Mixed or average reviews - based on 20 Critic Reviews

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 20
  2. Negative: 0 out of 20
  1. Aug 19, 2019
    Rad could and should become one of 2019's greatest sleeper hits.
  2. Oct 8, 2019
    RAD brings us back to the 80s and 90s of the future, where the mutation is still good and it grants you the most insane powers that you can imagine. Can you utilize them to bring the power back to the people who already suffered the apocalypse twice? It's up to you to never surrender, in this imaginative and weird roguelike that is clearly not fine, but double the fine! Or just play it while waiting for Psychonauts 2, that should work fine as well.
  3. 80
    A highly customizable rogue-lite with a charming aesthetic flair, RAD lives up to its name.
  4. Aug 20, 2019
    A good and classic roguelike, enriched by 3D graphic, humour, 80’s style and a refined gameplay. The wonderful synth ost, the good narrative and the melee core mechanics distinguish RAD from other similar games. It needs to increase its content, although everything right now is very balanced.
  5. Aug 16, 2019
    RAD conquered us with its mix of hack n slash, rogue-like and charming post-apocalyptic world... and fans of the 80s will appreciate it even more.
  6. Aug 18, 2019
    RAD is deeper and more challenging than it looks, making it a super fun post-apocalyptic adventure that's always fresh.
  7. Aug 27, 2019
    RAD is a post apocalyptic roguelike, with an unique power up system that has the same pro and cons.
  8. Aug 19, 2019
    A nice roguelike by Double Fine Productions, even if it’s a bit shallow.
  9. Aug 16, 2019
    I certainly had my attempts where I felt like the game was working against me, but when I had a good run with mutations that worked well with my playstyle, I enjoyed myself and was thoroughly proud of my accomplishments.
  10. Aug 17, 2019
    Quotation forthcoming.
  11. Sep 13, 2019
    Although there are many different mutations on offer in RAD, their gameplay impact is often similar. Roguelike veterans will find nothing new here - but it just might be the perfect starting point for genre newbies.
  12. Aug 26, 2019
    RAD offers a different post apocalyptic experience, and it's colorful, cell-shade visuals mixed with great 80s electronic music are things that make it unique when compared to titles like Fallout or Wasteland. On the negatives side, you have to deal with its unbalanced difficulty and repetitive gameplay; but in general, you'll probably have a good time with Rad.
  13. Aug 22, 2019
    Rad is a competently made rougelike. However, compered to other games like it, the gameplay is quite monotone and there‘s too little variety regarding the characters. It’s also also quite easy, leaving veterans of the genre feeling bored.
  14. Aug 21, 2019
    RAD's mix of randomized abilities, enemy variation and busy landscapes make for a middling rogue-like. These elements combined with difficulty that's too often mitigated with ranged attacks keep RAD from being truly radical, but there's definitely fun to be had.
  15. Aug 19, 2019
    RAD has excellent gameplay and great visuals but is very, very difficult. Fans of extremely hard games will likely get a kick out of it, but people looking to slowly power up in order to make their rogue-lites easier should stay away.
  16. Aug 17, 2019
    The quality of RAD that we have appreciated more than anything else is the ability to hide behind the excess and the goliardia a message as powerful as it is bitter to digest.
  17. Game World Navigator Magazine
    Dec 6, 2019
    Games by Double Fine have great visual style and often feature fresh gameplay ideas – but their execution is usually sub-par. RAD is no exception: beneath an acid neon mutant-punk mask hides a very generic indie roguelite. [Issue#241, p.59]
  18. Aug 22, 2019
    It’s not just cashing in on a fad—there’s a genuine love for everything '80s that seeps into every fuzz-filtered sound and every crunchy pixel. But there are so many games like this around right now. They’re doing fantastic things with the genre, to boot. Unless you’re screaming for a synth-tracked adventure, it’s hard to recommend Rad over its more contemporary counterparts.
  19. Edge Magazine
    Sep 12, 2019
    Rad is another great Lee Petty idea, then - though in its current form, it's a few mutations away from reaching its full potential. [Issue#337, p.114]
  20. Aug 28, 2019
    For a small asking price, Rad will reliably give you a few hours of novelty, as you explore the wasted punk-dystopia and mutate yourself to better clear the land of its inhabitants. Beyond that initial entry point, you will find yourself dogged by an experience that has little to offer in the way of depth or surprises. The core mechanics make for tense, hectic combat, but also encourage you not to engage in it.
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  1. RAD is a good time, and it overcame a lot of my initial reservations. I just wish it wasn’t so built on chance, and the all-too-1980s misery of playing through the same parts dozens of times to get to the bits I want.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 10 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 4 out of 10
  1. Aug 28, 2019
    Great games, beautiful graphics, changeable colors, classic rogelike, perfect combination, although it is not AAA, but a boutique
  2. Aug 21, 2019
    Great game. Challenging, freaky enemies; Lots to explore in the story and world. Use a controller!