2016
    This is definitely not what the fans wanted nor what they expected from a new Metroid game. But as a coop shooter it is fairly decent nonetheless.
  4. Aug 30, 2016
    Federation Force is a very fun cooperative shooter, it has solid design on its levels, a lot of strategy with the mod system and plenty of content if you don't have problems with the controls. The game is not well-balanced when you play solo, but at the end of the day it's better than we expected.
  5. Aug 30, 2016
    Metroid Prime: Federation Force is a clever game, full of personality and with a great control scheme. But playing online without the voice chat is a real bore.
  6. Aug 29, 2016
    An interesting twist on the Metroid formula that finally fails to offer an engaging or memorable experience for any solo player.
  7. Aug 27, 2016
    If you’re planning on tackling it solo, Federation Force is a much tougher pill to swallow, with its prohibitive level of difficulty. On the other hand, if you have a friend or two who are willing to take the plunge with you, Federation Force can make for a good time, especially if you’re all playing together in the same space.
  8. Aug 26, 2016
    Without the expectations of its title holding it back, I think it would have been a clear and easy win for Nintendo, and the fresh perspective on the setting, while divisive, still gives something new and entertaining.
  9. Aug 23, 2016
    Metroid Prime: Federation Force isn't really Metroid game, then. But if you can set aside your preconceptions of what Metroid game is, you'll find a more than competent first person shooter that’s fun to play - even if it is let down by some odd design decisions and a lack of checkpoints.
  10. Aug 22, 2016
    Metroid Prime: Federation Force is a fun multiplayer action game. This isn't a Metroid game as much as Triforce Heroes isn't a Zelda game, but it's still good enough for having fun with a bunch of friends.
  11. Aug 22, 2016
    Metroid Prime: Federation Force is strongly co-op oriented, as the single-player experience quickly loses its appeal. The missions are varied enough but the level design structure rewards participation. Classic elements belonging to the main saga are almost absent, while the Blast Ball mode is just a disappointing clone of Rocket League.
  12. Aug 19, 2016
    Metroid Prime: Federation Force features strong shooting mechanics, diverse missions, and a high level of challenge, but the frustrating matchmaking infrastructure and lack of checkpoints prevent it from truly achieving the greatness of its namesake.
  13. Aug 19, 2016
    F1 2016 is better than its predecessor, thanks to a range of innovations expected by all fans: the return of Career, a better complexity of the race weekend, the inclusion of the pit stops and a better AI.
  14. Aug 19, 2016
    Metroid Prime: Federation Force is an ambitious production. It's a solid and fun co-op FPS, but is shamelessly multiplayer-oriented. Is it a true Metroid? We're not sure.
  15. Aug 19, 2016
    The flaws of Metroid Prime: Federation Force become almost irrelevant if you play with friends, but are impossible to ignore if you play by yourself. The missions are varied enough and offer some unexpected twists, but the level design is rather dull, and some of the most iconic features of the Metroid saga are simply missing. Not a bad game per se, but not a great one either.
  16. Aug 19, 2016
    A decent team-based shooter that will disappoint hardcore Metroid fans, but is enjoyable enough for those who don’t have lofty expectations of what this game should be.
  17. 70
    If you take all those pre-conceived notions of what a Metroid game should be and set them aside, Metroid Prime: Federation Force will easily surprise you with its quality. It's nowhere near the all time greats, but it can deliver some enjoyable moments, and will definitely entertain for some time. Just make sure you have some friends to tag along though, because the solo experience is quite a different story.
  18. Aug 30, 2016
    Federation Force can be fun, and it is actually fun played with friends. The problem is that it's short and forgettable, and if you're planning on playing alone, it doesn't have much to offer.
  19. Pelit (Finland)
    Nov 9, 2016
    Metroid Prime: Federation Force is a clear sign of Nintendo either not understanding or just not caring about what kind of games their player base wants. It’s a shame really, since Federation Force controls pretty well. It just has the burden of being a multiplayer shooter in a series no one wants to be about multiplayer shooters and on a platform no one wants to use for multiplayer games outside of Japan. [Nov 2016]
  20. Edge Magazine
    Sep 27, 2016
    It's a firstperson co-op adventure that hardly disgraces the Metroid name it should never have been lumbered with. [Nov 2016, p.114]
  21. Sep 17, 2016
    It may not be the type of game nearly all Metroid fans desperately want, and it may go ignored due to that, but Metroid Prime: Federation Force is a great example of not only how to make FPS work on the 3DS, but how to successfully do co-operative mission-based multiplayer.
  22. Sep 12, 2016
    If you are planning to play Metroid Prime: Federation Force alone or even online it leaves a lot to wish for. However, with three friends playing together in the same room it can be pretty great. Just do not expect much of a “Metroid” experience.
  23. Sep 6, 2016
    Federation Force isn’t bad — especially when you factor in Blast Ball — but it’s not going to fill the hunger felt by most franchise fans. It doesn’t work as a single-player offering, and those who want to play with friends will need to exert ridiculous levels of willpower and patience to get games in. If you’re willing to give it a go with mates, synch things up ahead of time for the least amount of stress.
  24. Aug 31, 2016
    A co-op Metroid seemed like a bad idea from the start, but while Federation Force has its moments they’re overshadowed by sloppy implementation and bland design.
  25. Aug 19, 2016
    Metroid Prime: Federation Force has some neat ideas, but they’re soured by an impotent and boring primary weapon that sucks the enjoyment out of shooting and a bewildering lack of special ammunition that might’ve brought variety to the action. Due to a painfully imbalanced single-player experience co-op with friends is really the only viable way to play it, and even then it’s not really recommended.
  26. Sep 13, 2016
    There's some fun in Metroid Prime: Federation Force as long as you're playing together with others, but if you're looking for a deep single-player experience you won't find it here.
  27. Sep 8, 2016
    Metroid Prime: Federation Force is an average game but it's not as bad as it was expected by fans and gamers all around the world. The multiplayer part is a nice feature that works very well in spite of the lack of challenge and you'll find some good ideas in the game design and the boss fights. But of course, it's hard not to take it as a cheap try to make a Metroid game.
  28. Aug 19, 2016
    Its biggest problem? The three planets are different enough (ice, desert, and gas), but the missions within aren't.
  29. Sep 15, 2016
    Metroid Prime: Federation Force could have been a whole new entry in the Metroid Prime series but unfortunately its fine control system and variety of game modes (including online multiplayer) are not enough to save it from the overall lack of interest of its missions, lacklustre bosses (for the Metroid series, at least) and simply unfitting art style and visual environment.
  30. Sep 2, 2016
    Lifeless characters and generic planets feel disconnected from the Metroid universe with only really combat reeling it back in.
  31. Aug 26, 2016
    When I was playing Metroid Prime: Federation Force alone, I inevitably wished I was playing it with others; when I was playing it with others, I just wished I wasn’t playing at all. Its controls (particularly if you have an older 3DS) couldn’t be more cumbersome, and systems like weight limits don’t provide an interesting challenge so much as they just get in the way.
  32. Aug 26, 2016
    Metroid Prime Federation Force can be fun in multiplayer, but it still has big flaws and will certainly disappoint Metroid fans.
  33. 50
    Metroid Prime: Federation Force is a bit of a sad way to celebrate the franchise's 30th anniversary — in making this entry so multiplayer-focused, Nintendo has ironically created an alienating experience.
  34. Aug 23, 2016
    For the few things it does right, like some variation in the mission structure and a control scheme that makes sense (even in a hurty way), it's just not that good. For a series that has worked so hard to make a great solo experience, even—especially—in its first-person outings, it’s incredibly unbalanced with a difficulty spike I don’t think I’ve ever experienced before.
  35. Aug 23, 2016
    Expectations for Metroid aside, Federation Force fails to make a case for itself in the end.
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  1. Oct 19, 2016
    While it may not be a classic Metroid, it proves to be the kind of strategic shooter not seen from Nintendo before. Its designers enter such uncharted territory with aplomb, and the resulting game is one of the most pleasant surprises of the season.
  2. Aug 19, 2016
    Federation Force has proven to be a pleasant surprise, and my feelings on playing the game quickly went from "reluctant dread" to "respectful delight."
  3. Aug 24, 2016
    Yes, it is quite a bit more fun to run down Federation Force‘s hallways and headshot its Space Pirates when you have a group. But a lot of that, it seems to me, is because the game is designed to be much easier when you have a team and very challenging, even inhospitable, to a solo player.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 239 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Aug 19, 2016
    Metroid Prime: Federation Force is a true masterpiece of the FPS Genre, and expands the Metroid universe with a gripping narrative that leavesMetroid Prime: Federation Force is a true masterpiece of the FPS Genre, and expands the Metroid universe with a gripping narrative that leaves you hooked till the last mission Full Review »
  2. Aug 19, 2016
    Federation Force is meant to be a multiplayer game and it is not necessarily but game suffers from a few critical issues.
    Federation force
    Federation Force is meant to be a multiplayer game and it is not necessarily but game suffers from a few critical issues.
    Federation force encourages you to play with your friends, it does not restrict from doing missions solo but it just feels so bland and tasteless. with having other friends in your game the game feels more alive and enjoyable.
    first problem is problematic control scheme. getting used to motion sensor for shooting accuracy is kind of annoying, but the second control scheme which benefits from extra control of new 3ds is much better.
    The gameplay takes place in 3 different planets, variety of missions are present and takes roughly 11-13 hours to complete the campaign. The problem is some of the objectives are a bit dull, but each mission has its own set of unique designs, battles and puzzles which kept me interested throughout the whole game enough. One of the biggest issue in the game is upgrades and guns, sadly there arent enough resources in the game to use these upgrades more often, this result into a boring single gun for the whole 13 hours. I believe this is the biggest issue and it adds so much repetition. battles are fun and boss fights are challenging and amazing but sadly having a same gun makes the action boring. Overall I should say Federation force could have been much better if some of the ideas were executed better.
    Is it worth it ? Im going to say YES it is, its not like 3ds gets FPS games now and then, nth is better than a metroid prime spinoff at least ! but i am going to emphasize also this game isnt that good playing solo !
    Full Review »
  3. Aug 19, 2016
    You see, I've been sitting all day... asking my 3DS, "Is this game worth it or not? They can't fail to make this one a bummer, unlike Star FoxYou see, I've been sitting all day... asking my 3DS, "Is this game worth it or not? They can't fail to make this one a bummer, unlike Star Fox Zero (Score for that is a solid 7/10)." That's until I'm starting to recognize its flaws while playing this game. While the game itself may or may not be filled with the best fun, the iconic feeling that made Metroid what it is today is obviously missing and I can't play this game without thinking of those feelings. It may seem to work enough as a 30th anniversary game though. All Metroid fans, this game is not as bad as you thought it would, but don't be expecting much of it because I know what your opinion could be. Full Review »