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  1. Positive: 5 out of 17
  2. Negative: 1 out of 17
  1. Mar 31, 2021
    For anyone who has ever fallen in love or suffered heartbreak, Maquette will resonate. Yes, some puzzles were weaker than others, but those issues felt secondary to the masterful tapestry being painted before my eyes. Maquette is a poignant and rewarding experience that reminded me of some of my happiest moments, it forced me to stare straight at sorrow, and simultaneously reassured me that it’s okay to feel that pain.
  2. Mar 12, 2021
    Maquette is well worth experiencing. The use of recursive puzzles is fresh because so few games use it, and even though you can stumble upon the solution to some puzzles, most of them feel clever — even if they're relatively simple. The game does a great job of setting the player in a dreamlike state, and the story may be simple and lack details, but it still feels relatable. Maquette works perfectly as a palate cleanser for bigger and heavier games.
  3. Mar 7, 2021
    In its juxtaposition of abstract puzzles with domestic-scale storytelling, Maquette is more familiar, following the tradition of indie games that link high-concept puzzle-solving with romantic introspection. Like the relationship it maps, the game is at its most elegant and pleasing in the early stages, when its challenges are clearly stated and simply solved. Even so, the creative possibilities of this Russian doll world seem to extend beyond this brief, delightful exploration.
  4. Maquette is an excellent look at how these two characters grow — I just wish the puzzles could have evolved in the same way.
  5. Mar 1, 2021
    Maquette has a strong narrative bolstered by top-tier voice performances and honest, relatable writing. The puzzle mechanics are unique and exciting, but the game is let down by signposting issues and obtuse design choices.
  6. Mar 10, 2021
    Maquette has enough interesting ideas to push any adventure gamer past the finish line.
  7. Mar 5, 2021
    An adventure game with fresh puzzle mechanics and a well-expressed love story, which, however, inadequately connects both elements.
  8. May 29, 2021
    Maquette is a beautiful puzzle game with a catchy soundtrack that really sets the chill yet heart-breaking vibe of the game. The way it messes around with space and depth keeps things fresh throughout and the game looks damn fine, making it an overall positive experience. However, it had an opportunity to make much stronger links between its puzzle world and its narrative world and it saddens me that this didn’t occur.
  9. Mar 9, 2021
    Maquette stands out for an excellent love story that affects the aesthetics of the stage. It is very well written and excellently interpreted. It is fresh, natural, credible, and its development makes us want to move forward.
  10. Mar 8, 2021
    Even with the annoyance of the narrator being so utterly clueless, there’s no question that Maquette is effective at illustrating the pain of a good relationship gone bad. The integration of puzzles and story never gel as it should, with only the setting feeling like it was at all related to the narrated events, but even so the pace of each was strong enough that it never feels like things lag — solve puzzle, get story. Usually just a few lines at a time, hovering over a wall or other piece of environment, but it still felt like a nice way to mark progress as one solution flowed into another. Without the story Maquette would still be a nicely-intriguing puzzler, and the scaling of the environments made for truly enjoyable moments when what seemed like a small irrelevant detail on a prop turned into the solution to a whole area. At this point it should be clear that I’ve got mixed feelings on Maquette, but there’s no question that I’m glad to have played it and won’t be forgetting the game any time soon.
  11. Mar 8, 2021
    Romantic relationships have their ups and downs, and players will likely go through the same experience with Maquette, which seesaws between satisfying and frustrating. Charming world design and bittersweet relationship observations are offset by a couple of opaque puzzles and patches of gameplay clunkiness (bad enough to force level restarts), which mar the overall sense of enjoyment.
  12. 70
    Maquette is a sort of sketch of a finished sculpture, or an architectural model… is the game saying this relationship was a sketch of better times, a process to go through in order to reach some future ideal? If so, it’s a well-worn narrative, and nothing is added by its puzzles. It ends up feeling like a clumsy mash-up of Synecdoche, New York and 500 Days of Summer, but without the introspection of either. At the very least, its puzzles and environments are captivating, but unlike its lateral thinking solutions, it never brings a new angle to its central narrative.
  13. Mar 2, 2021
    Maquette has a great puzzle mechanic as its central hook, though it sometimes struggles with obtuse implementation and fussy controls. Nonetheless, the narrative arc of the young relationship at the center of the game is well worth a bit of frustration to experience. Some lovely visuals and music make playing Maquette that much more rewarding.
  14. Mar 1, 2021
    Maquette is a clever and gorgeous puzzle game, even if it doesn’t push the boundaries of its recursive concept very far past that initial sense of wonder.
  15. Sep 7, 2021
    It’s got an interesting gameplay construct and some gorgeously animated locations to explore, but some clumsy moments with controls and unclear leaps of puzzle logic mean that Maquette’s tale of whirlwind romance only flutters rather than flies.
  16. Mar 5, 2021
    Maquette, in many ways, is a delight. Visually it's stunning, and the puzzles you encounter are often nice little brain teasers - I can imagine playing on a sofa with a significant other would elicit some fun conversations in the same way a murder mystery might. It has its problems and it's not perfect, but, as I said, you should think of Maquette as a rom-com of games. Not the highest form of art and not up for an Oscar nomination, but something you can certainly enjoy on a rainy Sunday afternoon.
  17. Mar 3, 2021
    I was really hoping to be wowed by Maquette, but my time spent with it was not the magical, romantic experience I was hoping for. The bugs, overall wonkiness, and lame puzzle design annoyed me to no end. Especially when it would punish me by making me start a chapter over because it had broken itself. As a result, my already low tolerance of the love story between Michael and Kenzie grew to the point where I couldn't stand the couple. I would actively cheer when things went wrong because I didn't like them. The game seemingly wants you to feel like their relationship is one for the ages, but it just felt like a couple who had issues after the honeymoon period was over. It's a tale as old as time, but not one worth basing a game on.
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  1. But by the end, Maquette had thoroughly rinsed both its gimmick and its story. Much like Michael and Kenzie's relationship, it started off good, but wore me down as time went on. A far cry from Season 6 of Married At First Sight: Australia.
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  1. Mar 5, 2021
    this game is phenomenon, it's perfect, sweet, unique, extremely enjoyable, it's a new thing in game industry. i do not understand whyyyy thisthis game is phenomenon, it's perfect, sweet, unique, extremely enjoyable, it's a new thing in game industry. i do not understand whyyyy this user's ratings is so bad!!!! this game deserves to be game of the year, seriously!! Full Review »
  2. Mar 4, 2021
    Recently finished the game, the story of the game is really good talking about a love story. the game itself is one of the hardest puzzleRecently finished the game, the story of the game is really good talking about a love story. the game itself is one of the hardest puzzle games I ever done even, this game would be a 10/10 if the game didn't make you look at tutorials and wiki pages. Full Review »
  3. May 31, 2022
    Графика норм. Оптимизация хреновая, не всегда получается увидеть даже 100 ФПС. Геймплей на любителя. Я к таким не отношусь.Графика норм. Оптимизация хреновая, не всегда получается увидеть даже 100 ФПС. Геймплей на любителя. Я к таким не отношусь.