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  • Summary: With 3-games-in-1, you can take the fun with you. Includes: Sudoku, Crosswords, and Solitaire. Through a simple and interactive interface, you can easily learn and play these games at your own pace. Over 600 puzzles to play on the go. [Electronic Arts]
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  1. Travel Games for Dummies is perfect for travel, though, and comes easily recommended to businesspeople or those who find themselves on a lengthy commute with little to do. It's a great game for the subway, bus or airline terminal, and it could just as easily provide some entertainment in the evenings when you need to unwind from a long day.
  2. The main reason for a DS is to able to play games when out and about. Solitaire, Crosswords and Sudoku are the perfect type of games to play while sitting in forced idleness. I plan on taking this game with me when I visit the family over Christmas. Travel Games for Dummies compares well to other like offerings, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys word and puzzle games.
  3. For the traveler looking for a tutorial in classic solitary gaming, you could do worse than Travel Games for Dummies.
  4. Travel Games For Dummies is a very good game for business travelers and casual gamers. Combining classics like Sudoku, Solitaire, and Crosswords together was a grand idea. Moreover, the addition of clearly taught strategy lessons to the mix is a great way for teaching or improving your knowledge of these games, and it helps to differentiate this title from other brain games out there.
  5. 47
    There is an opportunity for something really valuable with this series, but it will have to pick more interesting topics and be a less lazy teacher.