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  1. Nov 29, 2016
    Playsport Games has created a game which is straightforward and simple which all the while belies a deep and complicated management simulation.
  2. Nov 28, 2016
    Motorsport Manager is a very fun and unique racing game that allows you to focus on so much more than steering and acceleration. A much more realistic racing game than one where you just drive, this game gives you the experience to see how good your driving decisions really are, and with great graphics and a easy to learn set of controls, this game is a fun addition to any gaming library.
  3. Nov 22, 2016
    One of the best manager sims that we've seen lately. Despite its mobile origins Motorsport Manager is deep, fun and beautiful... but only recommendable to F1 fans.
  4. Nov 17, 2016
    All of the tedium, none of the excitement: Motorsport Manager is the perfect sim to relax to.
  5. Nov 16, 2016
    Although feeling hands off in the day to day running of the team as a company, the real joy of Motorsport Manager comes from your preparation for the races and the races themselves. Improving your cars but then watching them in the race, planning your pit stops and attempting to plan everything to the second makes for a tense and exciting, experience.
  6. Nov 19, 2016
    A motivating manager game that offers a lot of fun despite the missing Formula 1 license and invigorates the genre.
  7. CD-Action
    Jan 13, 2017
    Motorsport Manager could definitely use FIA’s license and some polishing here and there but it achieves the goal of every management game – it lets you write your own success story. [01/2017, p.66]
  8. Jan 3, 2017
    Motorsport Manager is an excellent simulator of a Formula 1 team, deemed heir of the elder Grand Prix Manager.
  9. Dec 6, 2016
    Motorsport Manager was released on PC with a better graphic aspect and a lot of new gameplay elements which create a more realistic managerial experience.
  10. 80
    For strategy gaming veterans, Motorsport Manager will just feel right. There are a myriad of meaningful choices embedded into each part of the game, meaning that lovers of micromanagement will find themselves at home in Playsport Games’ take on the manager genre.
  11. Nov 19, 2016
    Motorsport Manager does a fantastic job of making the strenuous, tedious job it simulates into something much more enjoyable… It is not perfect, but is one of the best sports management games out there right now.
  12. Nov 13, 2016
    Motorsport Manager does all the little things that the players will like. The thing is that the game tries to create an experience that change throughout the seasons, and it proposes different challenges in terms of mechanic setting, commercial management and race control. There are some simplified aspects and maybe some imprecise dynamics but from an overall perspective this is a much-suggested game - especially if you love managerial games focused on sport.
  13. Dec 21, 2016
    A well needed breath of fresh air to the sports manager genre. Surprisingly addictive and quite deep for fans of the genre and racing alike.
  14. Game World Navigator Magazine
    Dec 19, 2016
    There is no detail too small to pay attention to, and it’s these little details that help your team succeed – for a management game that’s probably the highest possible praise. [Issue#215, p.56]
  15. Jan 11, 2017
    Those expecting a racing version of Football Manager will be a little disappointed, but as a new franchise Motorsport Manager has a lot of potential.
  16. Nov 16, 2016
    Highly inspired by Football Manager, Motorsport Manager is a delightful surprise that will please all fans of automobile sport. Its well-kept interface and its wealth of content compensate for an absence of license. If you are a speed freak, go for it.
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  1. Mar 7, 2017
    Motorsport Manager's a couple of tweaks away from greatness, then, but it's far from a disappointment.

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  1. Nov 9, 2016
    Just finished the tutorial which is already enough to give a firstlook, since it includes a complete race and a walkthrough through all theJust finished the tutorial which is already enough to give a firstlook, since it includes a complete race and a walkthrough through all the menues. Overall, this took me around a hour, so it is pretty in-depth in detailed.

    I started with the second worst team, because I like the idea of making it from the bottom to the top, even though this may take some time. The missing license of original teams and drivers is not a big deal and once this game gets modding support, thanks to Steam Workshop, this may change.

    I'd like to create a Pro/Cons list, but even without wearing fanboy glasses, I don't have any Cons in mind so far. But this could change over time. Maybe the game gets boring fast or hilariously unrealistic. Who knows. If that's the case, I'll edit this review.

    But for now, the game runs perfectly fine for me without any issues on max details with locked 60fps (no need to cry here. You seriously don't need those 200fps). You can really feel polish under your nails when scratching over the games surface. The overview doesn't suffer from all those menues like in EAs FM games (at least for beginners). The "controls" in a live race are pretty simple and easy to understand. Graphics look great for this a simulator game.

    I love it so far and will hopefully be able to make enough money to build a wall in front of Mexi.. to beat "Mercedes"!
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  2. Nov 13, 2016
    I am very much of a split opinion about Motorsport Manager, it's hard to put everything into words. I'll try, though.

    On the one hand this
    I am very much of a split opinion about Motorsport Manager, it's hard to put everything into words. I'll try, though.

    On the one hand this game is *finally* done professionally from the ground up, it has a decent publisher with manager-game experience and it's not merely a rip-off and money-grab like so many other formula racing managers have been in the past decade. The on-track graphics are beyond lovely for a manager game and the player can really immerse him/herself and feel at home watching the cars race across the screen.

    The foundation this game is built on can be considered excellent, but what about the meat and bones, the managing aspect? There it gets more difficult, because I have seen some obvious up- and downsides to Motorsport Manager.

    Part of the problem comes from the question of how close the game should imitate the real sport of monoposto racing, more specifically Formula 1 and its two feeder series GP2 and GP3. Motorsport Manager comes without a license, but even a quick glance can tell you that an Italian team called Scuderia Rossini with a German and a Finnish driver are in truth Ferrari, Vettel and Räikkönen. It is that way with many other teams and people as well, just like many tracks are created in a spiritual similarity to their real-life counterparts. While that is quite nice, there is no easily accessible way to change the names database to your liking, which is a feature the developers had mentioned to be included in the game. It is no surprise that the Steam Workshop isn't activated/available for the game either as of yet, because so far the game does not appear to have any modding capability whatsoever unless one is willing to edit the original game files with third party tools.

    So far my experience in the game consists of one season at the highest tier, trying to win the world championship with Ferrari and two seasons trying to build a third tier team from the bottom up. Not the strongest team, but I would have won the first race of the season if not for an unlucky parts failure. Sadly it only went downhill from there and neither of my drivers finished in the top three at the end of the season. Some of those races manage to tell thrilling, harrowing and unbelievable tales and in my opinion they're a lot more interesting than watching Formula 1 on TV.

    Now the start in the third and lowest tier was a real challenge. If you have chosen the weakest team as I did, then trying to make it competitive (without being fired in the second season) is a hell of a job, but at least so far I have had fun trying to beat the challenge I set myself. I fear it'll take too long to get anywhere.

    That doesn't sound so bad, but there are sadly a number of minor and some major issues with the game, but let me explain:

    x) When you sign a driver, lead engineer or race mechanic you cannot do so for any time in the future. Either you sign an unemployed character after the current employee contract has run out, or you end up replacing your current employee in that spot with someone else, paying either one or two release fees for the person you're getting rid off and the one you hired. There is no so-called "silly season" in the game, where you're able to get a new driver for next year at all. This is a fatal oversight in a manager game!

    x) The way overtaking is solved in the game is quite horrible. I don't know how often it has happened to me that my driver was lapping someone else and instead of losing at most 2 seconds of lap-time the other driver was slower than mine, the lap-time dropped by 5-8 seconds. In nine out of ten times your driver will fall out of the "blue flag zone" again, because he's apparently not capable of following a much slower car close enough. This also has the aggravating side-effect of making you lose positions against your opponents often. Of course, this happens the other way around too, with you benefiting from it once in a while, but it's annoying and unrealistic.

    x) The 12 minute free practice in the third tier is way too short to actually get a setup going, which the AI seems to be able to cheat with as well. The 20 minutes in the highest tier is better, but by no means perfect.

    x) This brings me to my last major issue, the evolving rules of the racing series. If you want to play a game with your favorite series rules (such as race length, qualifying & practice session length, points distribution, refueling, two/three dry tyre compounds) you will inevitable need to play with the politician bonus of 4 extra votes/season. Otherwise you're going to end up being outvoted on some rule you desperately want to keep. Sadly there is no way to suggest a change yourself, so you end up voting a few times per year on random rule changes.

    There is a lot more I could mention, but compared to what was listed above it is only minor details. To make a long story short, the game is far from perfect, but it is quite decent and it will hopefully become better after a patch or two.
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  3. Nov 11, 2016
    This game is A-W-E-S-O-M-E ! Lack of licences? Woman drivers and mechanics? It doesn't matter at all, because gameplay is brilliant, you'llThis game is A-W-E-S-O-M-E ! Lack of licences? Woman drivers and mechanics? It doesn't matter at all, because gameplay is brilliant, you'll spend hours researching and scouting. Real-time races aren't boring anymore, AI is pretty competitive. Lags and freezes? NO, but the graphics is nice. Sounds are authentic, like in A-class games, really.
    The best management game about motorsport and racing.
    Price is bit high and it need some minor interface changes.
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