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  1. Nov 15, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. After two hours, three missions I dare to say it's worth the 5€.

    Basically it's a real-time strategy where you're not playing a cigar-smoking general who commands armies of tanks, instead your units are medics, firefighters, policemen and other people who have anything to do with emergencies; maybe only Batman is missing.
    The game has a sandbox-like campaign, where you are assigned as the man directing the city's first line of defense during calamities, and you will get - I presume - randomly generated emergencies including extinguishing fires of various sizes - from a few smoking bushes to blazing multistory buildings, catching pickpockets and restarting failing hearts. Time to time, however, a pre-generated larger scale operation will pop up which will certainly require a combined operation. For example in the first and second one you will need both medics and firefighters - with gas-masks in the second, while you need medics, criminal profilers and marksmen in the third. All in all, I have no problems with the variety of missions so far.
    But the game has problems. The most important - for me - is that it lacks active pause; when you stop the time, you cannot issue orders. Many would say "it's called real-time for a reason", but I would answer: "If it was real-time strategy then an ambulance would reach its destination in 30 minutes or so, and not within seconds. So let's call these accelerated time strategy, and as such, they need active pause. Especially when you have to act for all your men and women, because they will apathetically suffocate in a smoke-filled building should you not order them outside." And with that last sentence we reached the topic of AI.
    Well, it's simple, and not without problems. For example the firemen will target the nearest fire within a few a meters when they have a hose in their hands, but will gladly try to take the longer route to reach their assigned target, even if that way the hose will be too short. So don't try to send them on longer journeys unattended, which means a lot of micromanagement when your hands would be full even with a more proactive crew.
    Another problem is that they just don't seem to comprehend the gravity of these emergencies. For example, in the third mission I had six marksmen ordered to riddle two mobsters with bullets. The culprits were of course running towards the edge of the map, and my unit of cold professionals, the tip of the spear, the edge of the knife, the crack of my ... eh... were walking after them. And I don't mean they did not take a vehicle or something, I mean that they simply did not feel like running. I had to order a donut-eating patrolman into the criminals path, and - luckily - they immediately opened fire on him, giving enough time to my SWAT team to finish sightseeing and catch up with them. My condolences to the widow, her husband died a heroic, although otherwise completely avoidable death. Bleh.

    I think that's all I could say about the game. The sounds are okay and the graphics are, well, there. I mean you won't drop your chin, unless the most recent game you played is Defender of the Crown, but it's not bad at all. Long story short, as I mentioned before the game has its own share of sometimes hair-thinning problems, and I would hesitate to call it a good buy should I have paid 20€ or so for it, but for 5€ it's a bargain.
  2. Mar 3, 2018
    This game is way better then other game in the series . one of the best part of this game is the community modding which other games in the series don't have it .
  3. Jun 24, 2016
    This game is by far better then its successors (Emergency- 5 and 2016). It is a lot of fun due to the huge amount of mods that are available. It is definitely worth 5€.

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