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  • Summary: Ptooey! Ptooey! Ptooey! - That´s the glorious sound of bullets in this 2D shooter platformer. Step in a world of state-of-the-art Cupcakes weaponry. After a picnic went horribly wrong, Pancake the Cupcake desperately tries to fend off hungry flies away from his girlfriend Cherry!
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  1. May 30, 2018
    Birdcakes is a 2d Shooter with Rogue Elements. As in there is no saving in levels, so if you die you have to start over from the beginning.Birdcakes is a 2d Shooter with Rogue Elements. As in there is no saving in levels, so if you die you have to start over from the beginning. You do hold on to any of the gold that you have collected or any upgrades that you have bought from the cake shop. Each level is randomly generated. But the enemy encounters for a level is always the same. As you progress you will encounter new enemies. To get that far you would need get hold of enhanced abilities from the shop. Like Double Fire rate, Spiked Candy.

    The Story here in Birdcakes is that Pancake girlfriend cherry has been attacked by a hungry fly while on a picnic. You can see Pancake whole life crashing down at that moment. Pancake has to fend off a variety of different flies till she wakes up from her slumber.

    Pancake is equipped to deal with enemies with his ability to shoot candies, shield against attacks, and run like the wind. Ammo is easy run out of, you have to be ready to quickly scavenge the level for a pinata to break or candy wrappers to pick up. If you can’t find ammo, then you can carry nearby Flying Sugar Cubes and drop it on the enemies head.

    Pinnata also drop gold, and juice. Juice can be used to fill up a meter to release an area of effect special that burns nearby enemies with fireballs. You can also distract enemies away from Cherry when you get near them.. Some will ignore you and head straight for Cherry. Enemies can be distracted by the Sugar Cube Base. You can also build a better covering for Cherry if you have time.

    There are enemies that can smash through the fortress like the Bullfly. Best to finish them off fast.

    There 6 worlds total to play through and would take around 3-5 hours to complete all achievements.

    Almost all of the trophies are killing a different type of fly or boss. There exactly 27 different enemies. If you have played other Green Lava Games. It not as easy as I am Mayo or Mr.Massagy. Definitely easier than Fenix Rage.

    Controls are tight, easy to aim at enemies. The loading times are quick; on occasion it could take a few seconds. The only issue I had was the tutorial playing each time I started a run. This stopped after I completely quit the game and went back to play it again. If you do run into this, after your death. Quit to main menu and completely close the game. Then you would not have to play the tutorial on every new run.

    Overall, I have enjoyed the time I spent with Birdcakes. There infinite mode after story mode is finished. There are leader-boards for anyone who is interested in getting a high score. There is replay value but most will probably stop after completing the Story mode.

    The concept is just as silly as I am Mayo. Wasn't tearing up like with Mr.Massagy, I did get few chuckles from the Bird that appears at the end of a level. He has some choice words after a Boss encounter.

    Currently costs $4.99 USD and is available on PS4,Steam and Xbox One. Fair price for what It offers.

    I give It a 7 out of 10.

    For some reason Pancake Screams reminds me of Courage the Cowardly Dog….

    Remember to scavenge the level after clearing the enemies in the level. There is an upgrade that can help you locate Candies easily.

    Time Spent: 2 hours+ (30% Achievements)

    Disclaimer: Publisher provided me with a Copy of the game on PS4. Steam version most likely offer the same experience or better.