Generally favorable reviews - based on 40 Critic Reviews

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 34 out of 40
  2. Negative: 0 out of 40
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  1. Regardless of how the story ends the experience itself is worth the price of admission.
  2. Metro 2033 has a good deal to offer the player. It has a great story and atmosphere and a reason to play it multiple times.
  3. 92
    Novel and videogame join to compose a very interesting proposal in the saturated first person action genre.
  4. Providing your system is capable, you'll be treated to a gorgeous experience absolutely unattainable on console platforms which will make the game all the more immersive and fun to play.
  5. 4A Games leaves you no choice but to engage with the gameplay of Metro 2033 because of its dark tone and great story. Hardcore gamers looking for a unique experience in PC ultimately will be rewarded by this atmospheric and fast-paced shooter.
  6. Despite those nitpicks and a couple frustrating late-game sections, Metro 2033's greatest success is the consistency of its pacing. You're constantly encountering new factions, discovering interesting new locations, or being tasked to do something you haven't done before.
  7. Metro 2033 is a well-scripted shooter in a highly atmospheric post apocalyptic world. Well done, THQ!
  8. Pelit (Finland)
    Metro 2033 is Stalker done right. Gone are the half-working sandbox elements and infuriatingly underpowered weapons. Instead Metro delivers an expertly paced train ride though the spooky post-apocalyptic underbelly of Moscow. The English voiceovers are horrible, but in the end that doesn't really matter. Great game. [May 2010]
  9. In Metro 2033 you will experience high-end graphics and a story that is a little short, but full of shocking moments. Since I played this game I take my flashlight with me when I am traveling around with the tube… you never know what will happen.
  10. 86
    But if you're looking for a narrative driven experience that is going to shock, scare, perplex and amaze you, then Metro 2033 might just be your next stop on the line.
  11. Metro 2033 is like the eastern European Half-Life – a must for fans of post-apocalyptic settings, narrative shooters, survival horror, or any combination thereof.
  12. In spite of its linearity and scarce longevity, METRO 2033 captures the player thanks to its strong, dark atmosphere and a gameplay that wisely mixes FPS and Action elements. Graphically surprising (especially the PC version), it’ll keep you playing for hours on end… like a good book.
  13. The game has one big problem: the shooting doesn't work as it should. And that's bad because Metro 2033 has a wonderful atmosphere, a really good plot and its gameplay is very physical.
  14. Despite lacking a multiplayer-component, which is a pity indeed, we can only recommend this title to just about every shooter fan, who is in search for good stories... and great graphics, even though your gaming-rig should better be brandnew and contain top-notch components, if you intend to put those quality-settings anywhere above "medium". Otherwise, Metro2033s engine will probably eat your GPU for breakfast.
  15. A strange mix of Survival Horror and First Person Shooter, Metro 2033 overtakes the previous titles of the software house (Stalker) and offers a various gameplay.
  16. The atmosphere is perfect for anyone who loved Fallout 3 and although the combat takes some getting used to and could be frustrating for some, Metro 2033 is an exciting adventure that will keep you hooked until the end.
  17. Atmospheric and original story that keeps switching gears between fast-paced FPS action, sneaking and pure horror. Completely linear and has a tendency to be brutally unfair, leading to some frustrating deaths. Still, definitely worth checking out.
  18. PC Format
    Incredible looking with atmosphere you could cut with a butcher's knife, but survival becomes frustration too often. [May 2010, p.94]
  19. May 30, 2011
    Your enjoyment of Metro 2033 hinges on your willingness to let a game batter you into submission.
  20. Metro 2033 is a classic FPS with some new features that distinguish it from its competitors, as the ammunition to be used as a currency and the importance given to the gas mask. Gameplay is generally funny, despite sometimes a little bit too scripted. Thumbs up for the AI of the enemies, quite realistic. Graphics on PC are simply astounding, while on Xbox 360 the final result is not as good as we would have expected.
  21. Metro 2033 is a dark journey saturated with an enthralling atmosphere that will reward intrepid adventurers.
  22. Metro 2033 is a stunningly atmospheric survival shooter that deserves a high chart position.
  23. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Linear first person shooter with a strong storyline that builds and keeps its dark atmosphere throughout the game. Surprise of the year so far! [Issue#189]
  24. Metro 2033 is game that lets players traverse a wonderful post-apocalyptic world in an interesting way. The small changes of pacing ensure that the game never bores. Even though the game is relatively linear and the story slightly disappoints on some levels, Metro 2033 is probably one of the best games ever to come out of Eastern Europe.
  25. Despite some game mechanic hiccups, Metro 2033 is a game worth trying. The inclusion of an alternate ending only adds to the appeal.
  26. Metro 2033 has a lot going for it, but it has a cruel streak that I both dread and admire. It kept me playing to find out what happened next, but it was always a tug-of-war between my curiosity about the plot and my desire to keep getting brutalized by unforgiving game design.
  27. Total PC Gaming
    Moody, deep and gripping Metro is flawed, but what made it lack[ing] in consistency is made up for in atmosphere. [Issue#31, p.31]
  28. Metro 2033 is a collection of unforgettable images, a shining example of a great book-to-game conversion, and last but not least, amazingly gruesome post-apocalyptic world.
  29. Such frustrations aside, Metro 2033 is still a pleasant addition to an otherwise played-out genre and setting.
  30. While Metro 2033 isn't without its faults, if you embrace its strong suits and allow yourself to become immersed in this impressive post-apocalyptic environment, you will surely enjoy yourself.
  31. In reality, this a good game, with a good storyline, excellent graphics, great moments in the artistic level, and an excellent environment.
  32. PC Zone UK
    Incredible atmosphere. [June 2010, p.76]
  33. PC Gamer
    Periodically veers toward mediocrity, but wrapped in a richly drawn world that transcends the game's flaws--just barely. [Jun 2010, p.70]
  34. So if you are patient enough to overcome the technical issues, Metro 2033 will truly suffocate you with darkness, blood, claustrophobia and nearly suicidal missions.
  35. A great, haunting atmosphere makes up for some bug issues and poor A.I. The story is as compelling as the novel's.
  36. 70
    While some areas tend to fall flat and the world can sometimes feel a bit disjointed, Metro 2033 is a unique and unforgettable experience.
  37. Metro 2033 may not be the most innovative survival shooter to ever have graced the genre, but that doesn’t mean it should be dismissed in the blink of an eye. The game serves up an unforgiving world with gameplay that at times matches it perfectly.
  38. PC PowerPlay
    Though it oozes atmosphere, frequent and irritating monster encounters tarnish an otherwise solid shooter. [May 2010, p.56]
  39. 69
    The game's atmosphere and unique design choices will make it a worthwhile experience for some, but Metro 2033 suffers from a number of issues (poor implementation of stealth, recurring glitches, etc.)
  40. 58
    Metro 2033's A.I. is terribly stupid and there's not enough variety in the weapons; yet despite all that it's still a compelling game to play.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 1985 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Nov 13, 2011
    The Good: The game is beautiful, the environments are detailed and realistic, the storyline is interesting, and the voice actors sell itThe Good: The game is beautiful, the environments are detailed and realistic, the storyline is interesting, and the voice actors sell it well. The game does a great job of immersing you in the world and making you feel like a part of it. That is, until you get to the combat.

    The Bad: The game chews up GPUs on the higher settings, and has some graphical tearing on mid-level systems. The game is very hard, even on normal difficulty. This wouldn't normally be a complaint, as most modern FPS games are not very challenging. I actually like seeing a game that presents a challenge. The problem here is that it is too hard due to a lack of realism. First, your enemies can take a lot of punishment. Too much in fact. I shot a guy in the head point-blank with the shotgun three times, and then he turned around and killed me. I get that the developers wanted you to shoot somewhere else, because they put a helmet on him. But helmet or no helmet, if you take a 12-guage to the face you're not going to shrug it off like someone spit on you. Second, all of the enemies you fight are like navy seals on crack. They have extremely good accuracy at range, and can even hit you with the shotgun from 40 yards off (if you try to shoot someone with the shotgun from more than 2 feet away they won't take any damage). They also have a nasty habit of being able to shoot you through boxes and cover, while your guns cannot pierce cover. Third, they always know where you are, and they will surround you and wait for you to come out. If one see's you, they all have a homing beacon for where you are until you die. There are several situations in the game where you have no opportunity to flank your enemies, and the only way through is straight ahead. You better hope you have grenades if you find yourself in this situation, otherwise you're probably dead, because the navy seals don't miss. Another huge flaw unrelated to combat, is that the game chooses questionable times to save checkpoints for you. At one point I had to restart a level, when the game chose to save a checkpoint for me when I was at no health and bullets were heading toward me. Load, die instantly, repeat. The game is very appealing for many reasons. I tried really hard to like it. However, the aforementioned flaws make it unplayable. 4/10 for good graphics, good story, good acting, and poor gameplay.
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  2. PabloN
    Mar 24, 2010
    Easily one of the best games of the year. HORRIBLY under-rated! A 58 from 1UP? Because of some minor issues..... This game is the most Easily one of the best games of the year. HORRIBLY under-rated! A 58 from 1UP? Because of some minor issues..... This game is the most atmospheric and immersive shooter I have ever played. Maybe the most atmospheric game, period. This is like another Bioshock or actually more like Half-Life 2 to me, I could see myself playing through this game multiple times. It is a masterpiece really, it is a game about atmosphere and story and I personally found no issues with the ballistics. Shooting was fun, the game is challenging, and has a very, very good story (based of the book of the same name.) Best graphics of any game released. Yes, better than Crysis, in it's full glory with DX11 it looks spectacular. The game just has this authentic, realistic feeling and the graphics just add a whole nother layer onto the game. I REALLY felt like I was there in this world, extremely compelling. Must play! 10/10 Will be a cult-hit, possible the most under-rated game of the year. Full Review »
  3. AnthonyE.
    Apr 1, 2010
    I really can't understand all these positive reviews. Yes, Metro 2033 looks beautiful, but go beyond that and you find a decidedly poor I really can't understand all these positive reviews. Yes, Metro 2033 looks beautiful, but go beyond that and you find a decidedly poor first-person shooter. The levels are laughably linear, with almost zero chance for exploration; the enemy AI is utterly braindead; the weapons are rubbish; and all the voices sound the same. On top of that, the level of interactivity is terrible: very few things can be opened or searched, and the majority of people you meet are little more than mannequins, who won't speak or react to you in any way. Probably the worst thing about Metro 2033, though, is that it's not in the slightest bit optimised. Even at lowest settings, on a decent computer, certain parts of the game are jerky to the point of distraction. As for its atmosphere and narrative, the story is boring and the only thing that makes it feel tense is the heavy breathing sound you hear when you put on your gas mask. That's pretty much all you're paying for, then - a sound effect. Full Review »