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Summary: The second expansion for the revolutionary role-playing game Neverwinter Nights. BioWare has created a dark and dangerous world of adventure set in the world of Dungeons & Dragons. Your hands are callused from many years of weapon play, your mind is sharp from hundreds of books studied, your feet are nimble from slipping unseen and unheard past thousands of guards and your faith is unshakable in the gods you worship... but will it be enough for this final terror? Will you stand once more for those who cannot? You are the last hope for the Forgotten Realms, you must face the unstoppable, you must decide the fate of all. You are a hero... but are you a legend? Epic levels, new prestige classes, new creatures, spells, feats, weapons and new tilesets to explore... endless adventure! [BioWare]
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Rating: T
Developer: BioWare
Genre(s): Role-Playing, PC-style RPG, PC-style RPG, Western-Style
Number of Players:1-16 Players
ESRB Descriptors:Blood Violence
Connectivity:Local Area Network Online
Customization:Editing Tools
Cast Credit
Bhavin Patel Cinematics Art Director
Kemal Amarasingham Cinematics Sound Effects
Jeremy Soule Music
Daniel Thron Cinematics Creative Director
Ben Hansford Cinematics Producer
James Ohlen Additional Design
Rob Bartel Designer
Ross Gardner Programmer
Ray Muzyka Co-Executive Producer
Paul Neurath Cinematics Creative Director
Trent Oster Artist
Trent Oster Producer Director & Producer
Trent Oster Producer Director & Producer
Trent Oster Producer Director & Producer
Greg Zeschuk Co-Executive Producer
Brent Knowles Lead Designer
Carman Cheung Animation
John Santos Animation
Larry Stevens Animation
Sung Kim Lead Artist
Mike Leonard Artist
Jono Lee Additional Art
Nolan Cunningham Artist
Drew Karpyshyn Designer
Andrew Nobbs Data-Entry
Dan Whiteside Additional Design
Brenon Holmes Programmer
Paul Roffel Programmer
Noel Borstad Lead Programmer
John Bible Additional Programming
Sydney Tang Lead Tools Programmer
Owen Borstad Tools Programming
Brian White Cinematics Studio Director
Derek Beland Programmer
David Gaider Lead Designer
Andrew Gardner Programmer
Janice Thoms Additional Programming
Craig Welburn Programmer
Kris Tan Tools Programming
Brad Prince Designer
Steve Sim Audio Design & Implementation
Steve Sim Audio Design & Implementation
Yaron Jakobs Designer
Keith Warner Designer
Darcy Pajak Assistant Producer
Alex Scot Artist
Jim Jagger Animation
Tom Ohle Additional Art
Dave Chan Audio Design & Implementation
Dave Chan Audio Producer
Dave Chan Audio Producer
Lead Writer Lead Designer
Georg Zoeller Designer
Kevin Martins Additional Design
Ashleigh Ireland Voice Acting
April Banigan Voice Acting
Barb North Voice Acting
Beth Graham Voice Acting
Bill Coull Voice Acting
Blair Wensley Voice Acting
Caroline Livingstone Voice Acting
Cathy Derkach Voice Acting
Chris Craddock Voice Acting
Chris Postle Voice Acting
David Bruns Voice Acting
Dave Clarke Voice Acting
Debbie Munro Voice Acting
Frederick Zbryski Voice Acting
Gord Marriott Voice Acting
Grant Wiens Voice Acting
Jana O'Connor Voice Acting
Jerry Firman Voice Acting
Jocelyn Ahlf Voice Acting
John Ullyatt Voice Acting
Keith James Voice Acting
Krista Nebloch Voice Acting
Leona Brausen Voice Acting
Mark Meer Voice Acting
Peter Daly Voice Acting
Robert Corness Voice Acting
Serena H. Clark Voice Acting
Shelon Shannon Voice Acting
Tim Koslo Voice Acting
Wes Borg Voice Acting
Cassandra Khavari Cinematics Production Manager
Doug Wilkinson Cinematics VFX Supervisor
Jeremy Sahlman Cinematics Senior Animator
Josh Dean Voice Acting
Josh Dean Voice Acting
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