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  1. Nov 23, 2015
    The graphics won’t blow you away, the side quests and scale of the game will.
  2. Nov 13, 2015
    With a surprisingly engaging story, and a plethora of side quests and interesting characters to explore, Fallout 4 is the best open world game since Red Dead Redemption. It’s the kind of game you wait years for, only to have it exceed your expectations.
  3. Nov 9, 2015
    I had extremely high expectations for Fallout 4. I was so concerned that Fallout 4 might not live up to them that I nearly ran back to Fallout 3 and forget about the whole thing. Fallout 4 does not just live up to the expectations, it surpasses it.
  4. Nov 9, 2015
    Fallout 4 contains what should go down as the best open world in the history of this medium considering the sheer wealth of meaningful content packed into it.
  5. Nov 9, 2015
    The world, exploration, crafting, atmosphere, and story of Fallout 4 are all key parts of this hugely successful sandbox role-playing game. Great new reasons to obsessively gather and hoard relics of happier times, strong companions, and sympathetic villains driving tough decisions make it an adventure I’ll definitely replay and revisit
  6. Nov 9, 2015
    Bethesda has made another beautiful, engaging and huge world in which to loose ourselves, this time with better shooting.
  7. Pelit (Finland)
    Jan 4, 2016
    It’s easy to get carried away by Fallout 4’s massive open world. While the gunplay is much improved and the quests fun, I found the UI lacking on the PC. The inventory and build menus are really tedious to use. [Dec 2015]
  8. Dec 9, 2015
    Yet again you can spend a hundred hours playing the game and still feel like you’ve only seen a small proportion of the world. But it is still a game littered with bugs, comical glitches and a frustrating user interface and while most of this will get ironed out over time by patches and the community they do prevent it from becoming a complete classic.
  9. Nov 10, 2015
    Unsurprisingly, Fallout 4 is closer to Fallout 3 than it is to the former episodes. And it comes with all the qualities and problems we already know. But Fallout 4 belongs to this hypnotizing kind of games that you should not miss if you love Western RPGs.
  10. Nov 9, 2015
    It's probably the least buggy big huge open world game Bethesda has ever released, which is saying something, but it's still an audaciously ambitious title with a lot of roughness around the edges. With some of those previous games, buying the game near launch was a recipe for frustration; it was better to let the patches and modders fix it up before experiencing it for the first time. Fallout 4, however, is a fantastic game as it exists right now, and the technical issues don't even come close to providing a reason to wait to play it.
  11. Nov 9, 2015
    The fact that your decisions stick with you after walking away from the game is a testament to the great storytelling on hand. Fallout 4 is an argument for substance over style, and an excellent addition to the revered open-world series.
  12. Nov 14, 2015
    In terms of combat and exploration, this is by far the best game in the series. Bethesda created a compelling world, rich in detail and full of surprises. That being said, it's not necessarily a great roleplaying game: The dialogue system has been significantly dumbed down, skills are gone and there are only few quest decisions to speak of. Plus, the main story (which revolves around the shallow faction system) does not offer the kind of freedom we have come to expect from a Fallout game. Thus, it may not be the RPG that long-time Fallout fans have been hoping for. The overall experience, however, is still amazing.
  13. Nov 9, 2015
    There are bound to be two camps this year. One which loves the Witcher 3 with all of its heart, and one whose love belongs to Fallout 4. For my part, I’m torn between the two. But for what it’s worth Fallout 4 has certainly topped its predecessors as my favorite game in the series and sets a new bar for what to expect from a Bethesda RPG in the future.
  14. Nov 9, 2015
    A brilliant, massive sandbox of systems, albeit largely the same one Bethesda has been making for years.
  15. Nov 9, 2015
    It’s an end times RPG with a huge atmospheric world, but with fewer odd stories than Fallout 3 and full of standard quests. Even the main story falls a bit short.
  16. Nov 18, 2015
    Fallout 4 stays at the same level as its predecessor, but the open world gameplay has expanded quite a bit and is highly entertaining. The option to rebuild the Wasteland from scratch is great for both players and future modders.
  17. Nov 10, 2015
    If you had enough of Fallout between 3 and New Vegas, Fallout 4 is like signing up for more of that. However, if you, like me, haven’t given a lot of thought or playtime to Fallout since NV, and were kind of thinking “What the heck, I’ll give it a go again,” you’re in for a treat.
  18. Nov 10, 2015
    Fallout 4 is a deep and broad video game that can easily occupy more than 100 hours of a gamer's life, as long as they don’t become bored of some of the core mechanics of the open-world genre and want to explore the universe past the core narrative...Combat is the most disappointing element of the entire experience, especially outside of VATS, but the complexity of the world and the many small adventures that it includes are solid compensation for the occasional frustration.
  19. Nov 9, 2015
    Fallout 4 is a welcome return to the wasteland. An interesting and well-told central story is hobbled by the open world, but this is Fallout and that open world is a joy to explore. PC players will justifiably grumble that the game is obviously designed first and foremost for a couch and controller experience.
  20. Nov 9, 2015
    It really does feel like Fallout 3 with slightly nicer graphics and a few mods (like “homebase customization”) thrown in, and while Fallout 4 has everything that made the last game great it has all the weaknesses too, like a terrible inventory menu, stiff character models, interior locations requiring loading screens, and more. Fallout 4 is an amazing game that I doubt anyone will be disappointed by, but it’s not unique. And I still prefer New Vegas.
  21. Nov 13, 2015
    At its core, Fallout 4 is exactly what fans should expect, great storytelling, presentation, and character development with a side of disappointment. The new features just don't seem as polished as they should be, but thankfully don't take away from the overall experience.
  22. CD-Action
    Feb 4, 2016
    After terrible first couple of hours Fallout 4 pulled itself together and ultimately was almost as fun as The Witcher 3. There’s a huge chasm between these two games in terms of technology (F4 looks like a X360 game), but their open worlds are equally good and Bethesda did a better job with crafting. [01/2016, p.42]
  23. Edge Magazine
    Jan 3, 2016
    It refines the core shooting and user interface, but otherwise adds only a clutch of enjoyable yet nonessential extras, such as settlements and armour pieces. [Jan 2016, p.106]
  24. Dec 8, 2015
    After 200 years in cryostasis you will find everything in ruins, beasts and monsters (human and nonhuman alike) run amok and there are more weapons than in a Michael Bay movie. In short it is a vivid world to explore in which no one can hold a decent dialogue.
  25. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Dec 3, 2015
    Fallout 4 is for Fallout 3 what Fallout 2 was for Fallout 1. It is only a little more varied and sophisticated, but still you don’t want to play the old one anymore. [Issue#258]
  26. Nov 13, 2015
    There's no doubt that Fallout 4 is worth recommending and that everyone will find something interesting here - it's an impressive and addictive game. It's only a shame that Bethesda didn't try to change the gameplay formula a bit more or iron out the technical problems.
  27. Nov 10, 2015
    The glitchy technical issues appear across the board in every version of the game. In that, Fallout 4 is universal. As such, a big part of deciding if you want to play Fallout 4 becomes a personal inventory of your desire to either revel in these glitches or your patience at dealing with them, should they appear. As someone who has really appreciated this line of games in both its Fallout and Elder Scrolls flavors, Fallout 4 was still harder to swallow than I initially suspected it would be. It's another one of those games, for better and for worse.
  28. Nov 9, 2015
    The fact that it's heavier on combat than stats is sure to annoy RPG classicists, but the fact that the combat is fantastic helps a lot. So, too, does the intriguing world, the excellent characters, the hidden secrets, and the difficult decisions.
  29. Nov 9, 2015
    The lower-than-anticipated graphical quality and sometimes iffy performance is a bit of a blemish on the experience, but Fallout 3 suffered similarly and still achieved greatness... Its combat is the best Bethesda have ever produced: involving, kinetic, and exciting. The collection of weapons at your disposal are destructive and inventive, and strapping on power armour makes you feel like an absolute killing machine.
  30. Nov 9, 2015
    Fallout 4 is a good game, an absolutely solid work horse of a title that will, if you let it, carry you away for hours at a time to explore its depths. At a time when titles seem to be losing content, Fallout 4 has more then you can possibly consume all at once, and its host of options mean that when you come back for a second, third, or ninth pass, the experience can actually, honestly, be something different. That’s not something you can say about a lot of games, and in that regard, Fallout 4 is truly in a class by itself.
  31. Jan 19, 2016
    This isn’t the step forward I expected, though. Here we are, the first Bethesda game on a new hardware generation, and I can’t help feeling like we’ve regressed—like Fallout 4 really is Oblivion-with-guns. A decade later, it certainly makes many of the same mistakes.
  32. Nov 30, 2015
    Fallout 4 is an OK game if you treat it as an open-world first-person shooter.
  33. Nov 23, 2015
    Fallout 4 is an open world RPG from Bethesda with everything that goes with it. Emotionally flat, somewhat two-dimensional in characters, story is not very attractive and the game is bugged as any game Bethesda released last few decades. But the game also offers an incredibly rich world, funny gameplay, hilarious gunfights, a gigantic portion of the content, interesting subplots, great replayability and phenomenal music. Revolution does not take place, a road to perfection is still long, but overall the game is good.
  34. Nov 18, 2015
    Fallout 4 is a really decent game that (unfortunately) dismisses all the good and important things set up by its great predecessors. The world is big, the exploration is excellent and the post-apocalyptic atmosphere is present. But all the good things about F4 come from its world - it's a great sandbox game and at the same time a very poor RPG with a thin storyline and few connections to the brand's heritage.
  35. Nov 17, 2015
    Fallout 4 stands out admirably as a generic (but still fun) Open-World/Sandbox game in a Post-Apocalyptic setting. It's the "Fallout" and "RPG" elements in it that are found quite lacking, with over-simplified Skill and Dialogue systems, shallow quest design, and almost no meaningful choices/consequences whatsoever.
  36. Nov 12, 2015
    Fallout 4 is best appreciated over time. Play it for ten hours and the game will likely feel underwhelming. Play it for fifty then see if you can stop yourself from playing it for fifty more.
  37. Nov 9, 2015
    In a year when games like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt have redefined what open-world RPGs are capable of, I suspect that a lot of Fallout fans will be forced to question whether the usual Bethesda shtick of providing vast amounts of unpolished content with no emotional investment is still enough. I had a pretty good time, but despite its many strong points, Fallout 4 feels like one of Bethesda's minor works.
  38. Nov 19, 2015
    Bethesda has laid solid and at times spectacular groundwork for an awesome game. I look forward to another developer building on it.
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  1. May 5, 2016
    Brimming with an astonishing amount of detail and content to interact with, odds are you'll never see every last thing Fallout 4 has to offer. It's easily a must-play for anyone with a solid gaming PC, PS4 or Xbox One and is all but guaranteed to provide well over 100 hours of play time.
  2. Vibrant and characterful as well as immense, Fallout 4 is the giant leap forwards Bethesda’s RPGs sorely needed in terms of presentation, though the unrelenting focus on routine, lightweight combat sees it fall just short of triumph status. (Recommended)
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  1. Nov 10, 2015
    Fallout 4 ended up being way more polished than I expected, I'm kind of blow away by how detailed some of the graphics are. It looksFallout 4 ended up being way more polished than I expected, I'm kind of blow away by how detailed some of the graphics are. It looks fantastic.

    -For the first time in a Bethesda game you can create a Skinny, Muscular, or Fat character.
    -The animations are really slick, the best I've seen from Bethesda so far.
    -The gunplay feels nice and tight, and you now have the option to melee attack with firearms.
    -There's tons of crafting in the game from cooking to chemistry to upgrading gear to building.
    -Different armor is available for each limb, it's not just bodysuits like in Fallout 3.
    -The perk chart is well done and perks have requirements before they can be levelled up.
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  2. Nov 10, 2015
    The creators didn't even attempt to create a coherent wasteland. Fallout is supposed to be a RPG about surviving a nuclear holocaust. InThe creators didn't even attempt to create a coherent wasteland. Fallout is supposed to be a RPG about surviving a nuclear holocaust. In Fallout 4 however the game appears to be about nothing more than capping enemies in the head with an assortment of different weapons.

    The design of the game has gone from being a game which tells a story. To simply a game about playing a game. Fifteen minutes after leaving the Vault butt-naked with nothing but a blue jumper suit and a pistol to your name, you will acquire a suit of high tech Power armor along with a Minigun to go along with it. Twenty minutes into the game you will be destroying some of the most powerful enemies in Fallout lore, the dreaded Deathclaw government experimented super soldier.

    A few more hours into the game and you will have a mini nuclear rocket launch (The Fatman). An assortment of weapons from machine guns, pistols, sniper rifles, shotguns, auto pistols (list goes on).

    Another hour into the game and you will meet the Elite Brotherhood of Steel, the futuristic faction of super soldiers who guard their high technology secrets furiously. Don't worry though because they'll be happy to recruit you into their ranks almost instantly. Thus giving you access to laser weapons and other high tech weapons. The recon leader of the Brotherhood is even nice enough to give you his prized possession, his legendary laser rifle. Yes he will give his most prized weapon to some random wastelander he met just ten minutes ago.

    And that's Fallout 4 for you. It doesn't even attempt to make any sense. It has no character progression because your character will go from zero to hero before you even get ten percent into the game. And the games world is not a wasteland. It's just a game world which looks like a wasteland and has a bunch of loot thrown into it so that the console players can run around capping zombies and raiders without even trying.
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  3. Nov 10, 2015
    I will try my best to look at this objectively since everyone else seems to either be 0/10 is crap or 10/10 best game ever like it always is.I will try my best to look at this objectively since everyone else seems to either be 0/10 is crap or 10/10 best game ever like it always is.

    The gunplay is by far the best between the three first person shooter fallouts but that's about the only good thing I can say about it. Everyone already talked about how poorly the game looks, the animations, as well as the performance so I won't bother too much with it. But I just gotta say that there are dozens of games out there that are much bigger and detailed than this one that manage to run much better on most machines. Hell just look at all this year's releases if you want proof, this just feels like lazy optimization in the developers part. My gtx 770 could max out MGS5 and play at a stable 60fps at all times, the witcher 3 made it struggle to maintain 50fps on high but at least that game had detail and was much better looking than this one making it excusable. This one runs at 60 on high but dips to the 40s for no real reason constantly.I don't even want to know what this runs and looks like on consoles.

    The story and characters are mediocre at best with it getting worse as you progress, whether you got spoiled or not. It also has that god awful speech wheel that is only there because your character is now voiced and they had to limit your freedom on what you could or could not say. The Special system is now meaningless since upgrading it is a joke unlike literally every game before it, where putting a point was a struggle and an achievement at the same time. Remember going to the BoS base in FO1 and getting that machine to give you a point in a stat if you had the right drive for it? Or that Hubologist in San Francisco or NCR that had a chance to give you luck or decrease it depending on your luck in FO2? How about 3 and NV where you had to sacrifice a perk to get one stat point up? It wasn't as bad as sacrificing a perk in the first 2 games since you got perks every 3 levels but still it was a sacrifice, here its just "lol put a point more on it" . Skills are not even skills. This game was just poor decisions all around

    Also for PC this port hot garbage with the UI taken straight out of the console version, don't get me wrong even in the context of a console it looks like a mess but its even worse when you have a PC that could use a more sleeker menu. If you really want to play this game and like wasting money like me then wait for UI mods to fix it.

    The main reason I gave this a 5 and not something lower is because shooting stuff and looting stuff while 60s music plays in the background is still fun, but honestly there are better options for that everywhere. Overall the whole time I've played this game the only thing I could think of is man, I really wish I was playing 3 or NV right now.
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